Episodes 1-10

Episode 1- Converging Paths

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Loquin, 18-20

Caladrien “Cal” and Marasennah arrived north of town and headed to the docks to charter a ship. Bazamine “Bae” and Mandilyon arrived via ship and were headed to find lodging. After being spotted by Marasennah, Bae was approached and told they smelled nice. Marasennah is revealed to be royalty. Marasennah and Cal headed to the docks, and after encountering a racist harbor master, were forced deeper into the city, Marasennah was unwillingly carried by Cal.

After finding lodging at The Wayward Traveler, the group taught Marasennah the value of money, and learned Mandilyon was from a family of notable repute. Marasennah stated Samsarans smell like fruity sparkling water.

The group has breakfast, then disguised Bae as an elf and Cal goes to his room before heading to the market. Bae is referred to as “Blueberry” by Marasennah. (The group finds it cute). Upon reaching the market, Marasennah searched for a black hair dye, paying a gentleman a platinum who takes her to a hair salon where a special dye was applied that is said to last 3 months by Calaterra, the hairdresser. Cal is entranced by the dye.

Meanwhile, Bae focused on their Life Wheel, which guided them to a purple stone at a stall, which was a fossilized bone encrusted in amethyst, they purchased the stone.

Bae and Mandilyon managed to find the hair salon as Marasennah and Cal are leaving. Bae’s disguise was removed by Cal. Marasennah declared Bae to be her favorite person. Bae explained how they are searching for themself, and how Samsarans are born and seek to make way to Corkis Lake, then leave to discover who they are.

After a small discussion of Samsarans, Cal noticed a woman sobbing. He checked on her and discovered her husband, Markoso, was missing, and with The Night of Cursed Luck approaching in a few days, she was convinced if he doesn’t make it back he will die. The group discovered her husband was trying to raise money by raiding a mine in order to save their home. He was a day overdue, and the mines are roughly 2 days away.

The group put up the woman, Eurice, in The Wayward Traveler for five days and picked up their animals from the inn’s stables. The group met with the dwarf that sold Bae the amethyst bone, who told them of several caves, but only one within range, Purple Cave. The cave had many warnings posted outside it, primarily due to mold.

The mold was explained to make individuals quite sick and those who go in tended to perish if they didn’t have a cure or protection. The group bought a bulk of the cure, which the dwarf said he would buy back at a discounted rate, they learn his name to be Hosgarth. He gave them directions to the mines and bid them farewell,

The group spent time writing in their journals on the ride to the mines. Bae requested helps from The Crown, the god that they worship. Marasennah spoke of her mother being dead so long she could not remember what she looked like.

Bae stated if people are lucky they come back blue. Cal inquired if Bae knew of time before The Mad King, Bae said possibly and revealed part of their journal and how much of it was faded and lost to time, therefor illegible. The group made camp and Cal used Create Water, refilled waterskins, and Packrat, Marasennah’s dire rat, cleaned himself, Cal pulled a piece of cotton out of Packrat‘s nose, which surprised the party. Marasennah made Packrat dry, soft, and fluffy.

The night passed without incident, bats and owls were observed hunting, as well as a mole. A shooting star was seen and a wish made. The group woke, ate breakfast and headed north, passing over The Sliver Desert before reaching Urgathoa’s Scythe.

Marasennah pulled out a black-splotted pink parasol, which Cal turned black for the duration of Prestidigitation. The group reached warning signs around 7 o’clock at night. As the group discussed watches, they noticed an owlbear in the distance, which they kept an eye on. They saw the cave in the distance with signs to beware of Purple Mold.

Bae demonstrated their capacity to change their arms into scaly, feathered claws from the elbow down, which fascinated the party. The party then settled down for the night.

Episode 2- Fungi Isn’t Fun

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Loquin 19-Novulu 1

First and second watch occured without incident. Marasennah took watch and noticed the growing glow within the cave and heard scuttling. She moved closer, attempting to hide within the bushes, but poked herself in the stomach with said bush, exclaimed and then ripped half the bush out of the ground, snapping it and tossing it away. The light became larger and the movement was more furious. Marasennah saw four large beetles with orange glows emanating from them. Realizing the beetles could likely see camp, Marasennah attempted to wake the party (which is surprisingly difficult).

The group engaged with the beetles, which are killed easily. Bae and Mandilyon were covered in golden glowing,spicy smelling, blood. Cal and Marasennah cleaned them off. The party identified the creatures as Fire Beetles. Mandilyon was unfamiliar with beetles.

