The Characters


Campaign 2

Molly “Mad Molly” Mclainn

Played by Nathan Crawford

Mad Molly, Molly the Sick, Mad Bomber of Talia, The Gutwrench Murderer, Dukeslayer, Dread Florist and Bane of Court-tasters; Molly McClain developed a long and murky reputation as a criminal-for-hire, sowing terror and chaos in cities and noble houses across Talia. Specializing in acts of destruction and subterfuge, she laid low many a royal on command of another.

Taken as a political prisoner, tortured, and shipped abroad, she has built a new life on Quensit. Here, she hires out her services to pirate crews and grows increasingly reckless in pursuit of more volatile explosives and dangerous chemicals. Her experiences and experiments have left her a mess of scars, memories, and prosthetics.

Molly is driven by personal greed, righteous vengeance, and a morbid (albeit scientific) curiosity. She takes any job in which she believes she can take the upper hand – either through intellect, manipulation, or brute force. Her best “friend” is the up-and-coming Catfolk pirate lord Captain Redclaw. While they bicker nearly constantly, she compliments Molly nicely. Molly has a deep respect for her stubborn autonomy, cavalier bravery, and outright refusal to approach life as anything other than its champion.

Felicity “Captain Redclaw” Catlin Pantteri

Played by Victoria Havel

Bastard-child of Belle Pantteri and a merchant prince, Felicity has lived her life unaware of her father’s identity. According to histories accounted by her mother before her death, she was conceived during what her father considered to be a brief dalliance with Belle. When he learned of her pregnancy, the merchant paid Belle to get rid of the child. Belle took the money and immediately booked passage to Corjenda, (taking advantage of scant connections there) where she then gave birth to Felicity. Belle’s connections, not wanting to take on the risk of her and an illegitimate child of a potentially powerful man, left them to the streets. Belle and Felicity survived for years thanks to Belle’s pickpocketing skills but, eventually, she couldn’t provide enough. Belle took an offer from a passing merchant ship and sold Felicity at age 8 to them as a laborer, thinking that she would at least be given food and shelter. 

Having been cast off by her mother, Felicity worked for 3 months on the merchant’s vessel before they were set upon and defeated by pirates while en route to Gales. The attacking ship was the infamous Ruby Renegade, Captained by Aurelius “Redclaw” Ostar. Aurelius agreed to take Felicity on board after he found her attempting to spar and argue with one of his men during the attack. 

Felicity blossomed under Aurelius’ tutelage and became his equal in all aspects. Quick-tongued and equally quick to temper, Felicity was a natural swordsman and became a charismatic leader. Aurelius instilled in her confidence and she found her worth in the victories stealing and smuggling cargo. Her bliss lasted for 15 years before Aurelius was mortally wounded during a ship raid. Bequeathing his apprentice with his fortune, ship, and crew, Felicity honored his legacy and became the next “Captain Redclaw”. 

She found success for a few years as a self-proclaimed pirate queen. Her confidence remained untested until a string of bad luck and bad calls forced a midnight mutiny from her slippery first mate Renaldo while docked in Smuggler’s Inlet. 

Dumped with nothing but the clothes on her back, a really cool hat, and her connections, Felicity eventually found passage to Corjenda. Back to where it all began, full of bitterness from being cast-off from, whom she thought was, her chosen family. Felicity turns inward for comfort, finding that her strong sense of self instilled in her by Aurelius is her one gift; the one thing that can earn her coin, bring her satisfaction, and change the world around her. She vows revenge on her first mate for disrupting her semblance of peace, and revenge on her father for his betrayal those years ago. She hones her skills and works as a self-serving Cavalier on the island, forming connections only when necessary, and striving every day to take everything back from Renaldo, including her title as Captain Redclaw.

Campaign 2

(currently on hold until players can return)

Marasennah Sarangennah

Played by Danicka Bright

The Gnome Bard

Selfish, callous, and uncaring, this tiny gnome bard is just about the most unlikable creature the party could be travelling with. How does one become so bitter and full of malice? Well, she is in no hurry to share why she prefers to keep to herself. All she knows is that in this current state, she is too weak to get home on her own. Yet, for how weak she is, she claims she is of nobility, and that when she is in her rightful place, she is quite powerful. That is why she need her minions- er… the party to help her get back to her beloved home of Valak a’Tesh, far to the northeast. A mountain surrounded by desert.

