Pathfinder Campaign

One fateful day in March 2017 in the unsuspecting town of Missoula, Montana. Colton Blomker decided to spend his tax return money on a set of books at his local comic book store, Muse . And those books happened to be the exciting, action packed adventure of Pathfinder. He wanted to learn the trade of the game, and wanted to become like the great Game/Dungeon Masters of our current time. He recruited Danicka Bright, his best friend and freelance artist to put together the aesthetics of the game. (Character portraits and GIFS you see are some of her works.) After some time spent developing the basic campaign, he and Danicka set up a simple studio space where they could live stream their game.

The Original Pathfinder Crew, March 2017
Tidus Daphnison of Gales (Hugh Butterfield), Davina Nenvyr (Danicka Bright), Game Master (Colton Blomker), Marius Umbra (Cooper Myers), Ishtar Daphnison (Megan Merhar)

They assembled a group of friends through their various social connections, and began their journey; while they had very little experience with role play games, they were all eager to give it a go. To this day, the groups still meets up once a week to play, co-develop, and explore the world created by Colton. Sometimes they even host guests to play with them!

Halloween, 2017
Cooper Myers (Marius Umbra), Danicka Bright (Davina Nenvyr), Colton Blomker (Broken Soul), Arizona Martin (Diabella Terren), Megan Merhar (Ishtar Daphnison), Spencer Price (Kraugh)

Over time the group has evolved and changed. Some players were playing a second (or even, third) character. Their role-play prowess is improving, and Colton’s Game Mastery is growing and becoming more vivid and exciting. Players have come and gone, but their friendship and love of the game continues to thrive.

The Group April 2019:
Wigam (Kate Knox), Zempekut Nensbar (Drew Holman), Cyrcis Zenzara (Megan Merhar), GM (Colton Blomker), Civil Namine (Cooper Myers, Rolland Bigsby (Spencer Price), Davina Nenvyr (Danicka Bright), Gahren Ebenhammer (Danicka Bright)

The group is currently on campaign 2, which is a more well-planned out world. The group is currently exploring the world of Veldath. You can read our episode summaries here: Click Me!

The group currently plays the 2nd, 4th, and 5th (if applicable) Thursday of each month! We do livestream and love attendees, so please feel free to join us! Our upcoming streams are listed here: Click Me!

Please feel free to check out our past videos here:  Click Me!  

Thank you for watching, and for your support! We are excited for the channel to grow, and we hope you will all be there with us!