Cal completed the watch for the night, noticing the owlbear had cubs and were eating a creature that appeared similar to a crab. The group ate breakfast, and placed the animals in a place to graze, taking some gear from their Packrat, mule, and cart.

The party drank the preventative medicine before heading into the cave. There was a trickling of water in the distance. The party reached a fork in the cave. Cal illuminated both sides of the cave with Dancing Lights. To the left was a very slight spattering of purple, to the right was water seeping through the cave wall. Bae yelled out “Hello”. From both ends of the cave a scuttling was heard.

The party headed to the right. Marasennah analyzed the water, it doesn’t feel oily or smell of sulfur. The water had no growth, but did feel warm. Mandilyon noticed several many-legged creatures on the ceiling. Cal casted Color Spray on the creatures. They all fell to the floor, unconscious. The giant centipedes fell upon Cal and Bae. Cal was knocked unconscious. Bae stabilized Cal by pushing a rock into the wound in his neck, which was surprisingly effective. Mandilyon and Bae performed a coup de grâce on the centipedes.

As the group continued into the cave, the amount of water increased, growing warmer. Mandilyon noticed egg sacs on the ceiling. Bae carried Marasennah. There was a small glitter in the distance, which the party moved towards. The group found crab-like creatures and a pile of bones in the water beneath them. The group identified them as Cave Fishers, which they managed to avoid.

The water continued to get deeper and warmer, to the point of becoming uncomfortable as the group neared the light, which was emanating from within a rock pile. Cal somehow summoned a glass flute for a minute, which Marasennah played beautifully until it faded away. Bae offered to teach Marasennah to swim as they reached the stone pile. As part of the group exited the water, they noticed the heat of the water immediately dissipating.

Mandilyon crushed both of her feet, and Cal injured his left arm, which is made of greenwood. The left side of his chest was revealed to have spider-web-like scarring. The crack in the hand was leaking sap. Mandilyon’s feet were dug out. Bae managed to uncover a small metal box with slits from which the light was emitting. Bae placed the box in their backpack.

The end of the tunnel was revealed to have a green “X” on it, Cal used Detect Magic and found moderate abjuration magic upon the wall. He threw a rock that stopped before reaching the wall, falling into the water without making a ripple. Marasennah, noticing the lack of ripples used the Bardic Performance Distraction. The water, heat, and wetness was revealed to be an illusion. Cal was fascinated. Mandilyon had pools of blood beneath her feet from her wounds.

Cal touched the green “X” and the stone wall began to grow around his hand. Cal and Bae managed to pull Cal from the wall. The stone was still on Cal’s hand, but no longer growing. A melodic humming was heard from within the hole in the wall. Marasennah recognized it to be an ancient Elven funeral dirge. The wall began to close from where it’s broken. The party debated individual will, then Bae broke the wall which collapsed and was no longer appearing to repair.

Mandilyon saw a sliver of silver or white color in the distance, which was revealed to be an elven ghost of a woman. She was humming the funeral dirge. As Bae stated they are going to leave, the woman held out a skull with a hole from eye socket to the back of the skull. Cal took the skull and the woman faded away, as well as the funeral dirge.

Cal noticed a small glowing vial of Universal Solvent, as well as a chain attached to the floor with an ankle lock. Cal and Marasennah spoke to each other in Elven, much to the chagrin of the rest of the party.

As the party passed through the remains of the wall with the green “X” on it, a brief portion of the funeral dirge was heard. The group made it back out of the cave. The remains of the Giant Centipedes were gone. The party agreed to take the skull outside of the cave to bury.

Bae broke the stone on Cals’ hand. The skull was stored with Delores. Marasennah, privately, gave Mandilyon her potion. The group marched back into the cave and headed to the left. After an hour of walking and substantial mold, the group took their second potion. The mold began to form a canopy and envelop the entire cave wall, ceiling, and floor. A bit further, the mold started to form vining tendrils. Parts of it had been recently cut and had withered.

The party entered a larger set of caves, where vertical etches into the stone were visible through the vines, which Mandilyon realized these were areas mined for resources. She also breathed in a part of the mold and managed to sneeze it out.

A pitter patter was heard behind the party running across the room. No creatures were seen. Bae called out several times and the pitter patter was heard each time. Marasennah played a light tune as the party advanced. The party moved deeper into the larger cave and noticed more frequent and fresh marks of mining encountering a somewhat-fresh campsite. Bae learned of phrases with multiple meanings and displayed the language Terran.

