Episode 1

Converging Paths

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Loquin, 18-20

Caladrien “Cal” and Marasennah arrived north of town and headed to the docks to charter a ship. Bazamine “Bae” and Mandilyon arrived via ship and were headed to find lodging. After being spotted by Marasennah, Bae was approached and told they smelled nice. Marasennah is revealed to be royalty. Marasennah and Cal headed to the docks, and after encountering a racist harbor master, were forced deeper into the city, Marasennah was unwillingly carried by Cal.

After finding lodging at The Wayward Traveler, the group taught Marasennah the value of money, and learned Mandilyon was from a family of notable repute. Marasennah stated Samsarans smell like fruity sparkling water.

The group has breakfast, then disguised Bae as an elf and Cal goes to his room before heading to the market. Bae is referred to as “Blueberry” by Marasennah. (The group finds it cute). Upon reaching the market, Marasennah searched for a black hair dye, paying a gentleman a platinum who takes her to a hair salon where a special dye was applied that is said to last 3 months by Calaterra, the hairdresser. Cal is entranced by the dye.

Meanwhile, Bae focused on their Life Wheel, which guided them to a purple stone at a stall, which was a fossilized bone encrusted in amethyst, they purchased the stone.

Bae and Mandilyon managed to find the hair salon as Marasennah and Cal are leaving. Bae’s disguise was removed by Cal. Marasennah declared Bae to be her favorite person. Bae explained how they are searching for themself, and how Samsarans are born and seek to make way to Corkis Lake, then leave to discover who they are.

After a small discussion of Samsarans, Cal noticed a woman sobbing. He checked on her and discovered her husband, Markoso, was missing, and with The Night of Cursed Luck approaching in a few days, she was convinced if he doesn’t make it back he will die. The group discovered her husband was trying to raise money by raiding a mine in order to save their home. He was a day overdue, and the mines are roughly 2 days away.

The group put up the woman, Eurice, in The Wayward Traveler for five days and picked up their animals from the inn’s stables. The group met with the dwarf that sold Bae the amethyst bone, who told them of several caves, but only one within range, Purple Cave. The cave had many warnings posted outside it, primarily due to mold.

The mold was explained to make individuals quite sick and those who go in tended to perish if they didn’t have a cure or protection. The group bought a bulk of the cure, which the dwarf said he would buy back at a discounted rate, they learn his name to be Hosgarth. He gave them directions to the mines and bid them farewell,

The group spent time writing in their journals on the ride to the mines. Bae requested helps from The Crown, the god that they worship. Marasennah spoke of her mother being dead so long she could not remember what she looked like.

Bae stated if people are lucky they come back blue. Cal inquired if Bae knew of time before The Mad King, Bae said possibly and revealed part of their journal and how much of it was faded and lost to time, therefor illegible. The group made camp and Cal used Create Water, refilled waterskins, and Packrat, Marasennah’s dire rat, cleaned himself, Cal pulled a piece of cotton out of Packrat‘s nose, which surprised the party. Marasennah made Packrat dry, soft, and fluffy.

The night passed without incident, bats and owls were observed hunting, as well as a mole. A shooting star was seen and a wish made. The group woke, ate breakfast and headed north, passing over The Sliver Desert before reaching the mountains of Urgathoa’s Scythe.

Marasennah pulled out a black-splotted pink parasol, which Cal turned black for the duration of Prestidigitation. The group reached warning signs around 7 o’clock at night. As the group discussed watches, they noticed an owlbear in the distance, which they kept an eye on. They saw the cave in the distance with signs to beware of Purple Mold.

Bae demonstrated their capacity to change their arms into scaly, feathered claws from the elbow down, which fascinated the party. The party then settled down for the night.


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