Episode 15

A Touch of Mercy

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Scythian 5

The party discussed the plan to deal with Pyris and agreed they would try not to fight. They also learned Jeen lost the lower part of both of his legs to Pyris. Having dealt with The No Mercies before, they plan to hide the true valuables and pay them off with things of lesser value. The party decided that Marasennah and Larc would hide from Pyris due to anger and value, and they were hidden in a compartment beneath the copper tub in Marasennah’s room.

Bae ascended the crow’s nest for a view and Mandilyon went to see Delores, fed her a fortune cookie, and found valuables to use to satiate the pirates.

As the pirate ship pulled aside The Slippery Bottom, Pyris asked for the manifest as her pirates began ransacking the ship. After a moment of looking through the manifest, Pyris recognized the name Bazamine and Larcingjay, threatening to tear the ship apart to find him.

The pirates, politely asked to rob the passengers and crew. Mandilyon gave the pirate her black opal before continuing on. Bae bribed a crewmember in order to remain unnoticed.

Pyris approached Mandilyon and asked if she knew Larcingjay, which Mandilyon bluffed her way out of with Harry, claiming she was on a romantic cruise with him. Pyris appeared to buy the lie but did stab Harry in the foot as she moved past him.

As Pyris moved into the room Marasennah and Larc were occupying, she called for Larc and stated she saw a pile of coins beneath the tub, and started flooding the room, supposedly with a Decanter of Endless Water. Marasennah screamed into her scarf for help through a Message spell to Bazamine.

Bazamine yelled to Pyris as they descended the crow’s nest, stating that one of her crew lied, Pyris then stabbed the deceiving crew member before turning back to Bazamine. Mandilyon attempted to move into a flanking position.

Bazamine moved within inches of Pyris’ face and spoke with her, learning Pyris to be a Gillman and was formerly a slave and has turned to piracy to raise money to save her people. Pyris stated she wanted the crowns within Bae’s backpack, Bae threatened to kill her before they would give up the crowns. Larc and Marasennah manage to push the tub off of their hiding place, alerting Pyris, who then sent a pirate to the door. Marasennah used her Fascinate bardic performance which entranced all the pirates and sailors except Pyris and Harry. When the pirate did not respond to Pyris, Larc casted Vanish on himself, waited until she got close, and then casted Shocking Grasp on her. At the same time, Bae casted Ray of Sickening on Pyris, which was partially resisted.

The party realized Pyris could Parry and Riposte, the signature move of a swashbuckler. The party battled for some time, battering Pyris as Marasennah repeatedly dazed her with Ear-Piercing Scream. During which, the party learned Larc owed Pyris 1000 gold, and the fleet captain had some way to heal herself when injured to a certain point. Mandilyon managed to disarm Pyris, which Larc picked up. Upon failing his save, he began to petrify.

As Larc completed petrifying, Pyris called her weapon to her and turned invisible, using that time to cut off Bae’s backpack and loot three of the crowns. After the sword was removed from Larc’s hand, he began to unpetrify. Marasennah casted Message on Pyris in an attempt to thwart her invisibility, screaming how stupid the pirate captain was.

Larc picked up the crown Mandilyon wore and commanded Pyris to kill herself, which Pyris resisted. After downing Larc, Pyris took the final crown and lept overboard. Bae lept off, following her.

The party killed several pirates, and Larcingjay fell into the water, but was rescued but a rope dangling in the water. Harry was hit by a cannonball into the mast and collapsed into unconsciousness. Marasennah sent a letter to Drago stating she was in danger and received a potion of Cure Serious Wounds, she also scared one of the pirates into soiling himself with Haunted Fey Aspect.

After some time while Bae attempted to ascend the pirate ship, Pyris climbed up the other side of the pirate ship and commanded the ship to pull away, Marasennah yelled to Jeen to follow their ship while Larc was flabbergasted the crew of The Slippery Bottom was not firing cannons or aiding in any way, until he was hit by a cannonball and incapacitated.

After Bae was eventually restricted by an unknown spell, the party did manage to survive and pull together before attempting to interrogate a captive pirate. The pirate attempted to kill himself with an unknown poison, but the party casted Slow Poison and Prestidigitation to clean his mouth of poison. Marasennah used the potion she received to revive Harry, and the party prepared to interrogate the captive pirate.


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