The group pressed on, calling out for Markoso. The vines became thicker, and there was evidence of a freshly cut path. Bae cut a larger path through the vine mold. The pitter patter was heard again by Mandilyon, who noticed six pairs of eyes. Bae spoke to them and they ran away. Marasennah played louder and sang in Abyssal. The marks on the walls became more frequent. Bae found a 6 pound gold nugget, which they pocketed.

Cart tracks werre seen wildly jumping around. Marasennah and Cal spoke in Elven. Mandilyon cursed in Draconic, which Cal responded too. In agitation, Mandilyon cursed in Giant. Bae spoke in Druidic to the plants (not actually Speak with Plants, just talking to the plants with no aim for response).

Mandilyon noticed 12 pairs of eyes behind them. They took a single step back. They were revealed to be Vegepygmys infused with Purple Mold. Marasennah crawled up onto Mandilyon’s shoulders. Marasennah understood their Undercommon and realized they were attempting to ambush the party. She intimidated them, casting Haunted Fey Aspect, and yelled, in Undercommon “I’m a motherfucking Queen, bitch!” and laughed maniacally. The Vegepygmys ran in fear.

The trail of tracks became more and more wild, appearing as if in trouble. The group came up to the cart and found the wheel broken, filled with gold and gemstones. Cal and Mandilyon took a handful of gemstones, Bae took several special stones, and Marasennah grabbed an incredibly valuable ruby.

Footprints continued in the direction the cart was going in large running strides. The party followed until they reached a strange hard line where no mold grew. The group hustled for awhile longer and reached a large pit. After calling into the pit and hearing a faint noise, Cal dropped a stone with Light cast upon it. The group saw the pit was about 300 feet deep with about 100 feet of water. A body can be seen floating on the water.

Cal detected a faint illusion magic. Marasennah played Distraction again and revealed a spiral of steps along the outside of the pit, about 6 inches in depth. Bae, Mandilyon, and Marasennah descended into the pit, Cal waited at the top.

Mandilyon and Marasennah started to fall when descending the stairs. Bazamine caught Marasennah several times. Mandilyon fell several floors before managing to catch themselves on the subsequent round of steps, injuring themselves in the process. Marasennah stopped their performance and the steps faded from view.

After a graceful swan dive, Bae swam up to the body. Mandilyon and Bae discovered they were infected with the Purple Mold and Bae pulled them to shore, identifying him as Markoso. They cured him and protected him from the Purple Mold. After a notably difficult climb for Mandilyon in particular, the quartet ascended the staircase.

On the way out of the cave, the group grabbed a bag of gemstones and gold and continued forward, terrifying the Vegepygmys again. At the fork in the cave, the group encountered a grey-skinned creature chattering in Undercommon. They fought the creature. After several chokings, the group manages to kill the creature and escape, slicing its body to ribbons. Cal was gravely injured.

The group exited the cave, where Bae and Marasennah buried the skull. Marasennah played the funeral dirge from the cave, Bae layed out gemstones and buried the skull in a special ritual, burying a single obal on the grave. Marsennah lit a candle for the burial, and also lit a second candle.

Dinner was consumed, Cal removed his greenwood arm and planted it in the ground over several days on the journey back to Kors. On the first night, Bae took first watch, said a prayer for guidance to The Crown, and woke no one else for watches, choosing to provide care to Cal overnight and make breakfast in the morning, a traditional Samsaran dish that tasted of soap suds and dirt to the other party members.

The group traveled for another day and made it back to Kors. Markoso gave the party a gift a black opal as thanks, then returned to Eurice. The party learned of his 10,000 gold debt and Marasennah pulled him aside to give him the ruby she pulled from his broken cart earlier.

Cal pulled away to the group and returned to the docks and attempted to buy 4 tickets from the harbor master, but is then told she will not sell a ticket to a Gnome. Cal bought 3 tickets for two days later, as the Night of Cursed Luck was tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the remaining trio purchased 3 rooms for a night at The Wayward Traveler. The group met up and were undecided if they would travel together, but Marasennah offered to take Bae to Valak a’tesh, which was unfamiliar. Bae asked if Marasennah would be their friend; Marasennah said she would let them know in the morning. The group ate dinner and then went to their respective rooms for the night.

The Party Leveled Up!

Episode 3- The Night of Cursed Luck

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Novulu, 2-3 “The Night of Cursed Luck”

Cal and Marasennah awakened, and prepared spells. A note from Bae was slipped under the door, notifying Marasennah that Bae and Mandilyon had left on an errand but would return.

Due to The Night of Cursed Luck occuring that evening, the boat was not leaving until tomorrow. Marasennah stated how terrible it would be for the harbor master to die, and listed several ways, as well as how easy it would be for her to kill her.

