The Road Map

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Hello all!

As we are gearing up for the release of Tale of Strun, it seems prudent to give you an update on our progress! So here’s what’s currently happening:

With the acquisition of her new computer, Danicka has been a drawing fiend. In just a few days she has managed to take 7 of the hand drawn line-art pages and create rich, highly detailed pages for your upcoming viewing pleasure! It has now consumed her life, and Colton must tell her to take breaks for her own sanity, and also to remind her to eat. She does it all for you, dear readers-to-be. She’ll need a three-day nap upon reaching her goal, but she says it’s worth it. THAT’S true love, folks! You can see tidbits of her work on our Instagram.

Colton is being a bum and watching Danicka draw while consuming inhuman amounts of food for a person of his size. Ok, he’s actually doing something; Colton is currently working diligently on the governments, religions, and locales that compose the world of The Division, the world in which Tale of Strun takes place, in order to make a content-rich environment. He might say he’s doing it for the readers, but we all know he’s just insane. We keep him around anyways.

And lastly, The Random Generator. As usual, it is fucking things up. Dashing our hopes and plans, and making sure to put Danicka and Colton in their place. But the Random Generator isn’t all bad, it does create beautiful and tender moments, and that’s why Colton and Danicka keep it around. Well, that and they’re fearful what it may roll for us as punishment.

So that’s where we stand at the moment! Tale of Strun will be released this Winter, Even if that means December 31st at 11:59 PM! But at the rate we are making progress, it could be out as early as late October or Early November!

We will continue to give progress reports as we narrow down the release date window! Wish us luck!

-The Three to a Screen Team