Episode 17

A Crappy Distraction

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Scythian 12-15

While inbound to The Moon Tower, Larc noticed Marasennah’s gemstone in her chest appeared to be glowing. Marasennah begrudgingly allowed Larc to examine the gem, wherein he learned it was strongly magical and also attempted to remove the gem from its setting. This caused a painful reaction to Marasennah.

While examining the notes from Tristato, Larc realized the notes weren’t written by Pyris, and the crowns were supposed to be kept away from her.

Larc asked Coreth about The Moon Tower, and Coreth believed the constant lava field was created by a possible link between The Plane of Fire. Coreth told the party of fire flies and a possible vampire excursion to The Moon Tower. The party discussed how to fend off vampires and Larc rubbed garlic over his entire body. The party learned about garlic bread.

While in transit, Mandilyon learned how to drive the landship, Larc also learned a how to possibly maneuver the landship, about the enchantments on the landship, and a fire cyclone off in the distance. Marasennah noticed the green light that formed into the moon paths over previous nights never coalesced into the lunar shapes and orbits, but she did notice movement on top, within, and at the base of the moon tower. Even from this distance the immensity of the tower could be seen, and was likely a mile or two high when a complete tower.

During the first night, Mandilyon piloted the landship during her watch, during second watch, Marasennah noticed a large moving bubble of lava. As Coreth attempted to maneuver away, Larc shot it with two Rays of Frost.

On the second day, the party, noticed a burning forest, The Miracle Forest, one of the few places trees grow, and a location that supposedly housed fey. Larc, utilizing Mandilyon’s spyglass, noticed a blue and green cloud appear that put out the fire. Larc told of a gay bar he visited called The Pixie Pub.

Larc pointed out a small cyclone of fire that coalesced into a three-fingered humanoid made of fire, a Magmin. Coreth spoke to it and explained how they seasoned pools before negotiating passage. Larc made a racist comment about elves and half-elves.

Mandilyon noticed 3 or 4 shooting stars while driving the boat during their watch. Larc attempted to learn Elvish, but Coreth and Marasennah were both incredibly distracted, neglecting his studies. Marasennah woke Mandilyon to borrow her spyglass to view the tower after a large boom was heard. Smoke was seen pouring out of The Moon Tower‘s windows.

It is Marasennah’s Birthday!

Marasennah awoke feeling slightly wiser, but was sad she could not celebrate her birthday, Mandilyon noticed and correctly guessed it was her birthday. The party gave her gifts and had a light celebration.

Coreth and Delores stayed behind with the boat as the party set up the trail to the tower. Larc noticed a definite glow from Marasennah’s chest stone.

While walking, Marasennah noticed Packrat’s eyes were bulging again, and, after digging through his nose, saw there were more notes. Eventually, after shoving paper up his nose, much to the horror of Mandilyon, and receiving several notes in return, Mandilyon looked into his nose and saw a ring embedded in his sinuses. The party extracted the ring and learned the ring’s owner was located in Far Reach.

Larc encountered Mandilyon’s pet “cat” for the first time. The cat was fed and the party discussed what to name the cat. Harry learned Marasennah and Larc called him “Mr. Cleric Man”. Marasennah had a moment where she asked for a hug because she missed Packrat. She got her hug and was immediately done with it.

The party made it to the last bit of trail before the tower. Marasennah overheard a conversation about secret chambers, doors, and the sounds of pickaxes. Mandilyon peeked over the edge of the cliff and saw bodies mounted on spikes and a small pit being dug at the base of the tower itself. Marasennah climbed on Mandilyon’s shoulders and saw vampires with wooden stakes through their hearts, as well as dead soldiers of The Ensin Empire.

There were several workers, 2 armed guards and a large chained orc outside the tower. The party managed to trick both armed guards into leaving their post through a seductive Message spell by Marasennah, and a silencing by Harry. The second guard was reluctantly drawn near by conjured aggressive projectile shitting noises. Both guards were brutally murdered by the party.

The party noticed the orc was asleep and made a plan to attempt to sneak within the tower, ignoring the orc and the miners.


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