Marasennah headed to the market, Andwyr followed behind at the behest of Cal. Marasennah was stopped by the innkeeper who warns her about The Night of Cursed Luck. Marasennah dismissed his concerns and continued to the bazaar. Upon reaching the bazaar, Marasennah sought out an apothecary and headed into the shop. Andwyr did not make it into the shop before the door closed, and went back to Cal.

Marasennah encountered a Drow woman and requested potent poisons. She was told they were illegal, then offered a song in lieu of payment. Marasennah convinced the woman that she will see her brother within a week. The woman gave Maresennah two unprepared doses of hemlock, if prepared correctly.

Meanwhile, Andwyr made it back to Cal, whom ran to the market and found Marasennah, they argued for a short while, then Cal noticed a faintly glowing out-of-place button on Marasennah’s shoulder which had a Message spell cast upon it. He yelled into the button, and then chucked it away.

Cal asked where she had gone. She stated she went into a shop and showed off her spoils. Cal realized the herb is Hemlock and also very illegal. Cal entered the apothecary’s shop and found the woman in bliss. Cal asked several questions of her, but found out nothing. Cal left the shop and bickered with Marasennah whom became frustrated talking about her current situation when he insulted her. She rants of leading for almost 1,000 years and only losing once. Cal noticed a magenta curl that appeared in her hair, which he points out to her.

On the way back to The Wayward Traveler, the duo noticed an individual standing with several pieces of long white fabric wrapped around them and hanging down, individuals were writing on the fabric and the individual called to them to confess their sins and curses to protect themselves from the night. The duo moved on.

The group ate at the inn, then spoke of curses and magics. Marasennah described her magic as warm and light, Cal described his as a third-person view. Marasennah explained she worked for nobility, but worked to achieve it. Interrupting the conversation, a woman peddling talismans to protect against The Night of Cursed Luck. Marsennah purchased a talisman of Scythian, her goddess, made of tin.

Cal mentioned he has never seen a Gnome, but they are not welcome in the world. Marasennah asks why Gnomes aren’t welcome, Cal explained they’re associated with magic. Marasennah explained there is much magic where she comes from. Cal casts Prestidigitation, but was chastised by a waiter for doing so who stated the inn is a respectable location.

Cal and Marasennah spoke about her eating habits, how she’s lived for thousands of years, and isn’t herself. She stated she follows the Goddess of Lies. Caladrian stated something is going on with her and she frustratedly yelled it’s strange to just show up on a different continent.

Cal and Marasennah headed to their respective rooms. Marasennah casted Message on Caladrian and spoke to him in Abyssal. She proceeded to terrorize him for a minute or so, then ended the spell. Cal and Marasennah spent an hour researching spells.

Marasennah spoke to the innkeeper, who she learns to be Podrick (whom is not a Sir Podrick, much to the disdain of Marasennah), and asked him about the events of the evening. He referred her to the Temple of Erata to learn more. He gave directions to the temples of Erata and Scythian. On the way to the temple, Cal mentioned he had a previous laboratory.

Upon entering the temple, it was surprisingly well-lit with individuals in robes of forest green and tiger orange, some with the symbol of Erata on their robes or on a disk about their waist. Many people were writing on long pieces of parchment. A priest explained Erata is the Goddess of Curses and tonight was the night where many curses were began and completed, because that night is when they are most powerful.

The priest offered for the duo to write curses on paper to place into a jar so it could be burned and sent into the world, if Erata chose the curse to be worthy. Marasennah asked about the person offering to absolve them of their sins and was told they are not with Erata, but one of the “good” gods. The priest took out a flail and left “to take out his anger”.

Marasennah started to fill out a piece of paper while Cal left the temple. Marasennah trashed her paper, believing she should take her revenge herself. Cal began to search for the Temple of Hexis.

With directions, Cal managed to find the Temple of Hexis, which appeared to be an anvil of silver and black which overhung the street. Cal utilized the foundry within and spent 4-5 hours working on enchanting.

Meanwhile, Marasennah ventured to the Temple of Scythian, a familiar white and gold design. Many white towers with gold ribbon-like designs descending them merged into a beautiful door, flowing almost like cloth. Upon entering, the priest, in their blindingly white and gold robes, pulled out a knife.

Marasennah, when asked who she is, responded with “Marasennah Sarangennah from Valak a’tesh“. The priest recognized the name and was incredulous. Marasennah laughed and stated it’s a lie, honoring Scythian. Marasennah stated she and the named individual go way back, and asked if there is fresh blood within the temple, and then searched for an individual of high esteem.

