Episode 14

Shenanigans on the Slippery Bottom

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Scythian 4-5

The party awakened, but Marasennah was immediately jumped by Packrat. Mandilyon lured him off of her with cheese before adorning him with love and attention. Marasennah kicked Larc awake, who then spent time preparing his spells naked. Marasennah watched the entire time.

The party ate breakfast and decided on purchasing a pavilion tent among other things. Mandilyon apologized to Mere for Larc’s behavior before setting out for the docks. Mandilyon was confused for Marasennah having chartered the ship under her name.

The party learned the ship’s name was The Slippery Bottom with the brother ship The Worn-out Top in drydock. Marasennah realized the ship was dirty and Larc made a deal with the captain, Tanjeen “Jeen” Parker, to clean the ship for reduced cost or improved station within the ship. Marasennah took the first mate’s room. The party was given notice that the crew was antsy about magic. They party learned Tanjeen‘s favorite scent was orange blossom and jasmine.

The party spoke with sailors, cleaned, and explored. Bae went into the crow’s nest and began drawing, distracting the watch. Larc talked about how much he yearned for wealth. The learn the man in the crow’s nest to be Pearlin.

Larc had a conversation with Harry advising him to invite Mandilyon into the crow’s nest to spend some time together. After roping in Marasennah to play music, Larc asked Pearlin and Bae to play cards. Bae and Pearlin spoke of The Crown; The Commandments of Par-tesh, the laws that govern the use of magic in the world; and that The Crown annexed The Last Free Lands of Avak, reaching westward.

As Harry and Mandilyon made their way into the crow’s nest, she surprised her with sun wine and suncakes as Marasennah played her instrument. Harry pointed out several constellations: The Dancing Lovers, The Cat, The Ball of Yarn, and The Mouse, and The Star of Valicor. A shooting star was seen blazing across the sky, heading in the direction of Quensit before disappearing. Mandilyon kissed Harry, albeit a little rough.

The party and Pearlin proceeded to kiss each other with varying skill levels. Harry walked Mandilyon back to her room before making out and cuddling through the night. Bae took Larc back to his room, but casted Prestidigitation poorly, coating a fortune cookie and Bae’s arm in Grease. Bae prayed to The Crown and got a response while Marasennah took a bath.

The party woke up and chatted. Larc explained knock-knock jokes to Bae. Jeen loudly invited the party to breakfast made by his younger brother, Branso. The party enjoyed sausages and fruit and Larc attempted to negotiate to “tighten up” The Slippery Bottom. Bae actually tried a sausage and was given a new small yellow fruit, which he named Bae’s Bounty.

In the distance the party saw 3 ships, which they recognized as The No Mercies. They notified the captain before taking refuge in Marasennah’s room.


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