Episode 10

Blood from the Stones

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Scythian 1

The party received washers to use as physical currency in place of manual number tracking.

The party awoke in the fountains to a light drizzle and a striking cold which was very different from the previous days’ temperatures. The party ate breakfast and fortune cookies.

Larc was grabbed from the bottom of the fountain and pulled into the ground. The tunnel collapsed behind him. Mandilyon told the party they were going to save Larc.

The party climbed out of the fountain and saw the ghosts were no longer visible in the ballroom and no zombies were seen roaming around the garden. Marasennah stated their old body was capable of floating.

The party debated about traveling down the zombie tunnel for quite a while. Marasennah left the party and moved to explore the hole within the entry hall. After reaching her destination, Marasennah heard a strange warbling sound from several floors below. She performed Countersong, noticing the green glow of the ghostly castle increasing and the rain no longer passing through, but the sound of rain striking stone was heard from above.

The party heard the sound of Marasennah’s playing and found her in the entry hall. Marasennah was able to touch the ghostly extension on the floor and found it would not support anything beyond a light weight. Bae attempted to hit the ghostly image and found no support, but a ripple from the point of impact spread across the image.

Marasenneh threw a tindertwig into the depths and saw the tick-like creatures and dark tendrils below, as well as shambling shadows. The tindertwig goes out and a small blue glow was seen from below, appearing to fall 80 feet or so.

The party debated on their route, and Marasennah had the idea to find a necromancer to raise the body of Larc, much to the horror of the party’s paid cleric, Harry.

The party wandered back to the garden to try the door Larc claimed was “sticky”. The door appeared to be covered in a black tar, which Marasennah identified as a waterproofing treatment. Bae collected a bottle of the substance.

As the party moved into the castle, Bae had an existential crisis and climbed into a pit. Mandilyon and Marasennah coaxed Bae out of the pit and entered a massive hallway. The party explored this portion of the castle and discovered several rooms, the most notable was the royal suite, where velvet garments, a velvet crown-pillow, a silver and sapphire tiara, marital aids, and other jewels were found among the wreckage and within a hidden boudoir.

Bae attempted to display a massive dildo to Marasennah and Harry, but tripped and broke it in half. The party proceeds through the Room of Arms to see a large stained glass double door of a green forest, a volcano, and the castle with its extensive catacombs.

Bae entered into the throne room and immediately sat on the throne. The rest of the party moved outside the room. As Bae stood up, a portcullis fell and trapped them within the room. The party, on the outside, heard the sound of creatures moving. Bae sat upon the Queen’s throne and another audible click was heard before the stained glass doors shut. Bae sat on the other two thrones and found a secret passage. Marasennah casted Message to Bae and stated they would meet up in the catacombs.

Marasennah, Mandilyon, and Harry descend into the dungeon and torture chamber, discovering another hidden passage.

Bae continued down a long spiral staircase and found a maze with “remember the maze” etched into the floor. Bae found a bed and a glimmering keyhole of silver and gold. Bae spent time continuing through the maze.

Meanwhile, the trio continued down their secret passage and encountered a gold bar inlayed into the wall. They chose to ignore it and continued into a room filled with old artillery and ammo. They realized this is the space below the entry hall.

Bae escaped the maze and encountered two creatures. Although Bae managed to stealth, the stench of rotting flesh causes them to gag and they engaged with these creatures. After slaying one, Bae became paralyzed and was dragged away.

Hearing dragging from a hole in the floor, Marasennah peeked below and saw Bae being dragged by a Ghoul, as well as a glimmering blue crystal. Marasennah yelled to Mandilyon and attempted to jump but Mandilyon held on. Mandilyon pulled Marasennah up and noticed the heart and bone ticks coming from the narrow catacomb tunnels.

Bae fought off paralysis and Mandilyon lost grip and fell to the floor below followed rapidly by Marasennah, attracting the creatures. The party succeeded in defeating the creatures, becoming quite battered in the process.