She headed up the stairs looking for blood-related things, was tricked by an illusion, and seeked the archivist. While searching, she encountered a large solid gold door. After speaking to a difficult archivist, she asked if he’s a vampire and he then let her in. He knew the name Mari from the individual downstairs and stated he’s always watching.

After claiming not to be a vampire, Marasennah asked about vampires switching bodies and was given two theories of vampirism: corrupted body and corrupted soul. She stated she’s Queen Sarangennah, which brought laughter to the old archivist. Before leaving, he tested Marasennah with a vial of blood; Marasennah was not affected. She then went back to the inn to sleep and meditate.

Upon Cal’s return, Podrick gave him a letter from Mandilyon assuring the duo that she and Bae would return. Marasennah awoke and Packrat went outside to relieve himself, and she cast Prestidigitation to clear the mess.

The two spoke about Cal’s hand and its craftsmanship. He spent a good chunk of time detailing the capacities of his hand, as well as his search for living steel. The two spoke of wild magic and how Cal crashed his laboratory onto his family’s dining room.

As the night drew closer, a chanting was heard out the window and individuals in green and orange robes were walking with a thurible. The two affirmed each other in doing things themselves and not relying on the gods to do it for them while poking fun at the superstition of the holiday.

The evening meal was prepared earlier and there was a rush of many workers and patrons to get home early. The two spoke with an older man who informed them about human psychology and his previous experiences with the Night of Cursed Luck, where he cursed his wife to be killed for killing their only child, whom rose from the grave to then terrorize her, per his curse. The two spent some time talking about the dark and fears.

When the sun set, a woman outside burst into a persistent flame that continued to spark in spite of many casts of Create Water. Marasennah managed to move a hay bale out of the way and Cal immersed her in a trough of water, continuing to splash out the reappearing flames and healing her until the fire stayed out. They gleaned the woman told her boss, Liam, to “Burn in hell” for selling broken things to the orphanage. Marasennah determined he owns a Toys from Trees stall within the bazaar.

The two make it to the bazaar, and Marasennah vindictively lights the stall with a tindertwig. It began to burn and was spreading across a gunpowder thread. The two attempted to keep the fire from spreading, managing to restrict the blaze after realizing the gunpowder strings were interconnecting the stalls.

They heard a group running and hid within the shortcut that Marasennah discovered earlier. The two noticed the earlier footfalls to be guards with torches. The guards, unintentionally, set some of the uncut strings ablaze which spread to nearby stalls. Cal stepped out of the alley and cast Create Water. Cal’s arm caused his magic to fail twice, opening all the doors within 100 ft and illuminating himself in daylight. The guards noticed him and engaged with him.

Marasennah managed to escape to the inn unnoticed; Cal entered a nearby shop and hid for awhile before sneaking back to the inn. Marasennah hid within someone’s kitchen when a group passed by and, upon leaving, notices the Temple of Erata emitting many flaming and fluttering bits of paper that moved about with purpose. She proceeded the inn before the door was locked and waits for Cal to return.

Awhile later, Cal made it back and checked on the burned woman, whom was still hiding in the trough. They spoke for a bit before Marasennah noticed him. Marasennah intruded upon Podrick in flagrante delicto, taking his keys, and letting Cal in. She then threw them upon Podrick, the two then remembered they needed to wake before dawn. Marasennah, for a third time, interrupted his rendezvous causing his female companion to run out of the room and leave.

The two go to bed, managing to wake up on time without the aid of Podrick. After peeling the sticky keys off Podrick’s body and opening the door, Marasennah tosses the keys back in the room to the tune of shattering glass. The two realized the formerly burning woman was still in the trough, and Delores was still in the stables. The two wake the woman and send her home before heading to the docks, leaving Delores.

The two noticed the city streets were nearly abandoned also finding the harbor master face-up on the ground with a bulge in her throat and eyes protruding. They found her to be dead, taped off by a police line and outlined in chalk. The two could find a single fisherman or boat in action. Cal and Marasennah started heading back to the inn.

Episode 4- Pirates of the Dazzling Reef

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Novulu, 3-8

Implementation of the “I Know a Guy” Rule occurs.

Marasennah and Cal headed back to the inn and the city began to stir. They encountered Bae and Mandilyon at the inn checking on Delores. Marasennah fabricated a story of Cal’s hand coming off his body and casting spells independently, wreaking havoc on the city. Bae, excitedly, realized this is a joke.

