Episode 5

Sidestepping Death and Talking to God

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Nox, 9

Bae and Cal awakened to the sound of Mandilyon retching. Marasennah had not moved from the position she fell asleep in. They spoke to the cleric briefly and Cal removed his arm before they headed topside. The pirate ship was following roughly a mile behind, and kept pace throughout the night.

Many of the party’s ship’s cannons had been moved to the aft of the shift in preparation for an attack, preparing for a boarding party. Bae was instructed in proper handshaking technique (again). The duo attempted to gauge the age of the reef and think it to be several thousand years.

Bae told a sailor that they didn’t want to endanger themselves by waking Marasennah up. Bae became friends with Varie, the sailor. Cal prepared his spells and Bae kept an eye on the pirate ship, noticing they were hanging fabric between the rigging. Cal came back to the top of the ship, explained how his arm worked to Bae and the troubles it occasionally had.

Bae pointed out the fabric on the ship to Cal and noticed a glow from their own backpack. The glowing box from the cave was still unopened. Bae found an Ioun Torch spindle and War Paint of the Terrible Visage. Bae attempted to use the torch as a Life Wheel, staring into the bright light for 10 minutes with nothing to show but eye pain.

Bae attempted to tell the Captain about the Crown, but was asked to talk later. The Captain pointed out a steady red glow coming from the pirate ship through the curtain. Bae discussed ways to get onto the pirate ship, which included a dinghy, a cannon, or boarding. The duo learned the ship is carrying trade goods and is likely the target.

As the pirate ship drew closer, Cal cast Mage Armor on Bae and then Enlarge Person as the glow from the pirate ship grew in intensity. Cal cast Spark to light the fabric ablaze.

Several cannon shots were fired between the ships, Bae knocked over and righted a cannon while Cal cast Grease on the gangplank. Some of the pirates grabbed handfuls of the glowing red light, others fired more cannons at the party’s ship, Bae, accidentally, pulled the gangplank onto their ship and supported the cracking mast that had been hit by cannon fire. Cal attempted to fire a cannon, blasting a crewmate’s face with flame. The Captain swung from the party’s ship’s rigging to attempt to attack the pirate’s ship.

After one of the pirates threw the glowing substance, missing the Captain and hitting the ocean which bubbled and boiled, the throwing pirate appeared unharmed. The ship’s cleric healed the hurt crewmember, but was unable to save one of their eyes.

Bae attempted to leap to the pirate ship but missed, catching onto the edge of the ship with a single claw, which began to snap as the quick was broken. The Captain of the party’s ship swung down, grabbed Bae by the scruff, and tossed them onto the ship. Bae swooned a little.

One of the pirates threw a hunk of glowing red at Bae, who took bludgeoning damage and smelled like cooking chicken. The cleric was stabbed with a bayonet in the neck, and Bae was knocked unconscious as a pirate knocked the vat of glowing red liquid onto them. The cleric brought Bae up to consciousness.

The blinded shipmate fired the cannon at one of the pirates, knocking Cal off the ship and he became unconscious upon hitting the water. Bae became stuck to the ship as the red liquid hardened. Cal was rescued from the water by the Captain. The duo makes it back to the ship and takes some of the solidified liquid that trapped Bae. Bae supports the mast and is gifted an expensive wheel of cheese from the cleric.

The Captain shot a cannon at the pirate’s mast, shattering it and severely reducing its speed.

Bae fell asleep against their own mast. Cal ate breakfast and Bae was carried to sleep in the party quarters. The Captain notified Cal the ship was headed to the city of Divrinia in order to make necessary repairs before heading to Verenba. The Captain was called upstairs.

Cal checked on the rest of the party, cleaned out Mandilyon’s vomit bucket, and casted Detect Magic on Marasennah, identifying an aura of major conjuration from her chest, but not the rest of her body. She was not wearing any jewelry.

In their sleep, Bae heard an individual calling for help, faintly crying out, stating they’re trapped. The tonalities were familiar, but the cadence was not. The sound appeared to be close and sounded obscured by glass. Bae woke up and inquired who was trapped. The duo spoke about the trapped individual and the magic attached to Marasennah’s chest before being interrupted by the Captain who stated the pirate captain wished to speak with Bae.

Bae spoke to the pirate captain, Pyris who wished to parley. They asked about the nature of Bae. Cal cast Detect Magic and noted a lot of magic on the pirate on the ship. Cal translated for Bae to Pyris, who insulted Bae. Bae transformed into their feathered and clawed form. Cal answered Pyris‘ questions about the ship’s intentions before Pyris waved the ship away and diverted course.

The Captain told them how Pyris had gone undefeated and was incredibly formidable. Cal stated he’s not much for gods, but Bae may make him a believer, which excited Bae who then spent an hour telling the Captain of The Crown, the mysterious voice, and Marasennah. The Captain stated he would have the cleric, Harold “Harry”, take a look and they would get her treated if necessary when they reached port.

Bae went below deck to speak to the captured mute pirate captain. His wound was infected so Bae used a potion on him while inquiring if he was screaming. The pirate said no. Bae also learned the father of the pirate was Samsaran and never met them, they were born at Corkis Lake and were 31 years old. They believed they will be sentenced to death upon reaching land and had nothing left to lose. Bae proselytized The Crown and left the pirate captain with paper before leaving the brig.

Bae made it back to the room and examined Cal’s arm, touched it, and examined the leaves, notches, and runes on it. Bae wrote in their journal and sent up a prayer to The Crown.

Suddenly a multitude of voices, heard only by Bae, told them they were not destined to die today, would be protected, and wished Bae was a cleric. They told Bae they could feel Bae telling people about them and gave Bae the ability to ask a single question. Bae asked how to help Marasennah and were told she was more lost than Bae could imagine, to stay with her, provide her guidance, and were special to her in a way The Crown could not describe. They gave Bae the honorifics of “Ancient Child” and “Feathered One” and told them to stay safe.

Cal woke up to the sound of Bae’s excitement. Bae told Cal of their interaction with their god and all they learned, as well as expanding on how human and Samsaran babies are traded between Elisyntire and Corkis Lake.

Bae was unable to wake Marasennah, and Mandilyon asked to hear about The Crown in the morning. Cal worked on his arm and Bae created an incredible rendition of The Dazzling Reef in their journal before hearing Delores panicking below deck. Bae went downstairs and comforted Delores before bailing out the water that had collected. Bae fed her a fortune cookie and got two strange fortunes before telling Delores about their whole day in Druidic.

Bae discussed lying with Cal and when it was acceptable, as well as debating the needs of the individual versus the needs of the many. The duo heard harp music play and headed downstairs to check on Marasennah, who was not present. After following the sound, they foundit emanating from the Captain‘s quarters. Cal knocked, learned the Captain had requested Marasennah play and seemed well when he checked on her.

The duo talked for a bit, enjoyed the stars, and then went to bed. There was movement in the room after bed, but Bae told them if they are a friend to go to bed, if they are not, Bae would eviscerate them.


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