A Drumroll Please!

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It’s finally time; the end of our hiatus is coming and we have a date for returning to Veldath!

Join us on Sunday 3/26 starting between 11:30AM and 12:00PM to join our new and improved stream! Where you will hear our new theme as well as some additional information about the world! Feel like you can’t get caught up? Don’t worry, I’ll catch everyone up!

We look forward to playing for your entertainment quite soon!

Colton- Game Master

Coming Back Soon! Plus Extra Stuff!

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Hello all!

We are working on nailing down a time when we return to Veldath, but we have finally updated our most recent synopsis as well as a new page about the pantheon! Learn about the gods that the GM keeps yammering on about!

Me! I’m the cool link to the pantheon!

There will be a synopsis of the last 10 games coming out once Colton finally sits down and does it, but it will be coming before we return!

Looking forward to being back with you all!

Colton- Game Master

We’re Back with a Twist! Campaign ≤2

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Colton, the GM, is sprucing up the game room which only means 2 things: either company is coming and it’s becoming a spare room or TTAS Plays is coming back! Luckily it’s the latter! That’s right! We’ll be back in business soon!

How we are coming back is a bit unexpected but still exciting. Due to conflicts in schedules, Meredith and Danicka will not be able to participate quite yet, but we wanted to leave the door open and Colton was entirely too lazy to create a new world so, he took a little inspiration from Cher and turned back time!

Campaign ≤2 starts nearly 2 in-game years before the events of Campaign 2. Not quite a prequel, but definitely involved in events leading into Campaign 2, you’ll follow the stories of catfolk cavalier Felicity “Captain Redclaw” Catlin Pantteri and her support gnome, arcanist Molly “Mad Molly” Mclain played by Victoria Havel and Nathan Crawford, respectively! You can read their bios here and character backgrounds here!

Ideally, as the pandemic dies down for the last time (we’re optimistic but not delusional) we hope to merge Campaign 2 and Campaign ≤2 together and proceed where we left off in The Opinions of Storms Pt 1.

Until then, we’ll enjoy the ride, and gaming again! We will be posting the streaming schedule soon, so stay tuned!

2 Years and Still Going!

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Hello all!

We just recently passed 2 years since the start of this campaign. It just drives the point home that we have been on hold so long that we never got to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

We are still on hold with the advent of the Delta variant. As much as we want to play, we want to play safely. I would be remiss if I didn’t provide some estimation, but we dare to hope we will be able to play in spring of 2022. Until then, please feel free to watch our old videos.

We are looking forward to the game’s eventual return!


Colton Blomker, GM

Newly Added: Episode Summaries!

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Hello loyal viewers!

The GM, Colton, has been making a concerted effort to improve upon the game experience, including for our viewers! If you don’t have the time to catch up on our videos, please feel free to read the Episode Summaries located here!

They should be uploaded within a week after each game, and include an abbreviated description of occurrences, most of which are mildly important.

We hope you enjoy! You can also watch our videos here!

If you’re curious about when our next sessions are, please check our upcoming scheduled videos which are located at the top of our YouTube Page! Feel free to join us and live chat with us during the shows!

New Campaign!

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Hello to all of our loyal viewers! On Thursday 8/22 at 7:00PM Mountain Time will be the start of Three to a Screen’s second campaign, which we will be streaming LIVE, technology gods willing!

A whole new pantheon, races we haven’t used before, and classes who have never graced Three to a Screen before await you!

View our new players here!

We hope you can join us!

We’ve reached 70 Folks!

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Welcome to our YouTube series Three to a Screen Plays Pathfinder!

We’ve certainly come a long way in the last two years. We might not have a million subscribers, or any brand deals. But we’ve had a lot of fun, and we don’t intend to stop any time soon.

Thank you all so much for your love and support. It’s been a lot of work, and a long road to get here, but we proud of the work our team and our GM have done.

Please like and subscribe to us if you haven’t yet. It helps us out a ton!

Checking in with the internet world.

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Hello everyone!

It is time for your yearly dose of TTAS news.

If you weren’t already aware (and, we are sure you are, as most of our views come from our other websites where our content is actually published) we have two major projects currently happening.

Our first is our web-comic series Tale of Strun. We have been seeing some success with gaining viewership and support. We would be immensely grateful if you clicked here: and helped support us in our creative endeavors. It means a lot to us and we would love to continue bringing you a free, awesome comic. Dani’s been working every day to make it better and better so go check it out!

Our second project has been maintaining a YouTube channel where we play pathfinder and other games! We’ve been having a great time learning about live-streaming and designing viewing screens and all of that jazz involving video creation. We have also been having a blast learning how to play a role-play game, as well as having a roller-coaster of a journey filled with more drama than we had imagined. You can see all of our laughs and frustrations here:

As always, thank you all for being here and learning with us as we become the everything game-nerd-creators we aspire to be.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Everyone!

Happy New Year to come!


Your aspiring creators,

Danicka Bright and Colton Blomker