We’ll be coming back!

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Hello all!

GM Colton here just letting you all know this endeavor remains unfinished! We attempted to do some remote gaming sessions which, unfortunately, made for a poor experience all around; the decision was made to put our game on hold until a time we could safely play again. We were hoping for March, but it’s likely to be this summer or fall. If our re-start date is pushed back further I will continue to provide updates. We are all looking forward to The Opinions of Storms: Part 2 and all the subsequent games.

Don’t worry, this unplanned break hasn’t gone wasted: the gaming space has been upgraded, art commissioned, as well as other new exciting changes yet to come. As for the game, I have been working diligently with a fresh set of eyes to codify, polish, and retweak the plans the party so unwittingly broke to pieces with their unassailable disregard for my warning signs. I could write a sign that said “Don’t go here! This will kill you all rapidly! The Gamemaster is meta-ing this shit so hard so stay the FUCK away!” and they would happily prance to their doom. I love them all, but I can feel the wrinkles forming on my faced during some games; As Buzz Lightyear eloquently stated: “years of academy training wasted”.

Do you feel you don’t remember everything that’s going on and don’t want to watch hours of videos or read pages of synopses? I can barely keep it all straight (and I’ve been looking at the notes regularly)! I am in the process of creating what I deem “THE MEGA-SYNOPSIS”. This should rattle you to your very core; it’s going to be magnificent.

I am currently reading through every synopsis (dear Nox, I write a lot) and compiling it into a document that will be posted here, but will also be read in a soothing tone by yours truly for you to enjoy at your leisure. When it’s complete and proofread (as well as practiced) I will start recording. As soon as the recording and video is done you’ll be informed!

In the meantime, stay healthy, safe, practice physical distancing, and wear your mask because all the cool kids are doing it. By “cool kids” I definitely mean this entire Pathfinder cast. I can’t lose any of them; I pity anyone foolish enough to watch me do this alone!

Hopefully you’ll be watching all of us sooner rather than later but, in the meantime, happy gaming!

Colton Blomker, GM