The God of Valor places high value in resolve, especially in the face of death. A strong hand in battle, a strong hand at home. Many followers of Blaoba are slavers, despots, or rulers. Blaoba requires absolute fealty and does not tolerate insubordination.

Titles: Inner Might, Brace of the Bold, Chain Wielder, God of Valor

Areas of Concern: Honor, Valor, Strength, Dominion, Slavery

Worshipers: Despots, Slavers, Rulers, Warriors, Generals

Domains: Law, Evil, Strength, Nobility, Glory

Favored Weapon: Orc Double Axe

Sacred Animal: Hippopotamus

Sacred Colors: Yellow, Red



The Goddess of Curses is not known for her kind demeanor, nor her patience. Angering Erata leads to misery, as does angering her followers. They take great joy in passing on her will and pain indiscriminately.

Titles: Ruiner, Commander of Scales, She That Slithers, Goddess of Curses

Areas of Concern: Curses, Ruins, Reptiles, Chaos

Worshipers: Evil Spellcasters, Lizardfolk, Assassins, Oracles

Domains: Evil, Chaos, Luck, Ruins, Scalykind

Favored Weapon: Dire Flail

Sacred Animal: Bat

Sacred Colors: Forest Green, Tiger Orange



The God of Gifts is known for his generosity and gifts of clouds and rain, metal, and gems from the earth. He divides the world, and blends the lines for those who appreciate it. He is known to give magic items cast into the earth to those who honor him.

Titles: Keeper of the Earth and Sky, Father of Magic, Gift Giver, God of Gifts

Areas of Concern: Gift-giving, Altruism, Farming, Weather, Mining

Worshipers: Miners, Magic Users, Farmers, The Poor, Dwarves

Domains: Good, Charm, Air, Magic, Earth

Favored Weapon: Taiaha

Sacred Animal: Burrowing Owl

Sacred Colors: Brown, Blue



The God of Enchantment provides to those who seek his aid in enchantment. Hexis is said to have created the first rune imbued with magic. Those who follow Hexis know there is little that is more powerful than these magic enhancements.

Titles: Smith to the Gods, Weapon Master, Rune Layer, God of Enchantment

Areas of Concern: Enchanting, Smithing, Runes, Battle

Worshipers: Blacksmiths, Fighters, Magic Users, Enchanters, Elves

Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Glory, Rune

Favored Weapon: Rapier

Sacred Animal: Armadillo

Sacred Colors: Black, Silver



The Goddess of Breathing Seas keeps the tides moving, and guides travelers from danger with winds. She is said to be the way for prisoners to escape their bonds, revolting against their captors.

Titles: Princess of the Mists, Keeper of Oceans, Skyheart, Heart of Freedom, Goddess of Breathing Seas

Areas of Concern: Freedom, Water, Winds, Nature

Worshipers: Sailors, Travelers, Druids, Woodsmen, Prisoners

Domains: Air, Erosion, Liberation, Vermin (ISMG, UM), Water

Favored Weapon: Lucerne Hammer

Sacred Animal: Flying Fish

Sacred Colors: Blue, White



The Goddess of Assassinations is cold and unfeeling. She is known for her subversive ways and willingness to make laws that benefit her and her followers. Ipsi is not about outright murder and slaughter, the victim must be actively against her.

Titles: The Last Breath, Hope Breaker, Great Decay, Biting Beauty, The Goddess of Assassination

Areas of Concern: Assassination, Law, Evil, Decay, Murder

Worshipers: Assassins, Evil-doers, Murderers

Domains: Law, Evil, Death, Rune, Plant

Favored Weapon: Quadrens

Sacred Animal: Poison Dart Frog

Sacred Colors: Red, Orange



La’tien is the Goddess of Bonds and the Defender of the Bonded. She bestows power on those who value friendship and protect those who are deemed good. Freeing those trapped by others is a major tenet of those who follow La’tien.

Titles: The Divine Martyr, Fire of the Hearth, Chain Breaker, Bond Maker, Goddess of Bonds

Areas of Concern: Freedom, Liberation, Friendship, Family, Social Justice

Worshipers: Friends, Freedom Fighters, The Trapped, Benefactors, Good People

Domains: Law, Good, Nobility, Protection, Liberation

Favored Weapon: Meteor Hammer

Sacred Animal: Butterfly

Sacred Colors: Pink, Grey



The God of Earth varies between a heavy hand, and a gentle touch. Through expansion of earth, Loquin is said to expand his power and dominion. Those who worship Loquin tend to not stay still for long.

