The Road Grows Shorter

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You were promised updates, so Three to a Screen delivers!

Through process of elimination, a touch of madness, and the Random Generator, (oh wait, those last two were the same thing) we settled on an official release date for Tale of Strun: November 22nd 2016.

There was a significant amount of excitement and panic when this date was decided upon, but now we’re 17 days away! To keep you updated on the exploits of the team, here’s the up and up-date! (Colton thinks he’s clever).

Danicka is rapidly giving herself carpal tunnel syndrome by rapidly completing comics. However, we have found a use for the tears by collecting them and using them in place of salt in cooking. How very green of Three to a Screen! Danicka has also found her own residence! So props to her!

Colton came down with a month-long series of illnesses that has most recently culminated in his acquisition of the flu, however, he has been making progress on the environment and website, in-between illness naps, of course. In doing so, he has been giving himself ulnar tunnel syndrome. What a match this team makes!

You can find Tale of Strun at and keep up on our progress via Instagram and Twitter!

See you all on November 22nd!