Campaign ≤2 Episode 1

Quite a Catch

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Pishrin, Valicor 4-16

In the city of Corjenda within the country of Quensit, the day began with a drizzly cool morning. Within “Hanged Man”, the closest semblance of a quality inn, we found Molly, our gnome alchemist, having shaken awake Felicity Pantteri, our catfolk cavalier, to the sound of breaking glass and pounding boots. Having murdered two people (even though Felicity was absolutely sure things were cool because one of the nearly-victims said so), the dastardly duo decided it would be best to not be found by whoever was yelling and searching for the “they” who had something to do with “two bodies”. the party decided out the window and onto the roof was the best plan. As Felicity shimmied up the drainpipe onto the roof, Molly followed, slipped, and made the split-second decision that falling two stories was preferable to the feeling of wet fur. After crawling into a bush and hiding with the owner of Hanged Man, Pailun Arvaktra, sent the officials on their way.

Felicity collected Molly and spoke to Pailun about leaving on a job until the hunt died down. He gave them a signed document he said would get them off the island if they couldn’t find a job. The party disguised themselves and made it to the dock and spoke with the dockmaster, Elias Thornwood, before accepting a job on The Rising Tide under their aliases, Tina Turner and Beth Beth Bobcat.

After becoming trapped in a hammock by Molly’s playfulness and catching her claws in the fabric, Felicity escaped through the power of kind words. The party interacted with two members of the ship, the first, First Mate Don DeLot who told the party about their mission, and The Captain who primarily communicated through Don and the tattooed works on both his hands as he is mute.

The ship was much nicer and cared about the crew, strikingly different than other pirate crews, which Felicity found out firsthand when speaking with the cook, Bertran, while enjoying a fresh breakfast. Felicity felt that the crew was a bit too happy but found nothing of concern.

Meanwhile, Molly gambled and met a member of the crew, Mynor, after explaining the basic tenets of poison usage. The party only gleaned the cargo was illicit as well as ship decorations. In order to pass time, Molly decided to try her hand at fishing, and, miraculously, caught a large swordfish, bluefin tuna, and other small catches, which Felicity and the crew greatly enjoyed. When Molly cleaned the animals, Bertran showed her how to gut and scale the fish correctly. The party took 60 pounds of dried fish for rations.

After some time, the party realized they were in fact working for The No Mercies, a pirate fleet run by Pyris, a gillman whom Felicity snubbed so she could run her own fleet. The party learned they would be meeting Pyris at the end of the mission, it did not bode well that Pyris was known to hold a grudge, so the party prepared a backup plan to escape if needed.

The target was sighted and was a merchant ship from the Eastern Trade Bloc; a battle ensued and resulted in Felicity recovering a few decorations from her stolen ship, the Ruby Renegade, as well as the cargo they were hired to obtain, which was within locked crates. The merchant ship burned and subsequently sunk.

Felicity was kind enough to pull out an arrow embedded in Molly’s chest and examined the ship’s manifest to learn the locked cargo was destined for Raven Rock. Felicity planned to have the curtain she obtained turned into a coat, cloak, or captain’s jacket.


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