Episode 11

The Fellowshits

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Scythian 1-2

As Bae marched back to The Pavillion, the remaining party members enjoyed tea as Marasennah traded innuendo with Magiw. Larc asks for Marasennah’s current gnome body after she is done with it, to which Mandilyon heads out in search of Bae.

Mandilyon found Bae meditating and attempting to process all the information they were given. As Mandilyon started to cry, Bae talked to The Crown followed by Mandilyon stating “amen”. The Crown addressed Mandilyon, and Mandilyon stated they did not want the mysterious crown that was on their head, and was given the advice to command someone to remove it. As Bae removed the crown, a wave of relief washed over Mandilyon.

Back in Magiw’s cottage, Marasennah inquired into Larc’s history and was given little. Marasennah offered to pay Larcingjay for protection, which he accepted. Marasennah enjoyed carnal pleasures with Magiw. In order to contact Magiw, Marasennah was given a Scroll of Telescription, and reimbursed for her cost of paying Larc.

Back at The Pavillion, Larc, loudly, stumbled into the meditation session. Larcingjay became confused by the god The Crown and the four crowns, and tried very hard to convince Bae to sell them, albeit unsuccessfully.

The party set out on the return trip, after the group stumbled through attempting to leave by running into trees and heading the opposite direction. The party made it through the swamp with little trouble, but after leaving the swamp, found the forest and the castle were no longer visible almost as if it were an illusion.

The party set up camp and Larc set up a string of bells at the camp’s periphery. Marasennah repeatedly put out Larc’s fire, chastising him the entire time. Harry made dinner and the party drank several bottles of wine and shared their favorite prank. Bae corrected Harry‘s Samsaran expletive he was told was a greeting.

The party took watches, with Mandilyon and Harry taking Bae’s tent to cuddle. Marasennah took time to braid Bae’s hair and told Bae about their previous life: Maxenth, a summoner who appeared to summon dinosaurs.

Bae asked that Marasennah not kill Princess Calina of Shell Coast, the one who caused Marasennah to be trapped in her current body. After discussing it with Bae, Marasennah learned Shell Coast had an agreement that they would send Samsaran babies to Corkis Lake, the only country that explicitly did so. Marasennah agreed that if Shell Coast did not attack Raven Rock, her country, she would not pursue the death of Princess Calina.

After their conversation, Bae gave Marasennah the dress they had found and learned it to be an original Varatelli, a designer from several thousand years ago. The fact this one was so pliant made it infinitely more valuable, as most would fall apart if worn. Bae gently punted Larc awake for his watch.

After waking Larc, Harry and Mandilyon offered to take watch. They discussed Harry joining the party and how to go about okaying it with the church. Mandilyon shared she had spoken to The Crown and the two discussed how she felt.

During their watch the party encountered a large strange creature with bright red eyes, reminiscent of a wolf or bear, slowly creeping closer. Larc casted Dancing Lights and revealed black-and-white spotted fur, the jaw unhinged and roared at the party. No one was familiar with this creature, but it did not appear undead.

Bae cast their first spell, Doom, and the party engaged the creature. As the party fought, they encountered the creature’s grasping tongue, silver bones, black blood, poison-laden fangs, eye stalks, and hidden second head within its mouth.

Marasennah summoned her first minion, a Fire Beetle, and commanded it to attack the monster. The creature went limp, but over a short time started to regenerate. Bae slew the monster and the Fire Beetle fizzled out of existence, Harry healed Larc with a healthy butt-grab, and the party looted the body before going to bed, collecting and eyeball stalk, bones, blood, and venom of this creature.

As the party went to bed and the third watch was taken, Marasennah and Larc saw a deer inching closer to the party, but moving sideways. Larc threw a rock at the creature, whose head bent out of the way unnaturally to avoid the rock. Marasennah awoke the party to a very clear “Deer! Head! Noodles! The head turned into noodles! It was walking sideways”.

The party engaged fighting with the “deer”. It continued to dodge most attacks, eventually teleporting behind Larc to lick his face, and wrap around him, grappling him. Bae attempted to lure the creature with salt, and upon realizing it was avoiding it, threw salt over Larc and the creature zoomed out of reach.

Marasennah addressed the creature and inquired what it wanted. It looked to Larc and stated it was here to collect owed funds for a fellow named Parnac. Marasennah gave him a necklace worth 300 gold to hold him off for a few months.

The party enjoyed breakfast and coffee. Marasennah, on a caffeine high, spouted the entire trek back, stating how much she liked the sun and the party members. On the way back, the party named themselves The Fellowshits.

Upon reaching Divrinia, the party split apart. Mandilyon and Harry went to sign him out to travel with The Fellowshits, which ended with Mandilyon throwing insults at the registrar before storming out of the Temple of Valicor with Harry. Meanwhile, Bae, Larc, and Marassenah to sell the silver bones.

After selling the bones, Marasennah and Larc headed to the Temple of Ero to notify Ilmse of the completion of their contract. Larc spoke with Mira in order to discuss his collection and her cut. She also warned Larc that Parnac was in the back with a friend of his. Marasennah and Larc quickly left to speak to Ilmse, and the two realized they were both on the same contract.

Marasennah told Ilmse that Magiw was not evil, but actually helped against the undead, upon learning this, Ilmse said he would take out no further contracts against Magiw if the problem was actually solved. After getting a partial payment from Ilmse, Larc attempted to repay Marasennah’s 300 gold with a 4 gold payment, which, understandably flabbergasted her.

Larc returned to Mira, who offered to pay half of his debt each month for good information about the party, but false information would add interest to his debt.

Bae paid for the rooms and the party reconvened before discussing their future plans, either the Ensin Empire or The Moon Tower. They learned The Ensin Empire overcompensated and was incredibly destructive.

Bae sent up a prayer to The Crown and asked for guidance. The question was answered with a request to wait for the clear opportunity to progress, as well as to check on Mandilyon. The party spoke briefly, and there was shock amongst the party that the gods spoke to each other.

Harry attempted to speak to Valicor but only heard an exasperated sigh. Marasennah and Larc casted Mage Hand on his shoulders to make him feel as if Valicor was listening.

The party went to their respective rooms to sleep for the night.


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