Episode 21

Marco, Leo, Tammie, & Kevin

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5992 F.Y. Uptal, Par-tesh 10

Mandilyon woke up and spoke with Harry, and she learned there were several people looking for information on her.

Marasennah woke up downstairs and began pacing and fidgeting, snapping at Mere to prepare breakfast, sighing loudly. The rest of the party came downstairs and noticed Marasennah’s irritability. She continued to eat ravenously.

Mandilyon noticed through the reflection on the metal plate of sausages, that Marasennah had a spiderweb of seeming invisibility in her reflection that started from her chest gem. However, this was only apparent in her reflection, not on her person. She started to notify the party before Marasennah talked over her about killing the dwarf backstabbers. Mandilyon eventually brought up the oddity, but Marasennah asserted the phenomena was “normal” and “not that weird”.

The party decided to keep the boy band around, but would leave all but Zurith out as fodder, since Zurith did not take Mira‘s money. The party discussed and asserted that trans women are women, an indisputable fact.

As Mere finished cooking an ungodly amount of sausages, Marasennah ate and ate until she was overfull and uncomfortable, requesting pigs blood or some derivative. Mere made a joke that she cut herself if Marasennah wanted hers. Marasennah clamped down on Mere‘s hand and began to suck her blood. After party pulled her off, Marasennah felt satiated and paid her for her discretion. She also agreed to purchase Mere more sausages.

The dwarves came downstairs and Marasennah, now much nicer, stated she was going to powder her nose. The party then decided to disguise themselves and take on different voices before Larc and boyband headed to Mira’s Luster disguised as an old man, Kevin; and Harry, Mandilyon, and Marasennah headed to the docks as Marco, Leo, and Tammie.

Upon reaching the docks, the trio explored and found a warehouse that had sparks and loud noises within it, as well as a white and red checkered fabric stuck in the door. Marasennah recognized the fabric as the one carried by Harriet, Mira’s confidant, yesterday when she was running errands.

Meanwhile, Larc and co on their way discuss the woman the boyband claimed to have spent time with, Ophelia. Larc knew there was no individual named Ophelia, but there was one named Ophi whom had a egg-shaped birthmark on her left breast. Larc fabricated a different birthmark, and two of the dwarves fell for the lie, one of them did not react, and the other mentioned the correct birthmark. Chal stated they gambled after running out of money, claiming to have swindled Magenta, the man whom Larc gambled with the day prior.

Larc had the band keep watch, laying a little guilt on Zurith before heading in to talk with Mira about Parnac’s plan. Mira claimed Harriet was late for her shift so the two could not speak in private, but did so quietly over the bar within a Silent Table spell. Mira was unsure what the secret spot and plan could be, but she assumed it not to be a secret passage, but some way to travel undetected. Mira offered her brothel as a place to bunker down during the hurricane after the party completed their task. She also advised bribing the harbormaster to move the ship’s docking location, but to notify her assistants, Zyrian and Rhon.

As the two groups were walking in the direction of each other, they met up and compared notes. Zurith attempted to communicate with Larc, but Larc was oblivious to the secret communique. Upon reaching the warehouse, the party realized the door was kept from locking by Harriet‘s fabric. The party (thought) they were sneaking in, and heard Harriet‘s voice, several interrogators, and electrical sounds.

After casting Message, Larc learned Parnac was looking for Mira‘s safes. The party sent Harry and the three treacherous dwarves around back to another entrance. Larc convinced Zurith he is a psychic. Mandilyon transformed into Nikodym before engaging with the enemies. The party sees Nikodym’s use of magic for the first time. Part of the party was crisped due to a Fireball from Harriet, but 2 of the 3 treacherous dwarves were killed, and the other discussed quitting. They party looted the bodies and noticed the floor sounded hollow. Nikodym and Marasennah removed evidence of their presence and decided to burn the warehouse down to hide their murders.

Mandilyon sold the swords they obtained to a blacksmith while Larc escorted Harriet back to Mira’s Luster. Larc dodged questions about the party and heard several positive notes from Paul, his lover. Larc was escorted to Mira’s secret office and given fine scotch while he updated her on the state of affairs. When she left to speak with Harriet, Larc wrote down a secret recipe for his favorite erotic oil.

Larc returned to the docks to see the party watching the burning warehouse. Harry explains one of the dwarves was left alive and left to burn. Larc attempted to break down the door, which Marasennah unlocked for him. When Larc saw the flames around the space and called out, he heard no response as the local fire brigade pushed past them.

Larc shares a stool with the harbormaster and paid to have the incoming shipment moved to a different location. While on the docks, Larc noticed a ship with a distinct blue and purple flag, the flag of The No Mercies. This ship was also flying a maritime flag of distress. The windstorm/hurricane was seen behind it. The ship was massively damaged and missing one of the masts and appearing to slowly sink.

The party discussed saving the ship, hoping to get treasure and save the crew. They went to Melvolin, the captain of The Green Mile. They discussed terms of salvage, and then decided Harry would watch the dwarves while the others set out.


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