Episode 13

A Show, Dinner, and Another Show

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Scythian 3

Bound for The Crate and Barrel, Marasennah floated the idea of not fulfilling her obligation to Ilmse at The Temple of Ero. The party shot down the idea, believing it a poor decision, Marasennah decided to attempt to pay him part of his fee and play the evening. Harry told the party about a duck he had that never lost it’s fluffy baby feathers and he named it Shmeckle.

The party made it back to the inn and sent Harry to purchase light and thin but sturdy and inconspicuous and also popular cloaks for the party. The party discussed Mandilyon’s platonic relationship with Harry before settling on heading to The Moon Tower. The party questioned if Larc would turn into a werewolf with the next new moon.

The party discussed Mandilyon’s odd clothing choice from earlier, Mandilyon stated she wanted to be discreet , Marasennah did not buy that excuse, but Mandilyon did not explain her odd behaviour. Larc noticed the innkeep listening in to the conversation and flirted with the waitress, sending Mandilyon into a tizzy after certain salacious lines were said.

Harry returned with a fashionable set of matching and embroidered cloaks for the party, reversible in brown and grey, along with a hidden pocket that showed only Larc.

Marasennah and Larc decided to go shopping while Harry, Bae, and Mandilyon went to gather information about chartering a ship. Marasennah found the nicest courtier’s shop she could locate, Haute and Cold. A woman in a long flowing red dress and ostentatious phoenix-feather hat greeted them. Marasennah purchased a new black dress with lace bodice and jeweled collar. Larc was dressed in an muted-gold embroidered green vest and light brown shirt and a set of brown pants and leather boots. Marasennah commissioned a custom outfit for Packrat. The woman offered Larc a bycocket which Marasennah purchased for him. The party learned her name to be Viline before heading back to The Crate and Barrel.

Meanwhile, Mandilyon learned of The Fire Lands that they would be crossing in order to reach The Moon Tower from the innkeeper, Mere. Mandilyon learned about how to spot a shoddy landship and a brief list of associated legends with The Moon Tower. Mere asked about Larc and if she should consider his offer of a night, Mandilyon advised she ask Larc. Harry and Bae played tiddlywinks.

Mandilyon and crew then ventured to the docks to charter a ship, speaking to Harry on the way over, she spun more threads into her web of lies. Arriving at the docks, Mandilyon recognized the Beaufort family crest on cargo being unloaded and, after raising the hood of her cloak, approached the harbor master, Yarita.

After assuming a gravelly voice due to the “dry” ocean air and further spinning her web of lies, Mandilyon was chartering a boat when Mandilyon recognized her youngest brother, Dayton Beaufort who happened to know Bae from a previous encounter, Mandilyon convinced Bae and Harry to race back to the inn.

Dayton queued behind Mandilyon, seemingly unaware of their sister. Mandilyon chartered the ship to and from Vo. Mandilyon positioned behind the Harbormaster and pretended to rummage through their bag. After hearing nothing of note and seeing her second-oldest brother, Brayden Beaufort, rapidly redirected back to The Crate and Barrel.

Back at the inn the party admired Marasennah and Larc’s new clothes. Mere asked Larc if they should engage in their tryst or not; Larc said he was not interested to which Mere took a gold from Larc and told him off. The party took time to dress up and do makeup; Larc casted Prestidigitation on himself and Harry and instead played tiddlywinks and then cards before embarking for the Temple of Ero.

Upon reaching the temple, Marasennah spoke to Ilmse and paid her debt except for the current night she would play. After Ilmse introduced her and spoke about how they needed to ward off Scythian’s lies, she played several hymns and did exceedingly well. Upon the last hymn, Marasennah changed some of the words and sang about Scythian. Failing to hide her changes, Ilmse called her into his office. He discussed his disappointment in her choices but Marasennah managed to weasel her way out of his ire by speaking of her own skill and the difficulties of playing songs she had never seen before. The party did not realize exactly what Marasennah had done to the last song.

Harry led the way to The Velour Lamp, a restaurant that was significantly more fancy than the party was lead to believe, seemingly out of place amongst the driftwood buildings, the large marble edifice held an extravagance within. A vanara greeted them and guided them inside to the nicest table, one that sat alone on the third floor in a private balcony.

The party enjoyed an extravagant meal, but during so, Mandilyon noticed her brothers down below sitting with a hooded woman. The two appear worried as the woman appears to talk to them, her face unseen. The three seem to be having a larger number of drinks than usual. Harry recognized the two as the Beaufort brothers, which interested Larc a great deal, and Larc recognized the woman as an associate of Parnac, the man who holds Larc’s debt.

The party watched as Mira entered the room and sat down at the table, addressing Parnac’s associate before tossing a glass of wine on her, leaving platinum on the table, and making her way out of the restaurant. Parnac‘s associate lowered her cowl, revealing long blonde hair as she dried her face. The woman, later learned to be Tara, passed a black package over to Mandilyon’s brothers before leaving. Larc commented on the bad business the two were dealing in if they were involved with Mira.

Mandilyon asked for a writing utensil and headed into the restroom space and wrote a letter she requested be delivered to her brother. Larc asked questions about the magical lamps and learned of Verenba. Mandilyon watched as the waiters passed on her message and the two looked around the room until Brayden caught her eye, he then got up from the table and disappeared from view.

Mandilyon quickly headed to the bathroom and had a confusing interaction with the attendant about a way out, making her worry about Mandilyon’s safety.

Meanwhile, Larc and Marasennah witnessed the youngest Beaufort come up to Bae and ask where their sister went. Mandilyon prayed to The Crown for help and Larc appeared to lose his memory of the interaction with the Beaufort as Dayton made his way to the bathroom. The two had a discussion about the situation with Parnac and Mira.

Mandilyon chastised the bank and her perception that her family places money over people. They talked about family stature and the potential to turn the family business in a positive way. The three return to the table and Larc and Harry feel like they recognized Dayton Beaufort, but couldn’t place it. Larc was shocked Mandilyon is a Beaufort. Larc provided contradictory and confusing information about Parnac and Mira.

Mandilyon agreed to send a letter to the family stating they were fine, and the party requested not to be named or mentioned. They group said goodbye to Dayton and made their way to The Crate and Barrel. Arriving and heading quickly to bed.


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