Titles: The Healing Seed, Internal Fire, Dayspring, Crowning Glory, The God of Earth

Areas of Concern: Volcanoes, Mining, Life, Death, Construction

Worshipers: Miners, Dwarves, Doctors, Warriors, Travelers, Druids

Domains: Healing, Sun, War, Earth, Erosion

Favored Weapon: Bec de Corbin

Sacred Animal: Rabbit

Sacred Colors: Brown, Yellow



The Ancient Goddess is said to have been one of the first to exist. Indifferent to the needs of others, Malphe is incredibly self-serving, but adores nature.

Titles: The True Beast, Scale and Feather, Silent Hunter, Guard of the Wild, The Ancient Goddess

Areas of Concern: Nature, Weather, Plants, Hedonism, Animals

Worshipers: Druids, Animal Tamers, Kobolds, Plant-creatures, Pleasure-seekers

Domains: Animal, Weather, Plant, Repose, Scalykind

Favored Weapon: Hooked Axe

Sacred Animal: Red-Tailed Hawk

Sacred Colors: Green, White



Novulu teaches the power of war and how to break the resolve of others. Those who follow Novulu disregard life if it gets in their way, and will do anything to spread the influence of The God of Torture.

Titles: King of Nightmares, Herald of Battle, Lord of Darkness, Breaker of Souls, The God of Torture

Areas of Concern: Torture, Insanity, Battle, Pain, Nightfall

Worshipers: The Mad, Warriors, The Valiant

Domains: Evil, Madness, Darkness, War, Destruction

Favored Weapon: Nine-Section Whip

Sacred Animal: Cat

Sacred Colors: Purple, Blue



This long-dead god is the only known (or remembered) god to perish. The means behind their death is unknown, but the death of The God of Balance marked an undeniable change in the structure of the gods.

Titles: The God of Balance, Keeper of the World, Commander of Deities, The Dead God

Areas of Concern: Balance

Worshipers: Currently: none, formerly, anyone.

Domains: Law, Chaos, Good, Evil, Rune

Favored Weapon: Flying Blade

Sacred Animal: Platypus

Sacred Colors: None



Known as The Goddess of Lust and Lost, Ospal keeps a close eye on those she finds attractive. When love is scorned, Ospal is known to take swift action. She is said to know all thoughts and memories related to lust.

Titles: Deepest Red, Heart-Taker, Retributor, The Goddess of Lust and Lost

Areas of Concern: Lust, Allure, Rage, Knowledge, Recollection, Revenge

Worshipers: Prostitutes, The Wronged, Hedonists, Fortune-tellers

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Charm, Knowledge, Water

Favored Weapon: Sawtooth Sabre

Sacred Animal: Blue-ringed Octopus

Sacred Colors: Silver, Scarlet



The God of Magic is said to have written all the rules of magic at a time when magic functioned freely. Par-tesh is said to imbue his magic into worthy bloodlines, bring great power to constructs, and protect those who accept magic as part of life.

Titles: Master Of Magic, Writer of Rules, The Scales, The God of Magic

Areas of Concern: Magic, Law, Construction, Judgement, Balance, Justice

Worshipers: Magic Users, Lawmakers, Builders, Enchanters, Judges

Domains: Law, Community, Magic, Water, Artifice

Favored Weapon: Khopesh

Sacred Animal: Peacock

Sacred Colors: Purple, White



The Goddess of Expansion believes in the laws of commerce and assists those who advance the good of the market. Powerful and laborious, the markets are a labor of her love.

Titles: Cleansing Fire, Peaceguard, The Great Hand, The Goddess of Expansion

Areas of Concern: Exploration, Trade, Law, Markets, Commerce, War

Worshipers: Shop Keeps, Explorers, Merchants, Guardsman, Craftsman

Domains: Law, Travel, Death, Artifice, Fire

Favored Weapon: Katana

Sacred Animal: Monkey

Sacred Colors: Gold, Silver



Scythian rules the realm of deception. Anything heard from the followers of The Goddess of Lies is as trustworthy as the ocean is dry. Spreading lies for the purpose of spreading lies is her pastime, she never hesitates to twist the truth.

