The Players

Colton Blomker (GM)

Colton Blomker currently works as a Senior Medical Receptionist at a community health center clinic located in a homeless shelter. He enjoys exploring new artistic endeavors such as music composition, world design, fantasy cartography, and character creation. He possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Montana. His goal is to create something lasting beyond his lifetime.

Danicka Bright

A Filipina-American free-lance artist who loves working in any art medium, be it oil paint, digital realism, cartoons, or pixel art. She just finished writing her first full length sci-fi novel, with many more stories to come. A true creative, Danicka’s main goal in life is to work creatively full time. Whether that means painting, animation, concept art, voice over work, writing, or all of the above, she will do everything she can to make sure her dreams come true.

Meredith McAfee

Meredith has declared she will hold the title of “Old Lady” of the group, but is also the newbie of Three to a Screen. She has never played a role playing game in her 40+ years of life, but she is looking forward to the experience. Her only child is heading off to college this fall, so now she has time to pursue new interests.

Past Players

Ben Peterson

Ben is currently working at Barnes and Noble while also working toward his bachelor’s degree and his ambition to become a teacher. His ultimate goal is to use that position to help to educate and inspire the next generation to be everything that they can be and more. He also plans to create some cool stories with other people while playing awesome games.

Megan “Meg” Merhar

Megan Merhar is a freelance Actor and Costume Designer. They love telling stories through both visual and performance media. They are currently finishing a dual Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting and Costume Design at the University of Montana. They hope to bring joy to those around them through thier art and give others an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Cooper Myers

A lover of anime, a fantasy enthusiast, and a connoisseur of fried fish, Cooper Myers works full-time as a server at a local sushi restaurant. Cooper self-identifies as a bit of a snob, but he cares deeply for others and his fellow player’s enjoyment. One of the original players of Three to a Screen plays Pathfinder, he’s played three different characters: the man of endless paradoxes, Marius Umbra; the virtuous stick-in-the-mud, Civil Namine, and the noble gambler, Larc Lamprouge.