Bae and Mandilyon heard the harbor master was killed. Marasennah claimed it was not her doing. The group went back to see Podrick for an idea of what to do. They find him still naked with the door ajar. After pestering the poor man, the group talks about stealing the ship, which Podrick chooses to ignore. After insulting his manhood several times, the group heads towards the harbor, passing by the burned bazaar.

Bae made a pun, the group was proud. Cal cut one of the, now visible, black threads noticing they were made to last only a short time.

The party arrived in the harbor and began examining the body of the harbor master, Mandilyon looked within her jaw seeing the edge of what the object was, Bae sliced open the harbor master’s throat, breaking a nail in the process. Bae pried the throat open, pulling out a rock with a carving of an open censored book, which is familiar but unplaceable to Marasennah. Mandilyon realized the rock was an impossible size to swallow. Marasennah cleaned Bae of the blood as footsteps appear.

Cal headed towards the individual whom was in guard uniform and taking notes of the city. Cal learned there were 563 people dead so far from the Night of Cursed Luck, which was described as a small tally.

With no indication of the ship they are on, Bae (through a confusing GM description) face the terrible police line, making it past and finding a bright blue crystal, a gold coin stuck to the bottom of the podium, and a locked compartment. Marashennah hid in Cal’s backpack.

After finding the correct ship, the group boarded, ending Marasennah’s backpack adventures. The group was given cleaning supplies and cleansed the deck. Bae brought out their claws and frightened one of the crew members. The captain asked the party about their claws, Mandilyon attempted to hide Bae’s shifting abilities, Bae, obliviously shows they can shift. The Captain asked the claws stay put away on the journey unless attacked, and was told of the glory of cinnamon rolls.

The party explained why the crew showed fear of Bae, with no satisfaction to the explanation. After speaking, the party learned the journey would take 2-3 weeks.

After a few hours, Bae pulled Marasennah aside and told her Mandilyon and they had left because Bae had a dream one of them would be cursed. Bae knew if Mandilyon was cursed and knew about it, the consequences would be worse. During the Night of Cursed Luck, they saw the flaming papers coming from the Temple of Erata and one of them was heading towards Bae, but Mandilyon stepped in the way and was hit by the paper and, assumedly, the curse.

Bae asked Marasennah if they are friends and Marasennah stated they technically did not specify which morning they would tell them if they were friends. Bae asked where they were going and Marasennah said they were stopping by her home, if they would accept her.

Bae told Marasennah their father was an advisor of sorts, and asked if Marasennah was a Princess, but was a Queen. Bae knew of only one Monarchy on Mostran which was in Elysintire, and they had seen the Queen in person. Marasennah invited Bae to follow her to her homeland to see the truth with their own eyes.

Mandilyon visited Delores, fed her, and groomed her. Marasennah found her and aske her how she’s feeling, cleaning the ash off Mandilyon’s chest.

The group ate, Cal spoke with a sailor who spoke of The Dazzling Reef, which houses coral and fish and occasionally merfolk, Cal asked for notice when the reef became visible.

Several days pass, then in the middle of the night, a conch was blown. The party came to the deck and saw The Dazzling Reef, glowing and astoundingly beautiful while extending for miles. The ship needed to maneuver within a channel to avoid striking the edges of the reef. Bae recalled being at this location before the reef existed, the original hipster. The moon of Mour, wass not visible.

Marasennah noticed a small glittering object within the water, a mirror, she chose to leave it, and plays music until morning. The party sees a 60 foot sea turtle swimming beneath the ship.

Bae found the Captain plotting out a path and asked why the crew was afraid and was told it was due to superstition and that people tend to fear those who are different and can be unpredictable. Bae asked if he had met Samsarans before. He had a few times and even cared for a child when transporting them in the direction of Corkis Lake 15 years prior.

Bae assured the Captain they could fight and demonstrated the capacity they could transform. The Captain advised caution when transforming in order to stay safe and to not trust everyone. He also tells Bae people can be friends even if they don’t say they are friends.

The party slept, except Bae who was writing all night. Marasennah managed to sneak out of the quarters without alerting anyone and ate breakfast. The party went to the top of the ship. Over the course of the night the top of the reef sunk deeper into the water, but was still visible within the water, but a ship could easily pass above it.

Cal saw a flash of green scales and sent a Message spell in Common to the creature, but received no response but the rushing of water.

A few days pass, and the party saw a tall windstorm to the east, that appeared to not frighten the crew. Marasennah noticed a trio of ships in the distance, approaching rapidly, bearing a flag of a black skull and crossbones. The Captain rushed out, examined the ships and announced they are a group of pirates known as The No Mercies.

