Campaign ≤2 Episode 7

Stink Bombs and a Good Squish

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Frinle, Ospal 1-2

Job in mind, the party advanced to The Cut and Set to prepare for their heist. Having examined the building they were subsequently pressured by Dorak to complete the heist tonight. The party debated the motives of their contractee and ultimately decided they would continue the heist and kill Dorak if necessary, or if unnecessary if he pissed them off enough.

After debating modes of access, they settled on the sewer due to low visibility. The party progressed, opening the sewer locks as they went until they reached the building’s basement. Several crates stored in this area were opened and looted, filling Molly’s backpack to the brim.

The party avoided triggering one trap while Evana triggered one to allow the party to pass. Sneaking around the party noticed oddities around the shop/museum, missing displays, no evidence of return, and only non-flammable displays were present. Ruth heard the one guard moving around but they were able to deftly avoid him and knock him out when he was in the 3rd-floor guard area with an arrow dosed in Molly’s Spider Vine poison.

After securely tying up the guard the party examined the expensive array of jewels which included an emerald-studded chain glove for the back of the hand, a black pearl necklace, and a ruby diadem. Ruth noticed Dorak (Dorak the Dead according to Ruth) outside the building speaking to guards who were encircling the entire building.

Molly prepared to slow down the guards by collapsing a portion of the central staircase, Tektun unlocked the door to the roof, and Felicity and Ruth stood by their respective jewelry cases. After being tossed keys, Ruth and Felicity opened the cases and triggered a paralysis-inducing trap. Felicity was able to resist, but Ruth’s legs buckled under her.

The group ran to the roof and engaged with the enemy while Dorak watched from below until Ruth shot him from the roof and he made his way to the fire escape. Felicity killed a would-be fan club member. As the group engaged with Dorak, he battered the party, culminating in an attempt to push Ruth off the roof after teleporting behind her, which resulted in his splattering on the street when an Enlarged Rutht landed on Dorak and Molly, the latter survived. Molly grabbed all of Dorak’s things before the group absconded.

The party leveled up!

Tektun casted Prestidigitation on the party as they ran back to pick up their things from the Maverick, stopping only for Molly to search through Dorak’s things; she found a letter stamped with a Stamp of the Censored Book and a vial of preserved blood. Ruth was able to identify the blood as human.

Unsure of where to go next, the party was going to make an attempt to sway Queen Nadelle and stay in the palace for a short time.


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