Campaign ≤2 Episode 3

Baby on Board

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Pishrin, Wedroe 2-14

The party spent time shopping and prepping for the voyage before setting off before sunset, believing it was a better plan to travel at night rather than in the heat of the day. After a day of travel, the party found what appeared to be a rock surrounded by flies. As Felicity chose to investigate, she discovered the “rock” to be a Death Dog, known for their parasites and dangerous nature. The party managed to sneak around the creature and avoid a blade buried in the sand.

Felicity took the time to extract the blade and found it to be an alchemical silver falcata, she further extracted the body and found nail caps of alchemical silver, which she took and donned.

Preparing to sleep, the party found a cave and entered but found it to have the distinct scent of Death Dogs. In an attempt to flee the parasites, Molly detonated a fire bomb and the party attempted to flee but was pursued and attacked by the dogs, the party managed to escape by incapacitating both creatures. The party rested during the day and advanced through the desert, Tektun cured Felicity of Wormpox.

The party continued uneventfully until they realized they, in fact, did not own a map. Felicity decided she would draw a map from memory, the party was not aware it was mirrored from the actual map. The party talked about the bleaching, their pasts, and captaining styles.

Several days later the party entered the swamp The Grave of the Greedy, and found the road in somewhat disrepair, including a carriage some distance away partially submerged in the mud. It appeared recently painted but Felicity noticed the paint stopped at the mud line, this was painted after sinking.

Molly advanced to the carriage while Felicity climbed a tree to survey the area and blinded herself with a leaf. Molly started looting the carriage, including a well-dressed manacled skeleton from where she took a pearl ring and pearl necklace. As Felicity was stealthing and keeping watch she noticed a group of 3 bandits sneaking behind the carriage and Tektun.

Felicity drew her new falcata and charged the thieves, and intimidated all of them. Molly and Tektun fought the crowd while Molly, totally unaware, looted silver and mess kits from the carriage. Upon finally noticing the battle, Molly shot silverware from a sling, missing the party members in addition to the enemies. The party survived, although injured.

After looting the bodies, the party found some goodies as well as a horse whistle. After blowing, three horses show up, one holding a bassinet with a crying Samsaran baby. Although Felicity attempted to scare the horse away with the infant, she was unsuccessful. Deciding to keep the horses, the party spoke to Tektun and learned about Samsaran culture, birth, and death. The party decided to take the baby to the settlement of Corkis in Corkis Lake. They named the baby Famine and the horses, Death, Pestilence, and War.

Several days later, the party arrived at the edge of Corkis and prepared to enter the Samsaran settlement.


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