Campaign 1 Characters

Zempekut “Zempe” Nensbar

The Gnome Wizard played by Drew Holman

Zempekut Nensbar is a zany forest gnome that grew up in the gnome village of Gimblehop with his mother and father. After growing bored of his simple life in Gimblehop, he became very intrigued with learning the arcane arts from a shady necromancer, Gendor, that came to town. Gendor, and his pipefox, Fayor, passed on a great wealth of knowledge to Zempe. Unfortunately, Gendor was working on the evil side of things and coerced Fayor and Zempe into participating in acts of genocide, destroying several small towns and villages in his search for powerful relics.

After planning their escape, Zempe and Fayor took off to seek a new life where they could have a fresh start. They greatly underestimated the vengeance of Gendor and ended up dragging thier new friends into a perilous journey to save Gimblehop.


The Half-elf Witch played by Kate Knox

Wigam is also the old lady of the party. While Wigam looks about 27 years of age, she has lived many lifetimes. During her first lifetime she lived with her mother in a bog. Her mother was a sick, crazy witch, who enjoyed hurting people. The woman was taught a ritual to trap the souls of those she murdered, and infuse them into a ring, which will bring her back to life if she were killed. Dear old mother taught this ritual to Wigam as well.  We’ll just gloss over all the fun that Wigam had with that….

Wigam is now traveling the world trying to make amends for all of the evil she feels she has done in her lifetimes. She believes that with some guidance, she can make a positive difference in the world. When she first joined Novis Familia her moral compass was Davina. She knew Davina had a good heart and would lead her in the right direction.

In Familia Ridiculosis, she follows Civil’s influence as much as she can. Zempe, her companion who has also traveled through the two groups with her, continues to be her best friend. Once Wigam cares about someone, she will stick by them. She was looking for a family and has found it in the characters she has interacted with, and for now, she is happy. Granted, she’d love to see Civil get trashed, and Gahren with bed head. But at the end of the day, she loves her family. And she will fight with them, and for them, as long as she draws breath.

Gahren Ebenhammer

The Half-orc Ranger played by Danicka Bright

This half-orc ranger is rarely seen without his band of woodland friends by his side. Barney (Barnabas Ebenhammer) the barn owl, Squire the squirrel, Chuckmonk the chipmunk (yes, he is in fact a Monk), Mr. Slithers the snake, Lady the lady bug, and most recently acquired friend: Gary the ocean fish are his pets. With perfectly quaffed hair and clean pressed clothes, you would be right to think this young man isn’t like the others of his kind. He always presents his best face, to prove to the world that orcs aren’t all that bad.

Raised by his mother, Henrietta the Huntress, in the north lands of High Rock, Gahren learned everything he needed to traverse the wilds, and devastate his targets with a fierce barrage of arrows. A champion of mountains and forests, he is adept at hitting his foes before they even realize he’s there. While he faced many challenges both small and giant in his upbringing, he bravely challenges the world with a smile, choosing not to let his heritage be stepped on. Good-natured, he is always ready with a hearty joke and a kind word if it means making a difference to others.

Civil Namine

The Aasimar Paladin played by Cooper Myers

Civil Namine grew up as a devout follower of the Dawn Goddess, Serenrae. With a strong sense of justice and an inner drive to change the world for the better, she set out to the number one training ground for Serenrae, White Chapel, to become a Paladin emissary. After graduating at the top of her class, she was achieved one of the highest ranks in her order: Dawnbringer. Now she has made it her mission to rid the world of any evil she can.

Since joining Familia Ridiculosis, she has made it her mission to help her new friends right wrongs and save lives in any way she can while spreading the word of Serenrae along the way.

Cyrcis Zenzara

The Half-elf Rogue played by Megan Merhar

This devilishly good looking rogue can only be found by the more perceptive members of society, typically in the middle of a large crowd or hiding in the shadows. Even then, one might not know her at first glance as she tends to be sporting a new “look.” With her trusty cloak and quick fingers, she can get people out of most scraps, even though she probably the reason for them. Living on the high seas she learned the tricks she needed to survive. If you ask she’d tell you she had three driving motivations; getting paid, getting laid, having a good time.

She joined Familia Ridiculosis by volunteering her specific set of skills for the mission to Undercity. Following this group for the potential coin, she bonded with several members and can’t seem to pull herself away. Always able and willing to escape for her own nefarious reasons, she keeps a healthy eye out for trouble, whether it already exists or she can create it herself.