She has promised great power and magic to the wandering arcanist Caladrian in return for a boat chartered, and for some reason he has accepted this agreement. She is also intrigued by a certain… Bae. Bae is a Samsaren who has inexplicably captured the attention of Marasennah. Bay is also the sweetest one of the party, and try as Marasennah might, she can’t quite resist the Samsaren’s charm. What will become of this irritable, unsavory little gnome? Will she make it home before she dies? Only time will tell.

Mandilyon “Lyon” Beaufort / Nikodym

Played by Meredith McAfee

The Changeling Vigilante

I don’t know where I was born or who my true parents are, but not soon after my birth I was adopted by the Beaufort family and named Mandilyon. There were five sons in my family and when mother realized she wasn’t going to be able to have a girl she decided to adopt one. From day 1 she showered me with all things girly. Pink. Flowers. Lace. Ribbons. I hated it all. I wanted to run and play with my father and brothers instead of sitting nicely at home with my dolls and tea set. For the first few years I was indulged in being a tomboy, thanks mostly to my father and eldest brother. They let me tag along when they took my youngest brother out for hunting or fishing trips.

Mother was less than pleased, but she allowed it, until I turned 10; then she declared I needed to “start learning how to be a lady”. I resisted, at first, but as I grew a little older and entered puberty I became interested in being attractive and wanted to be like my beautiful mother, a little bit. Unfortunately, I also hit my growth spurt at this time and, practically overnight, shot up to almost 6 feet tall. Mother was horrified; even though I tried to emulate her with fashion and makeup, I just looked ridiculous due to my height and size. I was constantly bumping into things, saying the wrong thing, and embarrassing mother all the time, unintentionally. She become harsher with me, thinking I was somehow doing this to mock or displease her; the harsher she became the more I started to rebel.

After a particularly nasty incident at a lady’s luncheon, mother decreed that I should “take a little break from society. You might as well live in Quensit, you’re such a disgrace!”. So, I decided to try it. At the age of 17 I got my mule, Delores, and any supplies I thought I might need, and headed east through The Lush Forest, over The Mora Mountains, The Gift of Vart-She.

My youngest brother, Dayton, accompanied me to the edge of the mountains and wished me luck. His last piece of advice was to disguise both my social status and my gender to try to blend in and go unnoticed. He lent me one of his outfits, which I donned when he was out view.

I crossed over the mountains and instead of the lawless degenerate society I had been told about, found a reasonably thriving community. Admittedly poorer and rougher around the edges, but otherwise the people here seemed the same as people everywhere.

I found my way to the central market square and walked around observing for awhile and saw many strange things. Creatures I had never heard of before, languages new to my ear, and magic used in the open. I walked up to see more closely, an older woman performing an act of incredible magic, beautiful beyond compare. I was mesmerized. After her performance we started to talk, and I learned her name to be Markessa. She took me to a nearby pub for food and drink and after conversing for several hours, she invited me to her home for lodging and to teach me what she could about magic.

I stayed with her for several months, learning the fundamentals of magic and grew to love Markessa more each passing day.  After some time, I felt drawn to visit my home again and see how I could apply what I had learned to help the people of Quensit. I crossed over the mountains and made my way home. My mother was surprised to see me, but glad, saying she had been worried; then she immediately started criticizing my appearance. My father and brothers greeted me with more respect, seeing I had grown and experienced more of the world.

I dedicated myself to learning what I could about our business and our society to see how I could use my influence for the greater good. Although mother was not pleased that I was not pursuing a position as a lady of society, she was satisfied I was taking a place of influence through my work. I learned a lot about the history of Quensit, the current state of affairs between the Convas Provinces and Quensit, and the types of people who are banished there. Clearly, not all of them were beyond rehabilitation. Those who were could be a threat to the community of Quensit.

During this time, I traveled back and forth between Endvir and Quensit, often bringing goods one way, and information the other. It was a satisfactory relationship for some time, until one day I was spotted sneaking my way west over the mountains by a self-appointed group of guards on the lookout for escapees. Despite my insistence I was a citizen of Endvir, they did not believe me. I was able to escape before they harmed me, but, unfortunately, they took their anger out on Quensit. I tried to cross over to warn them, but, when I got there, it was in flames. I ran to Markessa’s house in time to see the roof collapse in a shower of embers and sparks.

