Episode 16

This Won’t Protect Us from a Fever

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Scythian 5-12

Larc, feeling unwell from the fight, descended to his room below deck. Marasennah proceeded to interrogate the captive pirate, whom was bound by the sailors at her orders. She learned his name to be Tristato, that he worked for The No Mercies for four years and considered them family.

After further intimidation and interrogation, she learned of two of the general home bases for The No Mercies: the sea Slorias’ Hideaway near the continent of Talia and South Point on the continent of Mostran. (World Maps Located Here)

Marasennah continued to speak to him, and learned he was carrying directives, which she took. She then paid a platinum to Branso in order to pay for Tristato‘s wages, room, and board, encouraging them to forge a relationship as a new employee. During Marasennah’s interrogation, Mandilyon searched the pirate corpses and found a pile of money, her black opal, an expensive bottle of wine, and other valuables of the sailors, which she returned.

Marasennah met with Mandilyon and Bazamine to discuss the notes she had taken from Tristato. Both sealed with the Stamp of the Censored Book, through the first, Marasennah learned the pirates were taking the Crowns and likely meeting a contact in Elysintire, by finding who was immune to The Onyx Star, a name familiar but the party only recognized it to be related to music and high society. Through the second, the party learned the Moon Tower possibly held a relic and did not wish the crowns to be close to it, possibly a crystal. Tristato‘s mother would be returned if he were successful in retrieving the crowns.

Marasennah, exhausted, collapsed into bed in her now-destroyed room, only taking time to Prestidigitate the water away. Harry spent the evening taking care of a very injured Mandilyon. The party slept about 14 hours and Mandilyon awoke to a note from Bazamine that they were leaving to seek the crowns, along with a drawing of the party, having left on one of the life boars.

Bae left the party.

Mandilyon and Harry prepared their spells for the day. Mandilyon woke Marasennah and told them Bae had left. Larc and Harry would likely have matching cannonball wound scars. The party questioned Larc’s interest in Harry. Harry put Marasennah’s room back together and tossed a broken glass vial overboard at the behest of Marasennah and Mandilyon.

Mandilyon and Marasennah discussed their plan, with Marasennah revealing she was in the body of Elysintire‘s court Bard. Mandilyon attempted to speak to The Crown but did not receive a response, also missing a falling star. Marasennah attempted to play her harp but broke a string and spent the evening repairing and tuning.

During part of their journey, Marasennah noticed the remains of The Moon Tower on the northern coast of Homun. After a few moments, there were three spheres moving in the orbits of the three moons as they were roughly 6000 years ago, after speaking to Jeen, Marasennah realized this had never been seen before in the sailor’s journeys and was advised to reconsider their journey to The Moon Tower.

Subsequent days, Marasennah played her harp for the pirates while Mandilyon kept to herself, but had a dream of Bae speaking to her while rowing on a boat.

Marasennah spent several hours examining the letters acquired from Tristato, learning the Stamp of the Censored Book was created in wax and scorched below it, the message was purposefully vague with a hidden intention but a cypher or some other information was needed, and that there may be, or have been, magic in the letter, but the aura was faint and unidentifiable without magic.

As the party continued on their journey to Vo, Marasennah kept an eye on the happenings at the moon tower, watching the magic stutter, fail, or break down.

As the ship arrived late at night at Vo, the party took in the volatile nature of The Fire Lands. Much of the lava was free-flowing, hot enough to keep from hardening over. Much of the area around The Fire Lands was surrounded by jutting rocky edifices from the cataclysm of the tower’s destruction. Marasennah was burned by a small fiery-fly-like creature.

The town itself had little build on the land itself, but was mostly built on logs, allowing the town to float away from the land itself if the lava were to become more fluid.

Marasennah received a gift of sausage from Branso as the party disembarked, The Slippery Bottom would return in a week and a half.

The party booked rooms, and a personal spa for Marasennah at The Throne, one of the floating hotels. After eating heartily, drinking lightly, and being spoiled, Mandilyon spoke to Harry about the frequency of falling stars, and Marasennah became so relaxed she was seeing purple as the party went to sleep.

Upon waking to breakfast in bed and freshly laundered clothes, Marasennah searched her room and found a blue pearl necklace. Mandilyon searched her and Harry‘s room and found a mysterious bottle with a black substance inside. The stopper had the stylized image of a cat. After opening the bottle, a loud purring was heard and, after pouring out the bottle, a shadowy, green-eyed, satin-furred cat appeared and ate leftover shrimp before leaping onto Mandilyon and blending into the shadows on her clothing, still purring and warm.

The party spoke to the woman at the concierge desk of The Throne, Amaranda, who warned them away and directed them to a job on the job board in town that pertained to The Moon Tower. The party went to the job board and saw a several-months-old posting for The Ensin Empire requesting protection and investigation of The Moon Tower, which pointed them to the local diplomatic office.

To start, the group first went to Secure Boats for Cheap, owned by Skyland and saw a variety of boats. The party next went to Henrietta’s Boats and saw a variety of boats but they seemed to be low quality and shoddy repairs, giving off several uncomfortable vibes that caused the party to pressure Larc into giving up a cookie he took from her due to a “glucose intolerance”. Marasennah heard a hissing from Mandilyon and Harry revealed the shadow-like cat, to which Marasennah aggressively asked Mandilyon to “bend over” and “show me your pussy”. The cat was witnessed and admired.

In order to explore all options, the party chose to investigate the job posted by the Ensin Empire diplomatic office. They encountered a gruff orc whIn order to explore all options, the party chose to investigate the job posted by The Ensin Empire‘s diplomatic office. They encountered a gruff orc who gave limited information and would receive a chartered ship that required protection.

The party left and decided they were uninterested in the job offer while discussing it outside; Mandilyon noticed an old man with a cane listening in. The party addressed him, learned his name to be Coreth, and he offered to take the party to The Moon Tower at a reduced price if they provided his food. After a test of his landship and how Delores handled the boat, as well as a brief shopping trip for supplies, the party headed north towards The Moon Tower.


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