About Three To A Screen

     In February of 2014, Colton Blomker and Danicka Bright began working under the name Three To A Screen (TTAS) with the intent to create a unique, groundbreaking video game. Originally starting as a test of their game making skills (particularly writing, art, and interface design), the concept and scope of the project expanded tremendously beyond the two’s initial expectations. The game which the two named The Division.

    The Division would feature an entirely interactive and changing world, and every play-through of the game would result in a uniquely different storyline and outcome for each and every player. The greater goal of the game would be to allow the player to make legitimate meaningful choices; not simply have the illusion of choice, a major feature of many video games to date. The progression of The Division should allow the player to think and even empathize with the characters and become immersed in a rich and lively world.

     In August of 2015, the team began work in launching an independent web comic series, Tale of Strun, which should become available in 2016, that would run concurrently with the game in a shared universe. In order to preserve the greater goal present in the game, TTAS frequently uses a random generator to assist in decision making in regards to decisions by web comic characters. This tool, used frequently in the game development process, gives life to the belief that the although the developers may have control over the environment and circumstances surrounding the game, the story and characters would have a fate that would be a surprise to, while being independent of, their creators.

     At this time TTAS is working on conceptual development of The Division. This currently includes a rich and immersive environment populated by strikingly diverse races, each with unique motivations and societies; intricate characters with personally tailored storylines; as well as distinctive and experimental game mechanics. Upon completion of the game’s planning stage, TTAS aspires to begin development with the help of crowd-funding and independent support.