Episode 7

Surprise Spa Day

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Nox, 19-20

The human who essayed to cure Mandilyon turned into water and disappeared. The party accepted this and moved on without grief. Bae was resistant to visit the Temple of Valicor, stating the god may be upset at them because they used to follow Valicor prior to The Crown. The leg began to smell like day-old fish.

Bae went downstairs and received directions to the Temple of Ero and the party headed templeward. Packrat drew a significant amount of attention, even more than Bae. The party passed the Habitford and Bae and Mandilyon noticed Preston and Dayton Beaufort. Bae drew their attention but managed to shake them off by waving at everyone who stared.

The temple was seen up ahead, a large boulder with an entrance made of carved columns. The boulder was painted sky blue and earthen brown and affixed with many gemstones. The symbol of Ero was seen atop the temple, made of glass with negative space where the sky and boulder shown through to give the illusion of color in the holy symbol.

The party entered the temple and showed Mandilyon’s leg to one of the clerics who brought them into a back room and told them to wait a moment. Marasennah and Bae debate telling Mandilyon they are cursed. A grizzled dwarf with wrinkles you could serve dip from, entered with a hammer that he used as a cane, he put on his glasses, introduced himself as Ilmse, and started playing with Packrat. After a few moments he stood up and examined Mandilyon’s leg, sloughed off the grey ooze and tasted it, which was quite foul.

Ilmse told Mandilyon they were likely cursed with a withered leg. Marasennah and Bae panicked and yelled over Ilmse stating Mandilyon was definitely not cursed and no burning pieces of paper were ever in proximity of Mandilyon. Ilmse silenced Marasennah and Bae. Mandilyon confirmed they were hit with flaming paper in the chest. Ilmse offered to cure Mandilyon’s affliction if they were to remove the undead plaguing Divrinia from a nearby bog. The party agreed and Ilmse removed the curse, as well as all the hair from Mandilyon’s leg. Mandilyon joked about doing the other leg, and Ilmse did it out of kindness, the legs were the softest they had ever been.

Bae asked how to go about becoming a cleric, and Ilmse gave light guidance before describing the location of the Witch of Edel Bog, the purported source of the undead. Marasennah mentioned diplomacy with the Witch, and learned the negotiators were now undead. The party learned some of the undead were incorporeal, but were not the main worry. Ilmse advised bringing a cleric, as they would be quite useful.

Marasennah received a scroll back from her Grand Vizier, Drago. The party headed in the direction of docks, searching out Harry, the cleric. They learned he followed Valicor, which sparked fear in Bae, they are worried he would be vengeful. They learned the temple to be on the southeast side of town. Marasennah attempted to pocket the compass of one of the sailors unsuccessfully.

Bae showed the holy symbol of Valicor to Marasennah, who then sought out Temple of Valicor. The temple was ornate and quite magical; the holy symbol was emblazoned on a tree with leaves of flame atop the temple. A smoke cloud traveled around the tree, putting out the flames with water before they reignited shortly afterwards. The stone of the temple itself had yellow suns painted upon it.

Marasennah instructed Packrat to stay with Bae, whom did not listen and followed Marasennah into the Temple of Valicor, which Marasennah spun into a test of loyalty. Mandilyon followed Marasennah into the temple. Guards at the door carefully watched the entrants and requested weapons to be left with them. Marasennah bluffed and was able to keep her harp-bow but was instructed by the guards to not disrespect the wilds as they opened the door. The room was well-lit by flame and the floor was an impressive depiction of Homun without cities or constructions, the western, cataclysmic, side was glowing red.

Marasennah noticed Harry praying in one of the pews nearby. She managed to bargain for his help by playing at several temple events. Mandilyon and Marasennah stepped out to update Bae, whom quickly moved away from the Temple of Valicor.

Packrat walked in front of Marasennah and rolled on their back for attention before the party headed back to The Crate and Barrel. Bae found a shortcut by walking through a construction zone. Back at the inn, Bae and Mandilyon discussed atheism and religiousness; Bae gave Mandilyon an obal of The Crown while she took off her disguise.

Marasennah faked having a lover, or more, in her room, then Bae and Marasennah sought out a jeweler, Mandilyon chose to stay back and admire their soft, hairless, smooth legs.

Bae purchased a chain and had an obal converted into a necklace. The jeweler flipped up a magical owl statue that kept watch, but Bae conversed with it regardless. Marasennah was not satisfied with the statue’s customer service. Bae asked the shopkeep for the oldest people in town, they learned the Witch of Edel Bog and Ilmse were the two oldest in town. More of Marasennah’s hair turned magenta when she became frustrated with the clerk’s compliment on her hair color.

