Campaign ≤2 Synopsis Episodes 1-10

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Pishrin, Valicor 4-Frinle, Novulu 1

We joined Molly and Felicity during the season of harvest, Pishrin, in the month of Valicor. The drizzly morning in the city of Quensit in the country of Corjenda began with Molly, the gnome alchemist, and Felicity, the catfolk cavalier, awakening to the sound of breaking glass and pounding boots.

After fleeing and some injury, the duo set out on a job with an oddly-friendly pirate crew, they decided to leave partway through knowing they would encounter Pyris, a pirate captain with reason to hold a grudge against Felicity. After taking spoils from their job, which included decorations from Felicity’s former ship, the Ruby Renegade, as well as several crates bound for a vampire colony, Raven Rock, the party split at Isla Midvane.

While waiting to find passage to the northeastern continent, the party chose to hire Tektun Glass a grippli shaman of battle, and his spirit anima: Evana the white peacock, as a recorder on their journey. The party also took a job that required them to steal the vampire crates from their current pirate employers and feign their own deaths. In order to cover their tracks the party also triggered the explosive trap causing the ship to erupt in a column of fire.

After crossing the ocean and traveling up the river, the ship reached Verenba, the city of glass and met their contact: Cosovo, an individual working to depose the current Empress of Raven Rock. Cosovo hired the party to deliver a package to the Princess of Elysntire. The party embarked, crossing the desert and the subsequent swamp.

Along the way, the party killed an array of bandits and acquired their horses and a samsaran baby in a bassinet, the party decided to divert course and take the baby to the samsaran settlement of Corkis. After passing the settlement defenses the party was given an exceptional dose of hospitality and a brief tour of town. Felicity learned the rough location of her stolen ship and Molly learned about the Duke that crossed her.

Accepting a quest to discover the cause of samsaran disappearances, the party met with an experienced ranger, Ruth, who offered to guide them. Upon arriving, Tektun was pulled within a hidden cave system which the party followed to discover a colony of Cave Fishers, After defeating many of the creatures, the party discovered the missing samsarans, most of which were alive.

The party invited Ruth to join the party and she accepted under the conditions that they send any endangered Samsarans to Corkis and her journal be returned there if she were to perish. Molly attempted to collapse the Cave Fisher habitat and decided to flood it before their departure.

After entering The Forest of the Sneak on their journey, the party managed to kill a creature that the forest was named for: The Sneak. The party reached Elysntire and met with Princess Calina and her gnome bard Parantina and delivered the cargo. While in town, Molly spoke to a shady tailor and agreed to burn down two rival shops in exchange for a captain’s jacket for Felicity.

The party split into two groups and took each down individually, although Felicity and Tektun’s survival became questionable at one point, however, both groups did manage to steal valuables from their marks before their destruction.

Again, the party took a shady job robbing a jewelry shop and museum, although the party questioned his persistence to do so that same night but resolved they would kill him if he turned on the party. The party feigned shock when his double-cross was revealed, but did manage to kill Dorak and steal jewelry pieces of value, as well as find a note with a Stamp of the Censored Book.

Ruth used her connections with the Queen to give the party a night’s stay in the castle to prevent capture and the party was able to sell some of their haul for Bags of Holding. Although one was fake, the party threatened the merchant and was able to recoup their losses. Tektun found a job for the party to rescue missing children kidnapped by bandits.

After arriving, the party met with the job poster and headed towards the mines to the south of town, The party was attacked by pied piper-esque pair of shapeshifters, which the party eliminated with violence. The children were rescued and returned to the village. Felicity was incredulous at the pay Tektun agreed to: a broken spyglass and 40 silver. Molly successfully replaced the broken lens of the spyglass with a monocle.

Felicity scorched her retinas twice looking at the sun, but did notice a face in the forest in an unnatural smile, after some debate, the party did investigate and found the face had an aura of strong necromancy, and was sentient, albeit undead. They learned the face was trapped in this form due to stealing the eggs of a serpentine Sneak. The party removed fishhooks embedded in his skin and decided to take the face, Han, with them, as he was a great watchman.

On the return trip to Verenba, Molly encountered and had a cordial conversation with a vampire, Weiss, regarding vampirism and vampire stereotypes which started a deep introspection within Molly. Upon return, the party met with Cosovo and were introduced to D’zen “D” Ütz, who would be joining the party on their mission to gather information to depose Queen Marasennah. The party also settled on a name: The Poisoned Claw.

Molly discussed becoming a vampire with the party in order to avoid the issues of being a gnome in Veldath. The Poisoned Claw set out for Raven Rock after purchasing supplies and took refuge at an oasis and cave as the sun rose. The party killed the sleeping Death Dog, buried it, and found two graves which, of course, the party looted.

The party made acquaintances with the resident Tooth Fairy and Molly had some dental work done in exchange for Death Dog teeth. While they slept, they were gifted a small table made of teeth from the Tooth Fairy, Celine, DDS, and set out. They reached the base of the mountains and prepared to ascend.

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