Episode 6


Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Nox, 10-19

The party awoke and prepared their spells. Bae told Mandilyon and Marasennah all about The Crown and updated them on the occurrences of yesterday, as the two were indisposed. Marasenneh explained a little about when she disappeared from her kingdom and how she was anxious to return home. Bae told Marasennah and Mandilyon about the mysterious ball of conjuration magic in Marasennah’s chest.

Marasennah noticed the burn marks on Bae’s chest, arms, and legs from the battle with the pirates and how they had magic. They speak of the injured pirate captain who is destined to die for his crimes. Much to Marasennahs chagrin who wished to use the captain as a lackey.

Bae and Marasennah spoke of gods, and how Marasennah’s goddess, Scythian, is the Goddess of Lies. Bae and Cal spoke of how they defeated the remaining pirate ship. Bae made a joke about pirates eating Cal’s arm.

The party ate breakfast; Bae ate two oranges whole, unpeeled. The first was incredibly rotten, the other tasted fine. Mandilyon fed and groomed Delores.

After Marasennah fed Packrat, he sneezed and a piece of white fabric was seen peeking out of his nose. Marasennah pulled it out, and noticed writing on the cloth, which Cal translated, “My great protector, keep me safe.” Marasennah battled the snot while Cal pulled out a remainder of fabric which stated “you are entrusted with a great duty. Please find me and receive your reward when it is complete.”

The party discussed Packrat, spoiled him, examined the damage done to the ship while surveying the area around the ship. The party shared their knowledge of Gales and the adamantine mine tower.

Curious about how it worked, Marasennah used the lifewheel and saw her parents in the past at the cost of a temporary headache. Bae stated they want to kill Pyris, the pirate captain, and take her coat. The Captain notified Bae the captured pirate captain wished to speak with them.

Bae learned the pirate captain was dying and requested last rites. Marasennah played during the rites. As Bae finished, the obal started glowing and the pirate disappeared, the obal gone with him. There was some confusion to Bae regarding the body staying around after last rites. Bae informed the Captain about the disappearance.

Bae and Cal argued. Cal casted Color Spray at Bae and then the two separated. Cal headed to the room and Bae went back on deck and wrote furiously into their journal. Varie checked on Bae, whom then vented before he headed off; Bae continued to write in their journal. Cal closed the curtains to his section of the room and wasn’t seen the rest of the voyage.

The ship made it to the continent of Homun, docking in Divrinia a moderate port city surrounded by beaches. In the far west there were exceedingly tall tower structures almost mountain-like in nature. The city was made of driftwood and stone in design, appearing to utilize the bounty of the sea. As the ship docked, although mostly human, there were some unique races present. The Captain told the party to stop by for an update later in the day.

Marasennah and Bae began searching for fruit. Marasennah purchased a raw meat kebab and a nodule berry. The nodule berry varied from sweet to sour but was particularly dense and heavy, reminiscent in flavor to a blueberry lemonade.

Marasennah learned the country of Ymnip is egalitarian and had a discussion of royalty with Bae. Suddenly, Mandilyon noticed their second youngest brother, Preston, and fled from the dock to a nearby shop. Mandilyon caught the eyes of her brother as she and Cal darted away. Mandilyon sped into a dressing room and changed into Nikodym, their vigilante persona.

Bae and Marasennah headed in the opposite direction of Mandilyon in order to prevent Bae from being recognized by Preston. Bae spoke with a white-furred Vanaras and learned their homeland was destroyed by the Ensin Empire.

Meanwhile, Mandilyon placed the finishing touches on their disguise before paying off the shopkeeper and grabbing their bag from Cal, passing Preston in the streets. The party reconnected and sought out a tavern and settled into Mira’s Luster.

Mira’s Luster smelled of smoking herb and was filled with scantily-clad individuals of both sexes, filled with pillows. A woman wreathed in sheer fabric, whom the party learned to be Mira, served them booze and even found a blood ale specifically requested by Marasennah. Marasennah requested the glass be poured for her, which Mira played off beautifully before offering the party a romp with her employees, which they all declined.

Mandilyon bribed Mira for information about their brothers’ happenings. They learned the Beaufort family was setting up a market/bank and brought supplies and there were any interested parties who wished to get into the bank. Preston and Dayton were in charge of setting up the market and Mira believed Dayton Beaufort to be easily manipulated and both brothers were staying at the Habitford, the nicest hotel in town, one of the few not made of driftwood. Mandilyon learned at least one Beaufort enjoys the carnal comforts of Mira’s Luster.

Cal attempted to learn more about Nikodym, while Mira listened in, but disguised her intentions poorly. Cal was dismissed by Nikodym and he chose to leave the party to eventually return home. Marasennah advised Cal to not visit Valak a’tesh without letting her know first. Bae gave Cal a page full of magic runes to assist him with his spellcasting, not knowing what they all meant. The party bid Cal goodbye and safe travels.

The remaining party downed their beverages and searched out some food, settling on a bistro with pastries (possibly patrons) that were fluffy, buttery, and covered with chocolate and toppings. Marasennah’s had a winking gnome face toasted into the top. Upon flipping the sandwich over, Marasennah found a gold coin; after Bae mentioned it possibly breaking her tooth, she confronted the gnome host then discovered the coin to be make of chocolate.

Bae vented about the situation with Cal with the party before seeking out The Captain for an update on the ship. They discover they repairs could take a month or a month-and-a-half. The Captain offered to charter the party a new ship or they could wait. He also offers several interesting locations to visit on Homun. The party learned the Captain‘s name to be Melvolin.

Marasennah sought out a means to contact another continent. Bae fed a fortune cookie to Delores on the way and Mandilyon noticed their youngest brother, Dayton, in town. The group entered a darker-themed magic shop The Golden Sceptre, which was covered by curtains and gold-filigree glass. There was a single individual, Lauricio [retconned from Libe] , whom Marasennah traded a dose of hemlock for three Scrolls of Telescription, and Bae traded a mushroom for a potion.

The party learned there was a troupe who ventured to The Moon Tower recently, but referred them to Mira for more information. Lauricio told them not trusting Mira was a good plan and she took good care of her employees. They party learned Lauricio was a follower of the God Erata. Bae left an obal of The Crown.

Mandilyon’s leg started to hurt and, after looking, saw it was spotted black, as they moved it started impeding their movement. Bae picked up Mandilyon and carried them to an inn on the edge of town, The Crate and Barrel, which was actually made of crates and barrels. The party purchased lodging and Marasennah sent a letter to her Grand Vizier, Drago.

Bae boarded Delores and talked to the owner of The Crate and Barrel and asked for information about removing a curse and was given several possible church options. Bae went up to the room they shared with Mandilyon and saw the leg was dripping grey fluid. They made a plan to visit a cleric. Bae and Mandilyon argued and Marasennah overheard through the wall.

A knock is heard at the door. A human was stating they overheard the conversation through the thin walls. He attempted to heal Mandilyon’s leg but wasn’t effective, save for removing the grey liquid and smell temporarily. The party decided to see a cleric after the black spots spread on Mandilyon’s leg. Marasennah heard Bae call for her and she entered the room, one eyebrow now magenta. Mandilyon disguised themselves as the party prepared to seek out a cleric.

Cal left the party.


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