The duo found Mandilyon applying rose-scented pig fat to her legs and brought her along to meet with Ilmse again. Marasennah received another scroll from Grand Vizier Drago, the anger of which eliminated all traces of the black dye from her head. She told the party her birthday is coming up and she needs an excuse to not be present. The party fabricated a disease “Bubonic Slimy Rot”. They also learned she will have reigned for 1000 years in 2 years. Bae confronted Marasennah regarding her being in a different body, correctly guessing she was originally an elf. She was originally of dark hair and skin.

The party headed back to the Temple of Ero, and watched Ilmse giving a sermon, then asked to speak with him. Bae used their Life Wheel, unable to surmise if they met Ilmse before or not. The party learned about his history with the temple and of his life. Marasennah sent another scroll back to Drago.

The cleric chose to give Bae advice on enjoying the moment and not always seeking out the past. He asked to see Bae’s journal, stating he could restore several pages over a week. Bae asked to think about it, and Ilmse offered to restore a single word. He used a formula and muttered to himself, and the first entry was revealed to be from 7 Free Years, almost 6,000 years ago, Ilmse believed this was not the original journal, but a copy as a book would not have survived this long. Bae explained the Journal Athenaeum, a great library that housed the journals of Samsarans, and how several fires occured that destroyed a portion of them each time.

The party left and told Marasennah how the other two had met. Marasennah received another scroll from Drago and shared the contents involving Lady Tamara and a missing gem from her old body. Marasennah felt her chest, pulled at her skin, ripping it and revealing a familiar red gemstone, Marasennah’s royal stone. The party stopped the bleeding and the gem and more metal filigree around it became visible. Marasennah pulled at the stone which caused pain.

Back at the Crate and Barrel, Delores was displeased at the lack of treats. Marasennah enjoyed the new development of Parker’s Sliced Bread. The party separated, Marasennah headed to the Temple of Valicor, Bae headed to Mira’s Luster, and Mandilyon treated themselves to cheese, bread, and soft legs. Mandilyon asked Marasennah to purchase carrots and fortune cookies.

Marasennah went shopping, and played her first performance for the clergy moderately well, although not well-versed in the religious music of Valicor. Meanwhile, Mandilyon was in ecstasy with their cheese. Bae made it back to Mira’s Luster and chatted with Mira, purchasing dinner and blood ale. Mira chatted with Bae, refilling their glass and learned about the party. Bae was offered a cookie, took it, but did not eat it. Bae received a warning from The Crown that they were in danger and ran out of the bar with their nodule berry, leaving the blood ale and their cookie.

Bae, in a panic, was unable to find their way back to the inn. They ended up at the docks, The Temple of Valicor, and back to Mira’s Luster. In the meantime, Marasennah progressed to Mira’s Luster to check on Bae, whom was not available, but learned they had bloodwine. Mira stated Bae was in the back with a consort. Marasennah chose to wait for Bae, enjoying a glass of bloodwine and a cookie. As Bae frantically entered, Marasennah downed their wine and finished their cookie.

The duo became lost but ended up at the Temple of Valicor and received directions to The Crate and Barrel, interrupting Mandilyon as they finished their last spot of cheese. They explained the events of the night, and Marasennah rubbed Mandilyon’s smooth and soft leg.

A person from the other side of the wall called out to them and was seen peering through a waist-high hole in the wall. Mandilyon poked their eye. Bae filled the hole with their claw. Mandilyon was astounded Marasennah ate a cookie Mira baked. Bae vomited but was immediately eliminated by Marasennah’s Prestidigitation.

As a tongue appeared in the hole, Marasennah grasped the tongue while Bae accidently stabbed through the wall and into the head of the harasser. Bae struggled with the skull and Marasennah casted Cure Light Wounds. Marasennah casted Cure Light Wounds again as Bae pulled out their claw with a chunk of brain matter. The body fell to the ground with a thud. Marasennah peeked through the wall and saw the individual was naked but collapsed on the floor.

Bae vomited on Marasennah, whom then casted Prestidigitation to move the vomit onto Bae before hurriedly removing it as they came in for a hug. The party went to bed.

Bae woke up with a severe hangover. Marasennah’s metalwork around her gem was more visible. Marasennah talked to Packrat before checking if Harry was outside. He was, and looked quite impatient. Marasennah and Harry had breakfast while the other two composed themselves. Bae was given an Alchemist’s Kindness from Harry.

The party set out for Edel Bog. The party was advised to find a way to harm incorporeal undead. Harry attempted to sing hymns but was drowned out by the party, mostly Bae and Marasennah.

The air became very hot rapidly. As Packrat‘s feet began to sizzle against the sand, Bae picked him up and carried him. As the party hit the humidity and the heat of the bog, Harry casted Endure Elements on the party, eliminating the heat, but not the humidity. Packrat‘s hair curled up, appearing poodle-like. Harry was appalled Marasennah followed Scythian, and was insulted when the party asked for no more religious singing.

The party slipped into the bog and managed to fight their way out and Marasennah dried the party, everyone’s hair was sleek, luscious, and soft from the bog water and mud. The party noticed warning signs of violent beatings before proceeding forward.


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