Episode 12

Awkward Talks and Long Walks

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Scythian 2

The party awoke and prepared their spells, but first Mandilyon sent Harry to fetch breakfast. Marasennah noticed Nikodym preparing their spells in the other room. Bae (whose voice was absolutely normal) greeted Larc. Harry brought up breakfast and the party ate, and Marasennah had another cup of coffee.

Larc and Marasennah talked about using the crowns for their power and influence (although Larc was serious and Marasennah was playing Scythian’s advocate). Throughout the conversation, Bae, Marasennah, and Mandilyon felt unwell and gained a grayish complexion as their skin began to flake. After Harry checked the party, he realized the disease was Zombie Rot. Harry stated he could heal one person per day, the party chose to heal Mandilyon.

Larc, Bae, and Marasennah chose to head towards the Temple of Ero, Harry and Mandilyon chose to stay at The Crate and Barrel.

Upon reaching the temple, Larc was entrusted with Lord Hopperduke while the others went into the temple. The party spoke with Ilmse whom offered to heal the party for payment. Marasennah offered to play to reduce the price, casted Fascinate on Ilmse, and agreed to pay $30 and pay several times over the next two days.

After being healed, the party came out to find Lord Hopperduke with his hair braided and Prestidigitated bright orange. On the way back to go shopping, Marasennah attempted to trip Larc with Mage Hand, and Larc resisted in kind. The two were approached by guards and requested they stop casting spells in town.

The party discussed calling ParnacBig P” in order talk about him in public and reference his apparently massive penis, before arriving at The Golden Sceptre. Marasennah sold him a dose of hemlock for three Scrolls of Telescription, and the green poison from the strange creature they fought before, as well as her Ring of Arcane Signets. Marasennah also had him look at the mysterious bubbling black blood while telling him about the mysterious creature. He believed it to be some sort of lycanthropy that was immune to silver, which would be a significant leap from a notable weakness, he did recommend the Temple of Tul, the God of Darkness, or Mira.

Marsennah asked of Mira’s reputation and how she had such power. The owner of the shop stated she squashed those who opposed her, ran the only successful brothel, and single-handedly held off The Ensin Empire by brokering a deal to keep them south of the Northern Ensin Mountains.

Back at The Crate and Barrel, Harry attempted to learn abound Mandilyon but was redirected to talk about himself. Mandilyon reluctantly shared a portion of her family history. Harry attempted to lure Mandilyon to dinner but she distracted him with a short game of cards (that she lost). Mandilyon ended up relenting to having dinner with Harry at a fancy restaraunt.

After the remaining party returned, Mandilyon attempted to get the entire party to go to dinner, but Harry offered a fancy dinner for the whole party the following night, much to Mandilyon’s chagrin.

After Mandilyon disguised herself in a dark, heavy, hot cloak, the party made way to the Temple of Tul. On the way there, the party discussed and passed by the new bank the Beaufort family was building. Mandilyon threw a bit of a hissy fit about the repute of the bank before the party advanced. Mandilyon suffered from heat stroke as the party advanced.

As the party arrived at the cave and the party entered into the incredibly dark temple. The party provided parts of the creature as well as describing its figure and patterns, much to the horror of the priests. After asking if they saw the creature in the daylight they realized they had only viewed it under the cover of darkness.

The party exited the temple to expose parts of the creature to sunlight. As Mandilyon tossed the eyestalk, it transformed into a human eye with an optic nerve and a piercing purple iris. Larc tasted the eye and, unsurprisingly, it tasted like eye. After talking to the temple, they realized there was no full moon, only a new moon during the day they encountered the creature.

The party made way back to The Crate and Barrel via the waterfront per Mandilyon’s request. The encounter the ship from Kors, which they noticed was “The Green Mile”. After hearing the party burned several ships, Larc was horrified to know the No Mercies,were familiar with their faces. After speaking with Melvolin, the captain of The Green Mile, they learned the path to The Moon Tower passed through The Fire Lands and would take a large amount of time, but it might be quicker to charter a boat to Vo and travel from there. Melvolin recommended ignoring any yellow flag with a flower on it, as they were known to swindle.

The party discussed The Moon Tower and learned it was a tourist attraction, but not frequently reached in person due to the dangers of the land around it. It was familiar to the party in various ways, either in theory or legend.

The party made way back to The Crate and Barrel.


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