Campaign ≤2 Episode 5

Can You Just Pull from the Gnome Half?

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Pishrin, Wedroe 16-21

Felicity remembered to give Molly the toxic mushroom and Molly decided to collapse the cave and invite Ruth to join the party. Ruth accepts after the party unintentionally insulted her culture with the conditions that her journal be returned to Corkis after her death, and they ensure any endangered Samsaran children are sent to Corkis.

Molly attempted several times to collapse the cave and instead created a sinkhole. The party chose to salvage this by digging a trench from the river to the cave to flood it. The party did one more round of shopping before embarking.

After traveling through the forest for a day, the party pulled over at night and Felicity found a strange owl-like creature that does not blink, with two faces, one on the front of its head, the other on the back. Felicity climbed the tree to investigate further and found the creature to be intelligent and named The Sneak. The creature compelled Felicity to collect the blood of both Ruth and Molly. Ruth asked if any promises were made by either party, which luckily had not been done, as The Sneak was fey in origin.

Since told this mysterious creature wanted her blood, Molly snuck blood from one of the donkeys in place of their own and vialed it for Felicity. Felicity attempted to speak with the creature in front of her party, but it did not speak and raised numerous questions about her state of mind. Molly discerned Felicity was under an enchantment and not hallucinating. After Molly filled her vial with a dose of Seeping Poison, Felicity climbed the tree with both vials and was told that Molly’s vial was not gnome blood. She climbed down to collect the correct blood from Molly and Molly chucked a bomb right at The Sneak, obliterating it, leaving behind fairy wings, a few feathers, and two feet. Felicity collected the fairy wings and took the last watch.

Felicity asked Molly to add the fairy wings to her hat, which ended disastrously with a broken feather. The party sets off with a tired, hungry, and upset Felicity. A few minutes after traveling a heavy fog rolled in and the party went cautiously into the clouds. The party pulls over to allow a carriage from The Shell Coast to pass, which was carrying Samsaran babies to Corkis Lake. The party traveled for several days before they reached Elysntire, but were aware they were close due to the sounds of thousands of wind chimes.

The city seemed to be in beautiful shape, but there was a noticeable lack of homeless individuals, including travelers camping outside the city. The party didn’t draw as much attention as the party expected and was able to reach the edge of the castle guard to seek an audience with Princess Calina. The entire party entered with the package and made a plan to speak with the Princess by having Ruth and Tektun speak with the Queen at the same time.

The plan succeeded and Molly and Felicity spoke with Calina and her gnome bard Parantina, passing over the package, collecting proof to get paid, and also potentially assisting with the Princess’s plans against Raven Rock.

Having collected payment at The Vast Tapestry and wrote a positive review for Tektun, Molly searched the town with Tektun for a skilled tailor to repair Felicity’s hat and commission a captain’s jacket. After significant haggling, Molly agreed to reduce the price of the coat in return for burning down two of the three rival tailor’s shop’s stocks in a way that would void their insurance policies.

At the same time, Felicity made her way to the Temple of Yria to meet with a cleric to speak to her dead mother. Having nailed down the details Felicity was able to speak with her and gather information about her father, including the fact that he wanted treasure from an aboleth, did not want Felicity to be born, and that his name was Alton Agri and his last known base was in Selinag. Felicity’s mother apologized for selling Felicity, but she murdered a prominent noble and needed to hide. The conversation ended and Felicity walked with Ruth back to The Vast Tapestry to meet up with Molly and Tektun.

After reconnecting, the party met in a bar, Wind Whispers, to discuss their plans of arson. While doing so, a hooded figure joined the party and spoke to Molly in undercommon, asking if they were looking for a job with jewels, Molly stated they would come back tomorrow and discuss the details with them. The party agreed to donate money on Ruth’s behalf to Corkis Lake if she would help them.

The party agreed to split into two groups, Molly and Ruth, and Felicity and Tektun, to hit two tailors the same night, Align and The Cape of Caprik. Molly made her first ever “brain wine” and prepared to case the tailor’s shops. Due to not sleeping, Felicity, Ruth, and Tektun would sleep at a nearby inn, Maverick, while Molly left to case the two shops.


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