About Danicka Bright

Danicka Bright is a Filipina-American freelance artist who loves working in any art medium- be it oil paint, digital realism, cartoons, or pixel art. She just finished writing her first full length sci-fi novel, with many more stories to come. A true creative, Danicka’s calling in life is to work creatively full-time. Whether that means painting, making short films, animation, concept art, voice-over work, writing, or all of the above, she will do everything she can to make sure her dreams come true. She thrives on coffee and late nights of creativity.

Danicka Bright has been an avid gamer for as long as she can remember. Her parents bought a Super Nintendo before she was born, which they passed down to her and her older brother. Danicka explored many consoles, emulators and computer games, and loved becoming immersed in the new and exciting worlds that video games had to offer. Her favorite games titles include the Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, and the Elder Scrolls Franchise.

She received her B.A in Fine Arts at the University of Montana in 2015. Over the years her love of games had translated to a desire to be part of a development team, but she had no idea where to begin. When Danicka met Colton in June of 2013, they bonded over their mutual love of video games and decided they should make a game together.

They created a web comic called Tale of Strun, and worked on many other projects together as a team. In 2017, she helped Colton put together his Pathfinder setup. They now play the game with their friends, and all the episodes are uploaded to YouTube!