Campaign ≤2 Episode 13

Interview with a Vampire

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Frinle, Novulu 1-2

After exiting the area of Votlen, the party debated for a short while on their next destination. They decided to head toward Ein Vei; en route, they noticed a significant uptick in humanoids enslaved in some way.

The party decided to stop at a nearby bar to gather further information on the nobility and potential weaknesses. The bar was segregated by vampiric nature and also had humanoids on the wall with blood spigots.

In speaking to one of the bartenders, The Poisoned Claw feigned they were writing an exposé on Ravenrock and wanted to speak with individuals to gather a better understanding of the political system. The party was taken to a back private room

After waiting for some time for their contact to arrive, Felicity took advantage of having someone at her beck-and-call for her every culinary desire.

After waiting further, a gentle knock was heard at the door and a halfling man in tux and tails was seen waiting at the door. He greeted the party as Sir Drago and the group soon learned he was the Grand Vizier to The Empress of Ravenrock.

A significant amount of information was received regarding the history of Ravenrock, and Drago also offered to show the party around the tower of Ravenrock. The party did find the Grand Vizier to have more information about the party than would be expected.

The party’s conversation ended when Drago left for another meeting. Although relieved, the party set out toward Ein Vei but became distracted by rows of homes appearing to be a human settlement of sorts near Vanat. The party stopped by to gather information and found it was a “human farm”, where humans were kept in squalor. Bodies were piled as a deterrent.

Further into Ein Vei, the party encountered a large number of colosseum-style buildings, revealing a culture where power denoted advancement. After debating whether to join the fights, the party decided to preserve the mild-mannered persona they created earlier in their journey within Ravenrock, although the idea of gaining territory was enticing.

Taking residence for the night, the group stopped at The Overwatch Inn, run by a Goblin. Molly had a conversation with them in Goblin and managed to get two rooms sealed to keep out vampires with good locks and great lighting as well as a promise to not be sold to Vanat.

Molly sought out the Goblin and found them in a stool reading a book and eating each page as they finished, Felicity asked for vampiric heartseeking stakes, the Goblin smashed a pearl that created a zone of Silence and wrote notes back and forth. The Goblin led Molly downstairs and went into a separate room and came back with a wrapped package.

Felicity was taking a bath when Molly returned. Ruth combed Molly’s hair and was shown five stakes and notified Molly intended to kill at least five vampires. The party remembered D and grabbed the sleeping himbo from the cart and carried them to the room, Molly kissed them on the forehead after tucking them in.


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