Episode 4

Pirates of the Dazzling Reef

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Nox, 3-8

Implementation of the “I Know a Guy” Rule occurred.

Marasennah and Cal headed back to the inn and the city began to stir. They encountered Bae and Mandilyon at the inn checking on Delores. Marasennah fabricated a story of Cal’s hand coming off his body and casting spells independently, wreaking havoc on the city. Bae, excitedly, realized this is a joke.

Bae and Mandilyon heard the harbor master was killed. Marasennah claimed it was not her doing. The group went back to see Podrick for an idea of what to do. They find him still naked with the door ajar. After pestering the poor man, the group talks about stealing the ship, which Podrick chooses to ignore. After insulting his manhood several times, the group heads towards the harbor, passing by the burned bazaar.

Bae made a pun, the group was proud. Cal cut one of the, now visible, black threads noticing they were made to last only a short time.

The party arrived in the harbor and began examining the body of the harbor master, Mandilyon looked within her jaw seeing the edge of what the object was, Bae sliced open the harbor master’s throat, breaking a nail in the process. Bae pried the throat open, pulling out a rock with a carving of an open censored book, which was familiar but unplaceable to Marasennah. Mandilyon realized the rock was an impossible size to swallow. Marasennah cleaned Bae of the blood as footsteps appear.

Cal headed towards the individual whom was in guard uniform and taking notes of the city. Cal learned there were 563 people dead so far from the Night of Cursed Luck, which was described as a small tally.

With no indication of the ship they are on, Bae (through a confusing GM description) faced the terrible police line, making it past and finding a bright blue crystal, a gold coin stuck to the bottom of the podium, and a locked compartment. Marashennah hid in Cal’s backpack.

After finding the correct ship, the group boarded, ending Marasennah’s backpack adventures. The group was given cleaning supplies and cleansed the deck. Bae brought out their claws and frightened one of the crew members. The captain asked the party about their claws, Mandilyon attempted to hide Bae’s shifting abilities, Bae, obliviously showed they can shift. The Captain asked the claws stay put away on the journey unless attacked, and was told of the glory of cinnamon rolls.

The party explained why the crew showed fear of Bae, with no satisfaction to the explanation. After speaking, the party learned the journey would take 2-3 weeks.

After a few hours, Bae pulled Marasennah aside and told her Mandilyon and they had left because Bae had a dream one of them would be cursed. Bae knew if Mandilyon was cursed and knew about it, the consequences would be worse. During the Night of Cursed Luck, they saw the flaming papers coming from the Temple of Erata and one of them was heading towards Bae, but Mandilyon stepped in the way and was hit by the paper and, assumedly, the curse.

Bae asked Marasennah if they are friends and Marasennah stated they technically did not specify which morning they would tell them if they were friends. Bae asked where they were going and Marasennah said they were stopping by her home, if they would accept her.

Bae told Marasennah their father was an advisor of sorts, and asked if Marasennah was a Princess, but was a Queen. Bae knew of only one Monarchy on Mostran which was in Elysintire, and they had seen the Queen in person. Marasennah invited Bae to follow her to her homeland to see the truth with their own eyes.

Mandilyon visited Delores, fed her, and groomed her. Marasennah found her and asked her how she’s feeling, cleaning the ash off Mandilyon’s chest.

The group ate, Cal spoke with a sailor who spoke of The Dazzling Reef, which houses coral and fish and occasionally merfolk, Cal asked for notice when the reef became visible.

Several days pass, then in the middle of the night, a conch was blown. The party came to the deck and saw The Dazzling Reef, glowing and astoundingly beautiful while extending for miles. The ship needed to maneuver within a channel to avoid striking the edges of the reef. Bae recalled being at this location before the reef existed, the original hipster. The moon of Mour, was not visible.

Marasennah noticed a small glittering object within the water, a mirror, she chose to leave it, and played music until morning. The party saw a 60 foot sea turtle swimming beneath the ship.

Bae found the Captain plotting out a path and asked why the crew was afraid; they were told it was due to superstition and that people tend to fear those who are different and can be unpredictable. Bae asked if he had met Samsarans before. He had a few times and even cared for a child when transporting them in the direction of Corkis Lake 15 years prior.

Bae assured the Captain they could fight and demonstrated the capacity they could transform. The Captain advised caution when transforming in order to stay safe and to not trust everyone. He also told Bae people can be friends even if they don’t say they are friends.

The party slept, except Bae who was writing all night. Marasennah managed to sneak out of the quarters without alerting anyone and ate breakfast. The party went to the top of the ship. Over the course of the night the top of the reef sunk deeper into the water, but was still visible even though a ship could easily pass above it.

Cal saw a flash of green scales and sent a Message spell in Common to the creature, but received no response but the rushing of water.

A few days pass, and the party saw a tall windstorm to the east, that appeared to not frighten the crew. Marasennah noticed a trio of ships in the distance, approaching rapidly, bearing a flag of a black skull and crossbones. The Captain rushed out, examined the ships and announced they are a group of pirates known as The No Mercies.

The ship changed course and headed south to attempt to avoid the pirates, meanwhile preparing cannons. The pirates continued to gain ground and will catch them in a few hours. As the pirates neared, Cal casted Enlarge Person on Bae, whom then grew claws, feathers on their arms, and their hair transformed into feathers as well.

Cal Greased the enemy ship several times managing to set fire to the first ship, sinking it with several inopportune cannon blasts from the unlucky pirate crew. Bae took several gunshots from the second ship and was healed by the resident cleric while Marasennah “irritated” the pirates to death.

Bae managed to scare away all other members of the second ship except for the captain. Their left arm was shot off, and Mandilyon downed them before Bae carried him to be interrogated. The group raided the bodies and returned to their ship, one of the crewmates on the party’s ship set the second pirate ship ablaze. The remaining pirate ship continued to follow the party.

The party noticed the captured pirate captain was mangled prior to his arm being shot off, the Captain took the pirate captain for questioning. After being interrogated, Marasennah questioned him briefly and then left. Bae received contact from The Crown and proselytized to their party, attempting to wake Cal from his intelligence-damaged stupor before telling the party about how great The Crown was as a god.

A member of the crew knocked on the door and left a bottle of rum for the party. The party imbibed and then drifted off to sleep.


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