Rolland Bigsby

The Halfling Investigator played by Spencer Price

Rolland Bigsby hails from Lackelby on the continent of Talia. He speaks little of his past, but he has evident experience in many things, be that card tricks, the planes of this world, or the finer things in life.

Splotchy, haggard, and prematurely aging; Just the kind of person a party needs. Perhaps not, but Rolland isn’t exactly going anywhere, because a portal malfunction tossed this pseudo-alchemist into the depths of the sea. Fortunately he found a group with his investigative skills that just might give him a way out of his current debacle.

Animaxis Lyxon

The Human Occultist played by Colton Blomker

Animaxis grew up an orphan on Talia, a continent perpetually on the cusp of war. He was raised in the mountain town of Telinakra, scrounging for resources to survive. He never knew his parents.

Filled with a deep-seated urge to explore, he found the ruins of old, within The Slips. It was there that he found a unique relic, his current tower shield. This awakened his hidden occult abilities. Through further exploration and questionable decisions, Animaxis forged a pact with two djinn, Flodrus and Empero. They accompany him in the form of elementals on his journeys and function as implements to his magic. Empero, the djinn of air, is the relentless optimist, Flodrus, the fire djinn, keeps Animaxis grounded. Both djinn are fiercely loyal, and Animaxis protects them with his life.

The constant thrill of treasure led Animaxis away from Talia, to regions where fabled riches would lie and myths were abound. On his journey he encountered another relic: a demiplane tethered to a bracelet, wherein he keeps the closest people he’s ever had to family and the closest thing he can call home.

After finding the legendary Amulet of Fire in the desert, Animaxis found himself following a quest to retrieve several magical relics, which act as gates to other planes. He encountered Familia Ridiculosis following legends of the city of wind, the location of the second relic. Temporarily joining the party, they helped Animaxis obtained the scepter of winds. Animaxis parted ways from the group and continued his journey to uncover the rest of the mysteries surrounding the Relics of Planes.


The Mysterious Creature played by guests

Foxum is…unique, to say the least. Found in the wine cellar of an inn on the adventures of Famila Ridiculosis, Foxum followed and continues to travel with the party.

The group knows little of Foxum, possibly originating from sand cat, possum, fox, flying squirrel, and who knows what else, Foxum has demonstrated several unique properties such as: resistance to non-magical damage, the ability to teleport, climb, breathe underwater, enter and leave Bags of Holding of it’s own volition, and attack with incredible ferocity.

Unable to understand the language of Foxum, even under Speak with Animals, the group knows Foxum’s true language: delicious food.

Davina Nenvyr

The Aasimar Sorceress played by Danicka Bright

Seemingly tangled in the great mysteries of the universe, Davina was surrounded by arcana and mysticism her entire life. Born in a small port village called Endvr, it was clear she wasn’t like the other children. With glimmering hair, skin, and eyes, the child was born encompassed in glowing flowers. The villagers raised her all the same, coping with her strange magical presence within the town. Until one night, when her peers pressured her into using a magic she had never done. She accidentally set the forest ablaze, which made its way to the village. Many, including her father, were injured by the flames. She was banished for life from her home.

She joined a travelling caravan of performers and merchants, led by another Aasimar named Ullnam.  She became a famous dancer, and many would flock from all over to see her dance her ancient dance, which she would embellish with her magic. She learned many things from Ullnam, but had a falling out years later, in which the two almost killed one another. She took back the money he had stolen from her and attended her father’s funeral. She met Novis Familia shortly after, and with the guidance of a dream dragon, helped the party restore the crystals of time and save the world. 

Along the way, however, Davina was slain. She was holding a crystal of time with her. To her friends dismay she disappeared along with the time crystal, never to be seen again…

Davina Nenvyr

The Aasimar Magus played by Danicka Bright

… Until, before her party’s very eyes, Davina re-materialized into existence. She was different, however. Her hair and skin color were inverted, and she appeared to be older, wiser. Less frail. Lo and behold, this was not their Davina at all! Because of the time crystal being shattered into Davina’s body, she was entirely swapped with the alternate universe version of herself! This Davina wielded a sword, channeling those same magical powers into brutal melee attacks, and she meant business. This new Davina was full of conviction and loyalty for her friends.