Titles: Silver-Tonged Goddess, Queen Beneath, Mouth That Bites Twice, The Goddess of Lies

Areas of Concern: Deception, Evil, Lies, Bestial Urges

Worshipers: Thieves, Liars, Hedonists, Politicians

Domains: Evil, Chaos, Trickery, Void, Animal

Favored Weapon: Tri-Point Double-Edged Sword

Sacred Animal: Fox

Sacred Colors: White, Gold



Smyton, The God of Redemption, takes care of strong communities, protects lands led by good nobles, and judges those who seek redemption. The Protector God watches over lost souls seeking guidance, pushing them forward, and giving new life to those who are deserving.

Titles: Peace Keeper, The Redeemer, Protector of Lands, Life-Giver, The God of Redemption

Areas of Concern: Law, Communities, Lost Souls, Burial

Worshipers: Redemption Seekers, Community Leaders, Mourners, Healers

Domains: Law, Good, Healing, Community, Repose

Favored Weapon: Two-Bladed Sword

Sacred Animal: Clownfish

Sacred Colors: Bronze, Green


The Crown

Recently appearing in the Pantheon of Veldath, The Crown claims to correct the wrongs of the world, aiding those who require it, letting selfishness perish, regardless of Law or Chaos, Good or Evil.

Titles: The Crown

Areas of Concern: Justice, Protection, Community, Wrath, Luck

Worshipers: Justice Seekers, Bureaucrats, The Wronged, The Poor

Domains: Healing, Destruction, Luck, Protection, Community, Liberation

Favored Weapon: Shotel

Sacred Animal: Peacock

Sacred Colors: Iridescence/All Colors



Always watching, The God of Darkness protects their followers. His use of vermin and trickery allows for the collecting of information, and turning it against those who intend harm to use it.

Titles: The Shadow, Silent Watcher, Hidden Eye, The God of Darkness

Areas of Concern: Night, Protection, Chaos, Mischief, Knowledge

Worshipers: Thieves, Spies, Nobility, Oracles, Keepers of the Peace

Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Protection, Vermin (ISMG, UM), Trickery

Favored Weapon: Fighting Fan

Sacred Animal: Crow

Sacred Colors: Black, Grey



The God of the Wilds protects the wildlands of the earth touched by the sun. Easily angered, Valicor will turn the world against those who disrespect the wilds.

Titles: The Wild Sun, The Untamed Beast, Herald of Storms, Dueling Spirits, God of the Wilds

Areas of Concern: Fires, Beauty, Light

Worshipers: Cavalry, Sea Captains, Farmers, Hedonists

Domains: Good, Chaos, Sun, Fire, Weather

Favored Weapon: Temple Sword

Sacred Animal: Lion

Sacred Colors: Yellow, Grey



The God of Fear is indiscriminate. Everything in this world will fall victim to Wedroe. Those who follow Wedroe learn to utilize fear against their enemies, and push past their own fear to explore areas of the mind and world others cannot breach.

Titles: The Creep, Friend of the Lonely, Protector of Adrift Souls, The God of Fear

Areas of Concern: Fear, Loss, The Unknown, Abandonment, Loneliness

Worshipers: Travelers, Mourners, Torturers, Oracles

Domains: Evil, Travel, Void, Knowledge, Ruins

Favored Weapon: Seven-Branched Sword

Sacred Animal: Angler Fish

Sacred Colors: Deep Blue, Deep Yellow



The Goddess of Fruitful Toil commands great things of her followers but rewards great effort. She commands respect for all great feats.  When a great worker is lost, Yria is known to bring them back, but only to fulfill their work.

Titles: Endless Worker, Preserver, Bane of the Fainéant, Great Provider, Goddess of Fruitful Toil

Areas of Concern: Work, Friendship, Family, Early Death, Loss, Fate

Worshipers: Mourners, Hard Workers, The Needy, The Mad

Domains: Good, Chaos, Death, Luck, Madness

Favored Weapon: Monk’s Spade

Sacred Animal: Ant

Sacred Colors: Brown, Gold