We’re Back with a Twist! Campaign ≤2

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Colton, the GM, is sprucing up the game room which only means 2 things: either company is coming and it’s becoming a spare room or TTAS Plays is coming back! Luckily it’s the latter! That’s right! We’ll be back in business soon!

How we are coming back is a bit unexpected but still exciting. Due to conflicts in schedules, Meredith and Danicka will not be able to participate quite yet, but we wanted to leave the door open and Colton was entirely too lazy to create a new world so, he took a little inspiration from Cher and turned back time!

Campaign ≤2 starts nearly 2 in-game years before the events of Campaign 2. Not quite a prequel, but definitely involved in events leading into Campaign 2, you’ll follow the stories of catfolk cavalier Felicity “Captain Redclaw” Catlin Pantteri and her support gnome, arcanist Molly “Mad Molly” Mclain played by Victoria Havel and Nathan Crawford, respectively! You can read their bios here and character backgrounds here!

Ideally, as the pandemic dies down for the last time (we’re optimistic but not delusional) we hope to merge Campaign 2 and Campaign ≤2 together and proceed where we left off in The Opinions of Storms Pt 1.

Until then, we’ll enjoy the ride, and gaming again! We will be posting the streaming schedule soon, so stay tuned!