The party investigated the glowing crystal and covered in necromantic runes. Bae asked The Crown for help and felt their prayer was not heard. The party proceeded to break the crystal, blasting some of the party with an acidic substance. Bae hit the cracked crystal, breaking it to shards; Marasennah collected several shards as proof. The green glow of the castle appeared to have faded away with the crystal’s magic. The party called out for Larc and he came out from a network of tunnels.

After speaking, the group discussed finding the keyhole and using Marasennah’s key to open it. The party made it back to the strange bed near the keyhole and managed to trigger the mechanism and opening the door, revealing a shining ornate door inscribed with “Beware ye who enter here without right.”

The party opened the door, saw riches abound, and coerced Harry into a series of tests with the treasure, upon him not dying, the party took several treasures apiece. Mandilyon noticed a crown askew on a mannequin head and righted it. Suddenly illuminated, the crown lifted and set itself upon her head, passing through her hands en route. Suddenly filled with a feeling of power, Mandilyon found herself and others unable to remove the crown.

Bae called to her god to ask for guidance. A voice was heard stating there was great power within the crown and that they needed the set of royal crowns. Bae told the party and managed to find a copper circlet within a box in the treasury. Unable to find the last crown, the party climbs back the way from which Mandilyon, Marasennah, and Harry came.

Upon passing through the tunnel, Mandilyon examined the gold bar within the wall, noticing a number appear “1”. A humanoid figure was seen behind the wall, going through a motion of being at eye level and falling lower. The ghostly image replayed and the party decided to move on.

When the party examined one of the rooms they find the broken box. Marasennah interrogates Larc and find he has the crown. Upon reaching the crown, the party heard a voice similar to The Crown laugh and say “Finally”. Bae questioned the voice about their mother and what they were doing. The voice stated she was praying for Bae’s safe return. After asking what she did earlier, the voice stated they were in Bae’s room, looking over their bed, remembering when she birthed Bae.

Bae realized the voice was not The Crown. The party asked who they were, and the voice stated “You will find out soon enough” and the connection terminated. The party discussed what to do next and discussed the power of the mysterious voice and if they could read Bae’s mind or not.

The party decided to visit Magiw and made their way back to her cottage. The party learned the castle was abandoned for thousands of years, but only recently did undead start appearing. Many looters did not return. Marasennah recalled an entity in this area interested in The Moon Tower, which was destroyed millenia ago.

Mandilyon attempted, again, to remove the crown and was unsuccessful. Magiw did not believe the crown to be cursed, but knew it held a tremendous amount of power. The party told the witch of the mysterious voice.

Magiw told the party they could either venture to The Moon Tower or to the library in The Ensin Empire, a formidable and easily angered country who would not take kindly to the crown upon Mandilyon’s head. The party tried to remove the crown, unsuccessfully, with Troll Oil while Bae re-attempted to contact The Crown. Responding, The Crown stated the voices were an imposter attempting to take possession of the artifacts.

Returning back in, Bae found Mandilyon removing the crown from her head. Bae attempted to wear the regalia and became paralyzed. After the effect wore off, Bae asked for the crowns to give to their god. Magiw was unfamiliar with The Crown and Bae described them briefly before stating The Crown would extend their borders to meet them.

Bae asked about Magiw‘s origins and asked if they knew Bazamine’s former life. The party talked of their ages and Marasennah received a letter in mid-discussion. Upon stating they couldn’t abbreviate it, Mandilyon jokingly commanded her to try. Compelled, Marasennah told the party her backstory, revealing she was the vampire queen of Ravenrock. Having engaged in battle with the princess of The Shell Coast, her ritual was interrupted and she became trapped within the princess’s consort.

Bae, upset with the realization marched towards The Pavillion. Magiw started making tea and the party started processing Marasennah’s disclosure.

The party leveled up!


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