Heartbroken and surrounded by chaos, all my hopes of reconciling these two places turned to thoughts of revenge. I snuck back over the mountains, and found the raider’s camp just on the other side. I waited for nightfall, disguised myself, and killed them all while they slept. Standing there, covered in the blood of my enemies, I felt a change come over me. At that point, I was not Madilyon; I was someone else. And I thought I heard Markessa’s voice whisper “Nikodym”.

Suddenly frightened, I rushed away from the camp. I cleaned myself up in a nearby stream and disposed of my bloodied clothes. I fell into a fitful sleep filled with broken nightmares, and, when I woke, I knew there was no longer a place for me on Convas. I slowly began trudging towards my childhood home for one last goodbye and to catch a ship for anywhere but here.

Past Characters

Caladrien “Cal” Argyve

Played by Ben Peterson

The Elven Arcanist

Caladrien was the heir to an elven noble family…but the problem was that he really didn’t care about any of the politics, wheeling and dealing, and backstabbing of the elven courts, much preferring the isolation of the library, which he constantly scours for the any tidbit of information on ancient magical artifacts and spells that he might re-create. When he wasn’t there he was in his workshop, trying to recreate those items. His family generally left him to his experiments after one particular argument sent Caladrien off in a huff and he was injured when he accidentally set off an explosion while working on an especially volatile project.

Caladrien is fascinated with magic, and frustrated at the reception that magic generally incurs among the general populace (at least, the common folk that he has travelled among). He knows it will be a long process, but he plans on beginning the acclimatization of the populace to the versatility and usefulness of magic and magical objects that had been lost after the Mad King went on his (as Caladrien puts it) “Vindictive, moronic rampage against the most useful tool in history.” To this end, he also wants to create a place where anyone that wants to can come to learn about the arcane arts, and where he can master the art that he is rediscovering: the creation of magical items.

He gave up the adventuring game to return home and follow his family’s expectations.

Bazamine “Bae” Maxenth

Played by Meg Merhar

The Samsaran Shifter

Life is never easy as a Samsaran. At least not starting out. Bazamine was one of the lucky ones. When they were born their parents knew what they were and decided to send them to Corkis Lake to be with their own kind. It took a few years to before they were able to be sure Bay’s travel would be safe.

Upon arrival at Corkis Lake, Bae was given a new family. They were chosen by two of the more prominent members of society and raised by the traditions and teachings of the samsaran people. As they grew so did their family. What started as a mother, a father, a brother, and a sister would later include 2 more siblings. Placing Bae solidly in the middle of the pack.

When Bae was 40 on a trip to The Journal Athenaeum, they were studying the journals as they had been told when one called out to them. They knew the binding and every crinkle page. It was theirs. Most don’t find their journals until well into their 100s if they find them at all. This only excited Bae’s hunger to learn about the outside world.

Two decades later it is their reason to head out into the wider world and learn of their past to strengthen their future.

Larcingjay “Larc” Lamprouge

Played by Cooper Myers

Larcingjay Lamprouge was born in a small town in Convas where he lived a modest life with his father, Hern Lamprouge. There, Larc dreamed of becoming a heroic knight who saved people and trained his mind and body with that goal in mind. His father, however, had different plans for him, insisting that he discard his notions of being a knight to instead follow in his footsteps and become a local doctor and keep to his studies.

After a particular bad argument with his father, Larc decided  it was time to leave home and pursue his dream of knighthood, despite a lack of support. He traveled to White Chapel to train with the best of the best. After two years of study, training his sword skills and shaping his mind by reading as much as he could at the Chapel’s library, Larc began to struggle with the religious portion of his studies. After being curtly asked to leave after he was caught gambling with some of the acolytes, Larc decided the religious path was not for him.

Going home with his tail between his legs wasn’t an option, his pride wouldn’t allow it, so Larc found himself drawn to the neglected port town of Quensit. There, Larc made a living doing odd jobs here and there eventually taking on less reputable jobs. He found himself falling into the darker side of society and making a name for himself in the smaller criminal circles.

After a string of bad luck and questionable decisions, Larc found himself owing a crime boss a modest sum of 10,000 gold pieces. He set off to try his luck and the adventuring life and make enough money to pay his debts and maybe learn a thing or two about life.