Episode 22

The Opinions of Storms Part 1

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Par-tesh 10

The party remained in disguise as an old man, a moody man, and an obnoxious tourist. Larc opened the small bottle he held and released a truly offensive stench. Thinking it was a decent perfume, Larc enjoyed the smell; Mandilyon recognized the smell as pig fat and rose petals, which smelled more like rotten bacon than anything else.

After sailing towards the ship, the party took turns looking through the spyglass and saw several hastily made repairs barely holding the ship together, called
The Mighty Rider. Mandilyon saw a captain waving towards the party’s ship calling for aid as the storm crept closer as thunder and lightning illuminated the silhouette of the ship.

Upon getting closer, Larc recognized the name of the ship. The ship was known for its fierce and competent crew and the captain Valerian “Val LeFont” LeFontaine. The party saw unbridled panic as the crew called for aid and Val immediately agreed to any terms for rescue. The crew dropped their weapons over the edge of the ship without a second thought at Larc’s request, many of them seriously injured.

Marasennah asked the crew what happened to them; they said they were attacked by the storm, Val glowered at the crew and said they were hit by the storm and badly damaged, the party could feel the enemy ship sinking when on the gangplank moving treasure.

Larc, in disguise, questioned Val who attested the storm caused debris to hit the ship. Captain Val told they party they could have every treasure but the three in her cabin. Larc, accompanied by two strong crew members, escorted Val to her cabin to collect her treasure. She threw three elliptical cloth-wrapped items into a bag of holding; Mandilyon and Larc noted a spell of Greater Magic Aura was cast upon the bag of holding, causing it to look like a regular bag with no magic aura.

Larc told Val he would hold onto the bag and she begrudgingly agreed. The party heard a scream and saw the pirate crew panicking and urging the party to leave quickly. As Captain Melvolin told them to wait until the rest of the crew and party were on the ship, some jumped over the edge of the ship, swimming to a shore so far out that they could never reach it without magic or aid. The waves emanating from the storm overtook The Mighty Rider and it began to rapidly sink.

Marasennah questioned Val about the storm and learned the crew had already thrown out a good chunk of their treasure when attempting to outrun the storm. Val requested her bag be given back to her; Larc refused and enraged Captain LeFont to the point of shaking. Larc threatened to pierce the bag with his sword and asked what they were, Val stated they were artifacts the storm was after. She was requested to find these objects by Pyris, but Pyris is not keeping the artifacts, but is sending them to someone in Elysntire. Val told Larc she didn’t know the contents of the packages, but was told to fetch them. Larc told her he would return the bag later when closer to shore.

The party was concerned why the storm would, or could, follow the artifacts. Larc wanted to take out the objects but Marasennah, Mandilyon, and Val protested since it would attract the storm. The party watched as the storm appeared to slow over the last location of The Mighty Rider.

Larc pitched the idea of throwing the bag overboard and learned someone or something was controlling the storm. Val, realizing Larc never had any intention of giving her the bag, casted a spell and ripped the bag from his hand before leaping overboard and running across the water. Larc casted Magic Missile three times, hitting the captain in the back. She retaliated by pulling one of the objects from the bag; the storm immediately moved towards Divrinia.

The party’s ship changed direction towards the port as the storm’s winds began to intensify. Marasennah had to anchor herself to a chest to keep herself from blowing away. After arriving, Larc casted Enlarge Person on Mandilyon to carry all their plunder to The Crate and Barrel. The party made for the inn, blown forward by the gusts.


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