About Colton Blomker

Colton Blomker developed an interest in videogames in his late childhood, starting with the Game Boy, and grew exponentially through his adolescence and adulthood through avid PC gaming.

Colton had a perpetual interest in writing and building worlds with an overactive imagination, as well as an interest in interface design.

After meeting Danicka in June of 2013 and discovering a mutual interest in game development, Colton acquired several game making programs and kindled a new creative fire; allowing them to develop and culture new ideas in the realm of game creation.

In 2017 Colton started a Pathfinder campaign with Danicka Bright and several other friends, which is still running strong to this day.

Colton received his B.A. in Psychology at the University of Montana in 2015 and currently works in Reception at a local community health center.

Beyond video and tabletop games, his other interests include writing, drawing, cooking, travel, and drag.