Campaign ≤2 Episode 6

And My Sparkling Personality

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Pishrin, Wedroe 21-Frinle, Ospal 1

As the rest of the party took a nap, Molly set out, alone, on a reconnaissance mission to case Align and The Cape of Caprik. After playing up her lack of funds for fine clothing, Molly found a litany of guard routes, hazards, and entrances as well as ordered a captain’s hat.

Molly returned and told the party about all that she found and set a plan to divide and conquer the two buildings with Felicity and Tektun taking The Cape of Caprik while Molly and Ruth take Align. The party spent time disguising their distinctive characteristics before departing.

At the Cape of Caprik, Tektun was able to shimmy up a drainpipe to the roof and drop a rope for Felicity to climb. The duo found skylights and decided to break one of the skylights out of the roof and look in. There was no evidence of life or movement. After shimmying down a rope, Felicity studied the fire suppression system and sought to disable it. Stepping through the doorway from the storage area, Felicity heard a click but was unable to identify the origin or purpose of said click. After finding and turning off the water supply, Felicity noticed her hand was glowing a bright red and would even shine through a pair of gloves.

The two do find a safe hidden in the front desk and, miraculously, the key was hidden in the bottom of the top shelf. Within, Felicity found a ledger, a bolt of royal purple velvet, and 400 platinum. Skimming the ledger, Felicity found that there was evidence of theft, as well as a second set of books.

Felicity attempted to cover her Arcane Mark with glowing dye and succeeded somewhat, also acquiring a pair of silk pants before bars cover the doors and skylights. Slightly panicking, Felicity tore up floorboards and considered shoving Tektun into a pipe of rushing water. After panicking again and giving the room another once over, Felicity found a passageway hidden behind a panel and prepared to escape through the tunnel before coating part of the building in oil.

The two left the building and made their way past the guards without incident under the guise of mother and dwarven child.

Meanwhile, at Align, Molly drank a potion of Reduce Person and clambered into a vent to open the main door for Ruth. Fascinated by the door handles swirling with poison, Molly attempted to harvest but only managed to taste a foul poison much to Ruth’s concern. Molly reconstructed and glued the handle back together. Attempting to pick a lock, Molly broke her masterwork thief’s tools and also managed to collect a dose of Spider Vine Poison as well as some glowing gloves.

While Molly was setting the fuses for the bombs, Ruth said she saw fire and screaming and pain, which the party glossed over due to higher priorities. After ladening his Unseen Servant with his bombs, the duo hustle-shuffled out of the area as the bomb completely leveled the building.

The arsonist groups met back up with Molly and Ruth sharing a moment of being quite similar. The party decided to drink and share the loot. Felicity and Molly had a little quarrel with dying clothes and breaking jugs of hard alcohol. It ended happily with ship funds and plans to buy a new shirt.

Felicity awoke bright and early and strongly requested Tektun remove the Arcane Mark from her hand before the party left to pick up one of the most expensive coats and hats in Molly and Felicity’s history.

Deciding to follow up on their last meeting in the bar, the party met to discuss the jewel heist with the mysterious strangers at The Cut and Set jewel shop run by Alastair Oxar.


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