Episode 9

We Found Ourselves in a Giant Pickle

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Pranst, Nox 21

The party received crazy straws with their character names. Audio did not record on this session. Larc joined the party.

The party was surrounded and they heard a scream from somewhere within the castle. The party moved out the side door of the castle and into the garden, from where the screaming came.

Sealing the door behind them, they saw several large fountains and a massive gazebo. Upon the gazebo was a tall human, Larcingjay, screaming in a high pitch from the many zombies surrounding them.

The party engaged with the zombies. Many of them were covered in green pustules which exploded on the party upon the zombie’s death. Larcinjay demonstrated a skill in spellcraft and melee combat.

In the midst of battle, Marasennah noticed a shudder in the earth. A large zombie emerged from the ground and attacked the party, crushing Bae into the ground. Barely surviving, the party defeated the zombie and looted the corpses. Larc casted Enlarge Person on Mandilyon, whom obliterated the zombie.

Larc stated he could make large pickles, referring to his enlarge spell. Surveying their travel options, the party examined the tunnel, which was roughly 60 feet deep before turning, the ballroom doors overrun with red-eyed spirits, and the doors Larc stated were “sticky”.

With Harry low on spells, the party decided to climb into one of the massive fountains to rest. Bae spoke to The Crown and was told they were enough, Valicor was not mad at them, and their mother was ok.

The party kept watch and others drifted off to sleep.


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