A follower of Neria, the Goddess of Fate, Davina knew that she was meant to be in this new timeline for a reason. She was ready to do whatever it took to save the world and help her friends. The party found Ullnam, and she finally got revenge by slaying the man. But she learned from letters found at his home that her mother was gravely ill. She saw her friends through till they were able to help Ishtar reunite with her husband Titus in the chasm. Once that was done, she left the party with Marius and Tapo in tow, in the hopes of restoring her mother’s health, or laying her to rest.

Davina managed to make it to Endvr in time to save her mother, but was kidnapped with Tapo shortly after. She was taken to the Bloodstone Prison in Undercity and tortured for months for information regarding Novis Familia and the Apocacutlery.

Davina was teleported to the Bastion to Famila Ridiculosis via a prayer for divine intervention from Zempekut to Neria. She was hand-less, but filled with a new fire; her time spent with Tapo brought out a renewed devotion to Neria through her studies to become a cleric.

Ishtar Daphnison

The Tiefling Bard played by Megan Merhar

Born and raised in the small farming village of Tidua, Ishtar was subject to many racist acts. Growing up as the only tiefling in a predominantly human society, she struggled. After her mother died of an illness that no one would treat, Ishtar scavenged for her survival. Abandoned and alone on the streets, she met a dwarf who took her away from Tidua and trained her to be a bard, showing her the talents deep within herself.

Ishtar joined Novis Familia after “earning” a large amount of gold with Davina in a performance. The party ended up entering the sewers on a mission for the nobles. She quickly fell into a drunken and poorly advised relationship with the only human party member, Tidus Daphnison. Another party member found a mysterious ring that pulsed with Tidus’s heartbeat and gave it to him to present to Ishtar. The two were married in the most romantic way possible, in the presence of a slain otyugh in a smelly sewer they possibly could have died in. But the two were happy. When Tidus had to leave to find his family, Ishtar kept up hope for his survival and made it her goal to find him again. She later discovered she was pregnant from her wedding night with Tidus.

Several months into the pregnancy, the party encountered an Azata, a strange being from another plane with strange powers. It asked Ishtar if she truly wanted to have her child. She was reluctantly, painfully coerced into saying “no” and was made barren, losing her child in the process. As the reality of her decision hit her, there was a flash of light and an older, more composed, and slightly grayer Ishtar stood before them. Seemingly having interacted with the time crystal on her body, this version of Ishtar had raised a family and found Tidus, living a happy life with him until his death. The two had three children together.

The ring on her finger was pulsing once again, Ishtar realized Tidus was still alive in this timeline. She made it her goal to save him from the Chasm. Novis Familia came to Tidus’ rescue. Finding him in a cell, Ishtar and Tidus shared kiss, and disappeared in a flash of light. They are assumed to be happy together, wherever, or whenever, they are.

Marius Umbra

The Dhampir Fighter played by Cooper Myers

A lover, fighter, drinker, and charmer, Marius Umbra is a troubled but good-natured dhampir scythe-wielder. He grew up fighting both is growing hunger for blood and the bigotry he didn’t understand from his hometown, Silver Mist. After his one companion and true friend, his mother Cecilia, passed away due to tragic sickness, Marius set out with a wandering mercenary group in search of his missing vampiric father.

Due to a freak encounter with a group of bank robbing goblins, Marius met new friends and formed Novis Familia. After traveling with his new company, Marius grew particularly close with a certain aasimar dancer and gripplis cleric and decided to part ways with Novis Familia to help her save her sick mother.

When Davina and Tapo were kidnapped, Marius, unable to find them, cared for Davina’s mother. Upon hearing of her being alive, he ventured to Tal-Freyat to take care of her.

Tidas Daphnison of Gales

The Human Fighter played by Hugh Butterfield

Tidus was born in Gales, the son of a fisherman and his loving wife, and is best known as a merchant of the sea. He could smell riches, and ale, in a nearby vicinity and was not delicate in getting his way. His father’s harpoon in hand, Tidus was brave, dumb, and particularly dangerous, even to his party members.

Early into Novis Familia’s adventures, Tidus married Ishtar, and quickly left to save an old goblin friend in The Chasm and was gone for a very long time. Novis Familia did come to his rescue, and upon sharing a kiss with his beloved, disappeared in a flash of light. They are assumed to be happy together, wherever, or whenever, they are.


The Otyugh played by Game Master

Boot’s history is unknown, only that Novis Familia slayed his mother and kept from him that secret. Boot was first seen in violent losing battle with an ochre ooze in the sewer system of Tal-Freyat. Upon realizing his fate was coming quickly, the injured otyugh fled and cried in one of the tunnels. Through a series of lucky rolls, Davina befriended Boot, upon which he named himself, and nicknamed Davina, Boot.