The ship changed course and headed south to attempt to avoid the pirates, meanwhile preparing cannons. The pirates continued to gain ground and will catch them in a few hours. As the pirates neared, Cal casted Enlarge Person on Bae, whom then grew claws, feathers on their arms, and their hair transformed into feathers as well.

Cal Greased the enemy ship several times managing to set fire to the first ship, sinking it with several inopportune cannon blasts from the unlucky pirate crew. Bae took several gunshots from the second ship and was healed by the resident cleric while Marasennah “irritated” the pirates to death.

Bae managed to scare away all other members of the second ship except for the captain. Their left arm was shot off, and Mandilyon downed them and Bae carried him to be interrogated. The group raided the bodies and returned to their ship, one of the crewmates on the party’s ship set the second pirate ship ablaze. The remaining pirate ship continued to follow the party.

The party noticed the captured pirate captain was mangled prior to his arm being shot off, the Captain took the pirate captain for questioning. After being interrogated, Marasennah questioned him briefly and then leaves. Bae received contact from The Crown and proselytizes to their party, attempting to wake Cal from his intellegence-damaged stupor before telling the party about how great The Crown is as a god.

A member of the crew knocked on the door and leaves a bottle of rum for the party. The party imbibed and then drifted off to sleep.

Episode 5- Sidestepping Death and Talking to God

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Novulu, 9

Bae and Cal awakened to the sound of Mandilyon retching. Marasennah had not moved from the position she fell asleep in. They spoke to the cleric briefly and Cal removed his arm before they headed topside. The pirate ship was following roughly a mile behind, and kept pace throughout the night.

Many of the party’s ship’s cannons had been moved to the aft of the shift in preparation for an attack, preparing for a boarding party. Bae was instructed in proper handshaking technique (again). The duo attempted to gauge the age of the reef and think it to be several thousand years.

Bae told a sailor that they didn’t want to endanger themselves by waking Marasennah up. Bae became friends with Varie, the sailor. Cal prepared his spells and Bae kept an eye on the pirate ship, noticing they were hanging fabric between the rigging. Cal came back to the top of the ship, explained how his arm worked to Bae and the troubles it occasionally had.

Bae pointed out the fabric on the ship to Cal and noticed a glow from their own backpack. The glowing box from the cave was still unopened. Bae found an Ioun Torch spindle and War Paint of the Terrible Visage. Bae attempted to use the torch as a life wheel, staring into the bright light for 10 minutes with nothing to show but eye pain.

Bae attempted to tell the Captain about the Crown, but was asked to talk later. The Captain pointed out a steady red glow coming from the pirate ship through the curtain. Bae discussed ways to get onto the pirate ship, which included a dinghy, a cannon, or boarding. The duo learned the ship is carrying trade goods and is likely the target.

As the pirate ship drew closer, Cal cast Mage Armor on Bae and then Enlarge Person as the glow from the pirate ship grew in intensity. Cal cast Spark to light the fabric ablaze.

Several cannon shots were fired between the ships, Bae knocked over and righted a cannon while Cal cast Grease on the gangplank. Some of the pirates grabbed handfuls of the glowing red light, others fired more cannons at the party’s ship, Bae, accidentally, pulled the gangplank onto their ship and supported the cracking mast that had been hit by cannon fire. Cal attempted to fire a cannon, blasting a crewmate’s face with flame. The Captain swung from the party’s ship’s rigging to attempt to attack the pirate’s ship.

After one of the pirates threw the glowing substance, missing the Captain and hitting the ocean which bubbled and boiled, the throwing pirate appeared unharmed. The ship’s cleric healed the hurt crewmember, but was unable to save one of their eyes.

Bae attempted to leap to the pirate ship but missed, catching onto the edge of the ship with a single claw, which began to snap as the quick was broken. The Captain of the party’s ship swung down, grabbed Bae by the scruff, and tossed them onto the ship. Bae swooned a little.

One of the pirates threw a hunk of glowing red at Bae, who took bludgeoning damage and smelled like cooking chicken. The cleric was stabbed with a bayonet in the neck, and Bae was knocked unconscious as a pirate knocked the vat of glowing red liquid onto them. The cleric brought Bae up to consciousness.

The blinded shipmate fired the cannon at one of the pirates, knocking Cal off the ship and he became unconscious upon hitting the water. Bae became stuck to the ship as the red liquid hardened. Cal was rescued from the water by the Captain. The duo makes it back to the ship and takes some of the solidified liquid that trapped Bae. Bae supports the mast and is gifted an expensive wheel of cheese from the cleric.

