Campaign ≤2 Episode 12

The Eventual Reunion of Likeminded Individuals

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Frinle, Novulu 1

D awoke with the remnants of a dream fighting a necromantic fish creature, somehow knowing about the fishhooks in Molly’s possession, and also learned about the creatures that were fought during D’s very long nap. There were questions if D is a prophet in some way.

The party continued to advance using the miraculous flipped map to Sentinel. D found a beautiful goat. On the road the party saw some tripwire of unknown origin, pitfall traps, swinging logs which were skirted with ease with Molly’s talents.

On the path, the party encountered chain gangs of humanoids as well as other vampires being escorted by what appeared to be slaves. There was a lack of gnomes, grippli, and other rare races. Some of the gangs were carrying some glass objects but they were contained within a box and it was unclear what they may actually be.

The Poisoned Claw spoke to some vampires and flashed the sigil to move past questioning gazes and prying eyes. The party flashes the sigil at another vampire and they realize the sigil is actually providing passage to a different location, but the party manages to schmooze their way out of a difficult situation.

The party saw the great gate into Ravenrock and followed a path before the gate up to Sentinel, which was finally confirmed to be such. Upon reaching the wall to the mansion, the party was informed it was the wrong Sigil for this location. However, from their previous talks with the vampires, Felicity was able to convince the guards the party had a meeting with Lady Anaxi, the guardian of Sentinel. The party managed to hide any contraband within D’s Bag of Holding.

The party entered the building, including Han, and the donkey, Juniper. Lady Anaxi, in her opulence and sultriness, invited the party into the parlor to talk and tasted the brain wine. Molly admitted to a lie that the wine contained blood and/or brains which was well-received.

Anaxi drank the wine and told the party the purpose of their job here was to gather information, primarily getting nobility on the side of overthrowing Marasennah and potentially removing the ones on her side. The party was promised a great variety of riches upon completion of the overthrow as well as some reward when the party completes its obligation. The party received a list of Marasennah’s allies and potential turncoats.

Molly found the cursed ring was a pair with the second that was not worn. She offered the ring to Lady Anaxi with the agreement that the ring would be removed after the completion of their tasks. The party was given three pre-addressed scrolls of telescription.

The party moved through the main gate, were examined for contraband, but moved through without incident. The guards tried Molly’s Brain Wine, and feigned shock when there was no blood in it. After passing through the gates, the group saw evidence of vampire society, especially that of a lower class consuming animals and living in squalor.

Arriving to Votlen, the party sought to speak with Viceroy Mortier Courmorant, but noticed a monolith with a carving of a very ornate-caped humanoid with an inscription stating “Vicerene Sedith Courmorant, wife of Viceroy Mortier Courmorant Killed by order of Marasennah Sarangennah” and was killed 996 years ago. The party paid respects, some with a great deal of performance, such as Ruth’s age feigning.

The entry to Votlen was protected by a single guard who let them in with little effort. The party realized the building was mostly a facade and lacked anything beyond magical lights and shadows. Turning around the building, they encountered the shack that was the actual home of Viceroy Mortier Courmorant.

The party was spoken to telepathically and asked to enter where they learned that the Viceroy did not feel highly about the government and was willing to throw their name in to gather support for someone of specific rank. The party also learned Lady Anaxi was a child of Marasennah and could lay claim to the throne.


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