Campaign ≤2 Episode 10

Oh Look, a Rock

Year, Season, Month, Days: 5990 F.Y. Frinle, Ospal 19-Novulu 1

Molly realized with the new rune from the cheese merchant that she could learn how to cast Create Ice and spent some time learning the spell as Felicity directed the party to Cosovo‘s current base of operations: The Opulent Inn. After a curt back-and-forth with the front desk staff, the party bypassed him, leaving Ruth with the cart.

The party found Cosovo sitting with a very strong human in mountain pattern armor lugging a large axe introduced as D’zen “D” Ütz, a sweet, well-intentioned, intellectually-challenged fighter. The party found that Cosovo had contracted this individual to assist with the deposing of Queen Marasennah.

The party (finally) decided on a name: The Poisoned Claw, which Tektun added to the official record.

Cosovo explained to the party that the timetable for vampires moved slower than for the living: “quickly” doesn’t mean in the next few days and to not kill Marasennah but, rather, gather information and connect with individuals in the royal court: primarily Eton. Through discussion, the party discovered D’s obsession with goats and breeding them.

After preparing to leave, D realized the rest of the party may need to rest as they just arrived and decided to book a room with the elf downstairs, whom they learn to be Locklier. As the elf attempted to scam the party, D smacked him playfully, unintentionally knocking him out. Felicity took 3 keys and D left 3 gold on the counter to pay for the rooms.

After attempting to clean and create an apparent crime scene, the party went to their rooms. D spoke with Tektun and was caught up on the party’s adventures thus far, was attempted to be medically evaluated, but Tektun was distracted by D’s eyes and decided to wait until later. Molly spoke to Ruth about her personality changes and was reassured it was normal and temporary.

The party woke up refreshed and began preparing for the day, Molly spoke to Han about her anxiety about traveling through a land of blood drinkers and somewhat regretting not taking the vampire up on their conversion offer.

The full party met together and introduced themselves. They discussed the secret handshake (secret tongue-shake for Han) before D ran downstairs to check on Locklier, who had his head wrapped while working the front desk. The party told him he was attacked by someone outside but the issue was resolved. Felicity filled her haversack with meat for snacking later, after feeding Han an orange slice, Felicity decided to attach the party’s third Handy Haversack to the back of his hoop to catch the food and water that passed through him.

The party purchased supplies for the journey to and in Ravenrock; D started a small child on the road to entrepreneurship. The party, neglecting to partake in the benefits of a bank, hides their haul within Ruth’s hideyhole in the wagon. D secures the hiding space with a rock that screams when moved without the command word.

On the journey out, D explained they had a boring family life, grew up with parents who traveled a lot, and also had some brain injuries from fighting, which he loved to do. Although, they were involved in the attempted murder of a king, unfortunately, the distraction of three-year-old D riding a tortoise did not succeed. The party discussed Molly being raised by nuns and Felicity’s dead mom and asshole father.

After discussing the general funk-smell that plagued the party, they chose to camp out as the sun was rising. Felicity found a cave oasis and while Molly and Felicity argued about which of them should look for monsters, Tektun recommended D go take a look, which D excitedly ran over to do. After discovering one sleeping Death Dog, Felicity killed it with two coups de grâce and the party dug a hole next to what appeared to be another grave. The party encountered a hand protruding from the side of their freshly-dug grave. Molly took a sapphire ring from the boney hand and buried the dog.

Molly chose to put on the cursed ring, unaware she was under a false-abjuration spell. After finding the ring, Felicity and Molly chose to dig up the other grave for more spoils and found another sapphire ring and a silver sword. This ring was identified as cursed, Molly, out of caution, attempted to remove her ring but found it bound to her, after threatening to remove her finger the party convinced her to wait until they reach a new town. They also take the sword, which is cursed to miss much more frequently, which they deem The Sword of Missing.

After entering the cave, and burning Cosovo’s letter not-so-secretly, D saw something catching the light at the back of the cave. Felicity made a compelling argument about how caves are good, primarily that they saved people in caves, much to the GM’s surprise this was a good thing in the eyes of Felicity. Molly and Felicity advised D to not allow Tektun to perform brain surgery on him.

The cave was incredibly slick and slimy, but they made it to the reflective surface and found an array of teeth in a small pond of water including a small house-shaped collection of said teeth. The party knocked and encountered a tiny pale, winged creature with black eyes and a mouthful of mismatched teeth carrying a pair of pliers, a Tooth Fairy. While introducing themselves, Molly was told by the creature that she had a cavity that should be filled, after some back and forth and examination of the creature’s diploma as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Molly allowed the creature to fix their tooth. Said tooth is replaced with one of the Tooth Fairy‘s teeth, which was left as a fang at Molly’s request.

Molly attempted to convince the Tooth Fairy, Celine Poltrok, DDS to join them, but the creature stayed due to safety concerns. The party left 42 teeth from the Death Dog at the mouth of the cave for Celine.

The next morning the party awoke to a tiny table made of teeth, found a nodule berry in the oasis, and ate said berry for breakfast. Molly had a discussion with the party to see if they would object if she were to turn into a vampire to avoid her blood issues, the party weighed the pros and cons and decided to wait until they could discuss the options with an actual vampire.

Molly was processing a lot of discussions and sunbathed to tan and treat a possible vitamin d deficiency. The party began to notice Tektun’s affinity for making painkillers and also decided to have a fresh batch of Molly’s Brain Wine (Tears to Wine). The party agreed not to flip Harry to the wall as often, and that Molly would turn to the wall when requested by Harry in the name of fairness. The party would further contemplate giving Han combative abilities such as a blowgun.

The party reached the mountains and prepared to ascend.


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