The Captain shot a cannon at the pirate’s mast, shattering it and severely reducing its speed.

Bae fell asleep against their own mast. Cal ate breakfast and Bae was carried to sleep in the party quarters. The Captain notified Cal the ship was headed to the city of Divrinia in order to make necessary repairs before heading to Verenba. The Captain was called upstairs.

Cal checked on the rest of the party, cleaned out Mandilyon’s vomit bucket, and casted Detect Magic on Marasennah, identifying an aura of major conjuration from her chest, but not the rest of her body. She was not wearing any jewelry.

In their sleep, Bae heard an individual calling for help, faintly crying out, stating they’re trapped. The tonalities were familiar, but the cadence was not. The sound appeared to be close and sounded obscured by glass. Bae woke up and inquired who was trapped. The duo spoke about the trapped individual and the magic attached to Marasennah’s chest before being interrupted by the Captain who stated the pirate captain wished to speak with Bae.

Bae spoke to the pirate captain, Pyris who wished to parley. They asked about the nature of Bae. Cal cast Detect Magic and noted a lot of magic on the pirate on the ship. Cal translated for Bae to Pyris, who insulted Bae. Bae transformed into their feathered and clawed form. Cal answered Pyris‘ questions about the ship’s intentions before Pyris waved the ship away and diverted course.

The Captain told them how Pyris had gone undefeated and was incredibly formidable. Cal stated he’s not much for gods, but Bae may make him a believer, which excited Bae who then spent an hour telling the Captain of The Crown, the mysterious voice, and Marasennah. The Captain stated he would have the cleric, Harold “Harry”, take a look and they would get her treated if necessary when they reached port.

Bae went below deck to speak to the captured mute pirate captain. His wound was infected so Bae used a potion on him while inquiring if he was screaming. The pirate said no. Bae also learned the father of the pirate was Samsaran and never met them, they were born at Corkis Lake and were 31 years old. They believed they will be sentenced to death upon reaching land and had nothing left to lose. Bae proselytized The Crown and left the pirate captain with paper before leaving the brig.

Bae made it back to the room and examined Cal’s arm, touched it, and examined the leaves, notches, and runes on it. Bae wrote in their journal and sent up a prayer to The Crown.

Suddenly a multitude of voices, heard only by Bae, told them they were not destined to die today, would be protected, and wished Bae was a cleric. They told Bae they could feel Bae telling people about them and gave Bae the ability to ask a single question. Bae asked how to help Marasennah and were told she was more lost than Bae could imagine, to stay with her, provide her guidance, and were special to her in a way The Crown could not describe. They gave Bae the honorifics of “Ancient Child” and “Feathered One” and told them to stay safe.

Cal woke up to the sound of Bae’s excitement. Bae told Cal of their interaction with their god and all they learned, as well as expanding on how human and Samsaran babies are traded between Elisyntire and Corkis Lake.

Bae was unable to wake Marasennah, and Mandilyon asked to hear about The Crown in the morning. Cal worked on his arm and Bae created an incredible rendition of The Dazzling Reef in their journal before hearing Delores panicking below deck. Bae went downstairs and comforted Delores before bailing out the water that had collected. Bae fed her a fortune cookie and got two strange fortunes before telling Delores about their whole day in Druidic.

Bae discussed lying with Cal and when it was acceptable, as well as debating the needs of the individual versus the needs of the many. The duo heard harp music play and headed downstairs to check on Marasennah, who was not present. After following the sound, they foundit emanating from the Captain‘s quarters. Cal knocked, learned the Captain had requested Marasennah play and seemed well when he checked on her.

The duo talked for a bit, enjoyed the stars, and then went to bed. There was movement in the room after bed, but Bae told them if they are a friend to go to bed, if they are not, Bae would eviscerate them.

Episode 6- Two-Faced

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Novulu, 10-?

The party awoke and prepared their spells. Bae told Mandilyon and Marasennah all about The Crown and updated them on the occurances of the yesterday, as the two were indisposed. Marasenneh explained a little about when she disappeared from her kingdom and how she was anxious to return home. Bae told Marasennah and Mandilyon about the mysterious ball of conjuration magic in Marasennah’s chest.

Marasennah noticed the burn marks on Bae’s chest, arms, and legs from the battle with the pirates and how they had magic. They speak of the injured pirate captain who is destined to die for his crimes. Much to Marasennahs chagrin who wished to use the captain as a lackey.


Episode 7- Airs 11/14 @ 6:30 MST

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Novulu, ?