Incredibly stupid, but with a big heart, Boot escorted the party out of the sewers and on many adventures. Large, formidable, and a welcome disposal for garbage, Boot joined the party until it became dangerous.

Boot left Novis Familia to protect the Eating Out brothel in Southvale with Kraugh and Diabella. When Kraugh and Diabella were kidnapped, Boot stayed behind, valiantly protecting his charges. Eating Out remains Boot’s last known location.


The Tengu Rouge played by Spencer Price

Thieves, as most stories go, are usually suave conmen or conwomen. Kraugh is an experiment of the opposite side of the spectrum. He’s awkward, bumbling, and can talk his way into a situation equally as well as he talk himself out of one. So, he relies on his skills in burglary to feed his yearning for the shiny monies.

He doesn’t really know why needs money. It’s more out of habit for which he steals. That, and someone of his race doesn’t have much of a place in civilized society. Humanoids don’t tend to like crow-people. So, when Kraugh picked a fight with the wrong gang, he had to pal around with his “protection” for awhile. That’s how he found Novis Familia.

He left Novis Familia to run the Eating Out brothel in Southvale with Diabella, Boot in tow.

Kraugh’s was found in the Bloodstone Prison located in Undercity, where he was tortured for information regarding Novis Familia and the Apocacutlery. Plucked and with his legs removed, Kraugh joined Familia Ridiculosis on their attempt to escape Undercity.

Diabella Terren

The Kitsune Druid played by Arizona Martin

Originally from Tidua, Diabella became a spy for a yet-undisclosed benefactor. Having known Ishtar as a child, she was found in Tal-Freyat in the dungeon of a Broken Soul in her human form. Saved from her unknown, but ghastly fate, Diabella joined Novis Familia. Soon after, Diabella revealed she was a kitsune and hid her form based on the prejudice held against Ishtar in Tidua.

She had two animal companions she kept with her, Beatrice “Bee” the Faerie Dragon, and Ceder the baby Roc. Seeing how dangerous life for Bee became, Diabella sent Bee away to his family, and hopefully to safety. After the killing of Radavak, Diabella chose to leave the party and run the Eating Out brothel in Southvale.

Diabella was taken and tortured in Undercity’s Bloodstone Prison where she lost her hands, as well as her magic tails. She was found by Familia Ridiculosis and joined them in an attempt to escape Undercity.


The Gripplis Cleric played by Caleb Boelman

This gripplis lived a life different than most. And certainly a life different than any of the present or former Familia members. Thrust from a life several thousand years in the past, his life required more than a little explanation.

Tapo came from a hometown long forgotten, Tapo was chosen at a young age to join Urnta Abbey, the foremost school for positive-channeling Clerics. He was a master, even among his fellow students, at healing wounds, but he failed drastically at channeling his energy to harm the undead, so Tapo used his gifts behind the lines, hidden from battle.

Tapo spoke little of his release of “the flaming unicorns” upon his Abbey and the town he hailed from, but he never found the outcome, for he was ripped through time and thrown into the thick of battle within The Temple of Time. Novis Familia quickly sheltered him during his time with the group. Tapo left Novis Familia with Davina and Marius in the hope of healing her mother, which they luckily succeeded in.

Tapo was kidnapped, along with Davina, and taken to the Bloodstone Prison beneath Undercity. He is assumed to have been tortured for information about the Apocacutlery. His body has not been discovered, only his tiny clothes and a blood-stained paintbrush were found in his prison cell.

Rukoho “Ruk” ‘inotuk

The Half-orc Barbarian played by Spencer Price

Rukoho was raised in a nomadic tribe known as the La Sek. Particularly proud of their orc heritage, they taught Rukoho the value of blood and orcish rage. When he was young, the village came under attack by a monster of incredible power and violence, and it ignited a fear in him, as well as a deep-running rage. Following many of his tribe, Rukoho became a barbarian and made it his mission to find and slay this beast.

Ruk was thrust into the Chasm somehow, forced to fight in a sick game he didn’t understand. He joined Familia Ridiculosis to slay the lich that brought him there, and to write the wrongs of Undercity.

Rukoho disappeared from Familia Ridiculosis and was heard to have investigated The Foundry, the forging ground for the super weapons of Undercity. He reunited with Cyrcis and boarded The Garden of the Sea to return to Tal-Freyat, before leaving to seek out his mark.